Education is one of the core pillars of our society, as it provides young people with the working knowledge they need to make it in this world. Up until the end of secondary education, most people have broadly similar courses that give them a base of skills that they can then expand upon later on.

When you reach college or university, you begin to enter the domain that you will eventually specialize in, but there is, unfortunately, no guarantee that you will be able to work in that field. If your major is oversaturated with graduates, the job market may provide you with a pretty bleak outlook.

Work placement programs are a saving grace for young people who are looking to gain experience in their field of study and are struggling to find opportunities. Recently, entrepreneurs James Liland and Mason Soiza have struck up a deal to begin their own work placement program for promising young people in the tech industry: the Promising Horizons Initiative.

Who are Mason Soiza and James Liland?

Before we take a closer look at the Promising Horizons Initiative, we’ll have to introduce you to the two men who have partnered up to make it a reality.

Mason Soiza is a tech and SEO entrepreneur from the United Kingdom who is only 24 years old and would already like to share some of his wisdom with the younger generation. Soiza has stated on multiple occasions that the youth is the key to ensuring that the tech industry continues to grow.

Instead of hoarding the money he has made up until this point, Mr. Soiza is using it to help the community, but he will also benefit from this work placement program. Some of the businesses that are offering jobs in this program are ones that he has established himself.

James Liland, on the other hand, is an American businessman who invested in ecommerce during its earliest days, and he is a little older than Mason Soiza, at 37. Mr. Liland will be overseeing the American branch of this work placement initiative, while Soiza will manage the part located in Europe.

As with Mr. Soiza, some of the businesses involved in the work placement program will also be associated with Mr. Liland, whether through investment or more direct links. It is safe to say that both of the partners are splitting the workload right down the middle, but let’s take a closer look at the initiative itself.

The Promising Horizons Initiative

Liland and Soiza have teamed up to create the Promising Horizons Initiative, which looks like it’s going to be one of the most ambitious tech work placement programs to date. Promising Horizons is going to be working closely with nonprofits (some of which have been founded by Mason Soiza) in the tech industry to find the right candidates.

Most of these nonprofits work with underprivileged younger people who have the required talent to work in the tech industry but have never been given the opportunity. This work placement program will allow talented individuals to have a chance to find work right after being provided with the tools they need for success.

While Mason Soiza is largely involved in the initiatives from which candidates will be sourced, James Liland is on the other end of the process, managing the majority of businesses with openings. That being said, a few of the companies that were founded during Mason Soiza’s time as an entrepreneur are also involved in this project.

The Driving Philosophy

Mason Soiza has discussed his motivations behind this project at length, and he has stated that he would like to improve the tech industry and make it a more inclusive place. There is no doubt that the tech industry is full of middle-class white males, but maybe that could change with a bit more inclusiveness.

Mr. Soiza has stated that the first step towards involving more people in the tech industry is to break down the financial barriers which keep the less fortunate from getting a chance. The Promising Horizons initiative is supposed to be the first of many such organizations, according to Mason Soiza.

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