For many whales off the coasts of Japan soon to hit the last hour. While the high-tech Land this Friday and Saturday as host of the G20, presented the summit in Osaka, met his whalers in the far North of the country, the final preparations for the big hunt.

this Monday (1. July), when Japan’s exit is kicked out of the International whaling Commission (IWC) formally in force, they wanted to sting from the port of Kushiro, with flags flying in the lake.

Although Japan has killed in the past, every year hundreds of whales – according to the official representation for “scientific purposes”, what is allowed, despite the 1986 moratorium. But now the third-largest economy, begins for the first time in three decades with the commercial hunting of marine mammals. As it may be from all over the world so a lot of criticism.

“We want to let our culture of whaling revival,” said the mayor of the old whaling town of Shimonoseki lures. Also from the port of whaling ships to put to sea. Now you want to limit yourself to Japan’s own territorial waters and exclusive economic zone. As the government was reported on the hit list dwarf, and Brydewale. How many animals are going to die until the end of August, is still to be determined. So far, the competent Ministry of Fisheries has announced no quotas.

Were eaten in the 1960s, around 200,000 tons a year in Japan, came from the “scientific whaling” finally, around 5000 tonnes a year on the market. Although there is no exact catch figures are known, to estimate whalers of the offer in the Wake of the now imminent resumption of commercial hunting next year, to about 2000 tons. The comparatively small amount could be related to the fact that Japan is set to its previous “research hunting” in the Antarctic.

environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella appeared in an Interview with the Japanese news Agency Kyodo, however, concerned that it could come also to increased exports of whale products to Japan from Iceland and Norway. Both States hunt also whales, also for commercial purposes.

Norway had levied against the Moratorium on whaling objection, Iceland registered reservations. Both of them are not members of the EU, but the EU had called on Parliament, EU-Commission, via Resolution, to prevent the use of ports of EU member States for the export of whale meat products to Japan, Kyodo more.

Tokyo had complained for many years that some of the member countries of the IWC, only to whale conservation. The original mission of the IWC is the conservation and sustainable use of the animals was. Japan urged a Reform of the Board. At the end of the government of the patience crack thread: you announced the withdrawal from the organization.

But Japan knows that it cannot now exercise just and turn as it wants to. Also, in the future, international laws apply to Japan. You will continue to be an international cooperation for appropriate Management of Maritime resources required, it said. So Japan wants to attend, as observers, the deliberations of the IWC.

Nevertheless, environmentally concerned advocates. Overfishing both in Japanese coastal waters as well as in areas on the high seas had led to the loss of many species of whales, as Greenpeace. The Organisation OceanCare is concerned that Japan’s withdrawal from the IWC will threaten the Survival of some whale populations in the North-West Pacific.

in spite of Japan’s claim that certain whale species such as minke whales have recovered significantly. These appear to be in “complex population structures”. So a Minke whale, applicable to the population in the North-West Pacific as endangered. “A direct commercial hunting will keep the Population level. We will lose this, and probably other whale populations”, said Nicolas Entrup, Ocean Policy expert at the Organisation ocean care.

whaling is for Japan for a long time already a question of national sovereignty. First of all, it was the American occupation of Japan had pushed for the lost Second world war, to the battles for the starving population of whales, in order to provide you with proteins. But that was a long time ago, today, the dark whale meat is only a few lovers.

This will change the opinion of the government, however, thanks to the beginning of commercial hunting quickly. The people would have to be on the taste brought, she said. Then more whale will be eaten.