The Berlin-based Dr. Elio Adler is a Jew, and Chairman of the Association’s “value initiative”, the German Jewish voice. The 48-don’t fear the Year that the future of his children is in Germany. An Interview about the growing anti-Semitism – and why politics and society are more opposed to do.

star: In the 80s you wore as a teenager, pride is a necklace with a star of David. Your children, forbid today. Why?

We take an increasingly aggressive atmosphere, when the Jews are recognized as Jews. No matter whether adults or children. What leads to the point that you are being subjected to harassment and at worst violence. That’s why we as parents are careful and avoid the use of such visible symbols.

you Have done personally such experiences?

Yes, I was surrounded, for example, of Arab youths in the S-Bahn in Berlin, and added: “Hey, are you a Jew? You’re a Jew? So, you’re a Jew.” I was not wearing a visible star of David, you could have seen. Nevertheless, the have seen somehow. This was one of the experiences that I have made. Such situations are familiar with almost all of the German Jews in the meantime. I don’t want to inflate the now even. But they show that the situation is changing more and more.

you once said: “We Jews have for thousands of trained early-warning system for extremist currents.” How is Germany in terms of anti-Semitism?

anti-Semitism was always present. Clearly, in the Land of the Nazis anti-Semitism is not a novelty. But there was a social consensus that it is something wrong and is rejected. This is increasingly being terminated, because there are other vessels, in which anti-Semitism will be poured.

sign against intolerance

anti-Semitism envoy calls for kippah-Wearing on


do you Have an example?

The so-called Israel-criticism. So, the excessive, absurd, and often one-sided condemnation of the country. The is handled as if it were a legitimate Form of anti-Semitism. There is disinhibition on the part of right-wing parties to change their choice of words so that old things will be remembered, to then be suddenly re-formulated. And there is an Islamist anti-Semitism that is increasingly on the road, the day very politically heated, and hatred brings. This Cocktail is a very dangerous, because these groups are mutually reinforcing.

The Right to learn from the Islamists?

no, but if the Right to see how some Muslim extremists here in the country, do you think you can as the so-called Savior of the Occident play. This is a aufschaukelndes principle.

you just said the keyword Israel-criticism. Where has the in your opinion, are your roots?

she is a very welcome vehicle, because you can transport a lot of anti-Semitic feelings, and images that you carry within yourself in it. Of course, you are allowed to criticise Israel. There are but few countries in the world, which will be publicly criticized as much as Israel.

But is this a Problem?

no, not at all. To me it is about the way. By often anti-Semitic images will be appealed. When you frame the criticism in a way that Israel is delegitimized, and its existence is attacked, it will be demonized and double Standards are recognized, then that is a Problem. If, for example, the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians will be completely located on one side in the debt, then a measure is achieved, where such alleged criticism to anti-Semitism.

Why is the criticism of Israel voiced at the moment?

they come here on very fertile soil. And is daily nourished by different components. Can be a Problem with media reporting is often very one-sided about the conflict are safe. The criticism is. and politically nourished by the Arab-Muslim mix of Narratives, which bring the demon localization aspect And is also absorbed by the local population partly because it is much easier to live with the guilt of the grandparents, when the descendants of the victims of the behaviour of supposedly like their grandparents at the time.

What were you thinking of when the Statements of the racism officers have heard of the Federal government, Dr. Felix Klein, that the Jews should wear in Germany wear a yarmulke?

I would have liked to see the PostScript: “And my task is to ensure that it is back to normal will be to wear kippah.” I know Mr Small well enough to know that this trailer is for him, of course, clear.

is it a capitulation of the Federal government…

He did it to address an issue. He wanted to rouse and alarm, he succeeded. It is a condition description. Against this Background, I can understand what he said.

But it would have been better if he had fighters occurred of?

Absolutely, he is a professional Diplomat and not man the are Demo sounds. In the description of the state he was right. I can’t walk around as a Jew everywhere with a kippah. This is not so. The Alarm has worked, only the perspective was missing.

what are your feelings when you wear a kippah in Public?

I’m wearing the yarmulke has always been only in religious situations. What was understood in the reaction of the Public is now something wrong, was: The kippah is not a Demonstration of character.

So the call: “Germany walked by wearing a kippah” in the topic?

It was surely well-intentioned, but the kippah-Wearing is not about to show someone something. It is a Symbol of the humility of the wearer to God. To make the kippah now to the outer Symbol, to politicize and to not make it a Demo-a sign that the meaning of the kippah at all.

