Jagex moderator is under investigation since a crime was committed under its supervision. It has led to players being completely looted off their gold. With a staggering total of 100 billion in OSRS gold being stolen, Jagex is now working with the police to find the real worth.

OSRS player, mazrim_lol claimed that there was a serious breach of the data in the game files. With this breach, he lost 45 billion coins on his main account. He was ridiculed in the community for not being able to properly secure his account. The player was also accused of lying but in due time the truth came out: It was a serious security breach as later evidence found it being the work of someone from Jagex.

Jagex issued a statement about the event stating that: “We confirm that a Member of The OSRS Team was dismissed from employment at Jagex following gross misuse of moderator privileges,”

“During our rigorous routine system checks, irregular activity was identified on a small number of accounts, including the movement of wealth and items back into the live game.”

“Following our investigation, we were able to resolve the issue before any significant impact was made to the game economy. We have also taken steps to return items and GP to any affected accounts. Whilst we generally do not return items or gold, we feel that given this unusual situation, we wanted to ensure no players lost out to the rogue actions of a member of staff.”

The OSRS Gold breach is a major issue for players. Since they believe that they could be looted anytime and the real-world value they accumulate from the Gold would go to waste or this behavior could even spread to RS3 GP. Jagex is working with the police to find out the real-world value of the gold amount stolen and put it to justice. He is also investigating the issue to its root cause since there is no kind of serious outcome from these matters.

The person in question is Jed Sanderson who is also known as Mod Jed. The 45 billion coins he has stolen has been amounted to be worth over $100,000 on gold-selling markets for OSRS. He is also allegedly involved with the Reign of Terror clan who have in the past been accused of impeding tournament through the launch of terror attacks. A tournament with a cash prize of 20,000$ was breached by this infamous clan. Currently, they have not been able to link the evidence to Jed but they are investigating the clues constantly to find out if they can make something of them.

The OSRS gold that was stolen from the Reddit user was also reimbursed as the people who were responsible at Jagex were serious about the issue had this to say:

“We take matters like this very seriously and we would like to assure you that we have taken steps to make sure that an incident like this will not happen again.”