Hardly a people so many information are available, such as the U.S. President. On the Desk in the Oval Office, the most secret materials to land. The current incumbent, Donald Trump seems to be interested in but – on the contrary. Several U.S. secret service agents have filed lawsuits sorry about the unwillingness of the US President to change his mind because of new information.

The occasion is a public dispute Trumps with its intelligence services. After Tuesday, the management had analyzed several intelligence services before the US Congress, the current threat situation, and you were expected to be significantly different than the President. The went ballistic on Twitter, literally, said that the agents were “back to school”. To defuse the situation, he claimed, finally, that the media had quoted the statements before the Congress wrong – although the lectures were broadcast live on television.

“Dailly Show” on US television

Trump and climate change – the US Comedian snaps: “children don’t understand that. dogs get it. Only President Frosty the Slowman!”

“It’s like a small child,”

the intelligence officials, this denial is nothing New. “It is as if my son had a tantrum when I tell him that he can’t do something or something is not saying that fits him,” said an active FBI Agent to the “Business Insider”. “Only that my son was just three years old and not in the Oval Office next to the Nuclear button sitting.”

compared To the “Time” also reported several intelligence officers of bizarre experiences during personal Meetings with the President. So all of the information with as many images and graphics have to be processed visually, so the President employed with them. In addition, you would have to install when you constantly Speak his name or the official title, in order to keep his quickly escaping attention. This is a stark break from his predecessors. Barack Obama is known that he left several hours a day, letters, George H. W. Bush stood in front of all of them, even the CIA.

global threat scenarios

Donald Trump explains bizarre argument with his intelligence services should be terminated

Niels Kruse opposition is not tolerated

The worst of the reactions be, if Trump would be confronted with information, which would conflict with his preferences, the agent. Then he would go ballistic literally. Two agents also reported that they were explicitly asked to provide any information that is contrary to the opinions of the President.

For a state arm that is a dangerous attitude. Trumps, information contrary to its setting, to assume “makes unwillingness America more vulnerable to attempted manipulation of foreign intelligence services,” said Glenn Carle, compared to “Business Insider”. He formerly led the CIA’s covert operations. On such occasions, he had waited in his active time, so Carle.

Not a new Problem

The Problem was since trump took office, the “Time”, spoke with employees of several intelligence services, the Trump personally in letters, as well as further preparing for the Briefings.

To rails at the beginning of the intelligence to want to with black Humor about the Situation can save. So is Trump interested in preparing for a Meeting with the British Prime Minister May, when talking about the British island of “Diego Garcia” in the Indian ocean, only of whether the people are nice there and the beaches are beautiful. “We asked ourselves whether it was our Alliance with the British in an important area in which the Chinese were always active, or whether he only thinks as a shark in a suit,” said one of the Participating agents of the “Times”.

Given the current Situation seems to be the secret services of the Humor to be passed. According to the statements in the Congress assess the security situation of the USA is completely different than the President. While holding the IS for defeated, and North Korea for denuklearisiert, its agents, and that both continue to be one of the greatest dangers. Exactly the opposite is the Iran of the case: The U.S. intelligence services are sure that the state adheres to the nuclear Deal, which was negotiated under Trumps predecessor Barack Obama. And, although Trump has terminated the Deal one-sided. Trump is convinced, however, that Iran represents a danger. How he wants to have this information, is not clear.

sources: Business Insider, Time

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