What would have been, from their perspective, an adequate response?

That the German policy would show a stringent Action by all areas.

What do you mean?

There is a large vacuum. The German society knows, in truth, only very inaccurate, what it stands for. We would hope that there is a value-based and real Patriotic feeling. We Germans should actively life that women and men have equal rights, that the Stronger protects the Weaker. We should protect the opinion of the other. So, all the values of the basic law would have to be much tangible lived. Then all the haters would have it much harder.

you call for more government?

Absolutely. We Jews had in Germany a long time fear of too strong state, now we fear a too weak. If the Narrative of the Federal Republic after the Second world war, remains the only “Never again”, if that is not complemented by a positive emotional Update, the anti-Semites easily.

you can Experience this feeling with your friends and Acquaintances?

Yes, and this is not alarmism, but the majority in our Jewish environment, said currently, We do not believe that our children have a future in Germany.

How are you?

If I wouldn’t think so also, I would not spend a majority of time outside of my main professional work, political work. We value initiative, Yes, among other things, lobbying. But we don’t want more money for synagogues or for more Parking for the Rabbi. We want plain and simple, that the free democratic society of their Fragility, aware of and recognize the Points at which they are eroded, and these seals.

The Israel enemy, the Al-Quds demonstration in Berlin was about two weeks ago. Would you have wanted a ban on the March?

Yes, we would. However, we take note that the Berlin Senate wanted to also, but it is not have been legally possible.

Because the Demo under freedom of expression falls.

Right, but if this is so, then the lives that a strong and visible shows a counter-opinion. Although there were larger counter-demonstrations than last year, but it was still a very small group. You must make clear that the participants of the Al-Quds demonstrations against all of our freedom, are values of democratic reason. You abuse our basics of living together. They are controlled from Iran. They stand for Ideal of the regime, and how it is handled, for example, with the freedom of expression, we would know all. In my opinion the majority of society would have a good opportunity to show clearly where it stands.

Gaza strip

Palestinians agree after heavy air attacks on truce with Israel

you will Find that the German company makes a total of enough?

In the coming year, the ku’damm is full with hundreds of thousands of counter-demonstrators, the celebrate a Democracy. It comes to the interests of the majority. We can’t sit this one out. Also not the topic of Integration.


Many believe that this was done. Refugee camps will be dismantled, gymnasiums, given free. Super. But that is not so.


The issue of Non-Integration will fly us in the next Generation, to the ears. Parts of the migrants – and we see it in France – be rebel, if you have settled, against the System resolution, in which they live. There are dissatisfied with the units. And then we suddenly see that Integration has not taken place too often.

How you could prevent it?

With a much larger conflict readiness. One of the bitter truths is that we can still invest so much in training, education and prevention. But we will not be able to reach everyone. We must therefore be ready to be in the area of Repression and sanction active.

What do you mean specifically?

For example, to ban Hezbollah. And although the overall organization. The laughing himself, is the fact that they are divided into a military and political Arm.

And who does not accept the basic law will be deported?

Who can not these values recognises that it is not part of the society. This can be by deportation to penal measures. It is a value commitment that is not tied to skin color or Religion. But this should not be just lip service, but must be lived and also controlled.

We have but also on the right side, there is a Problem…

And on the left side. We German Jews have no illusions about how many corners we are met with hostility. The answers are not different but, ultimately, so. The state must be seen to value the enforce what he thinks is right is based. And prevent what he thinks is wrong. The right-wing Hater, for example, as to talk of the loser of the turn of nice, does not help at all. We should have no fear, broad-shouldered occur. But the fear of many politicians is very large.

you understand?

Yes, absolutely. Because they are hated as soon as they are active. But if we do not trust the us to act proactively, these edges more and more popular. The horrors will not return, to choose clear and simple words.

are you Afraid of the election results from the East in autumn?

It is scary, because we see not a healthy counter-movement. We see concern, but there are no forces from the majority of society who oppose the. And it is also an end in sight. The AfD seems to be much more sustainable than it was about the Republicans. It is also a significant development is to see it drifting increasingly to the right.

but There’s also the group of “Jews in the AfD”…

We have condemned, the first to be very clear. The Jews that are in the AfD, we experience, as such, have very great fear of Islamic Aggression, so they say, let’s find the party that protects us most likely before that – and that is the AfD. This is a fear reaction. I don’t want to talk nice, even Jews have a responsibility for what you do with your fear.