As the first major Western industrial country wants to include Italy, with China a framework agreement on the Chinese silk road initiative.

“I believe that this is at all the necessary precautions ( … ), a Chance for our country”, said the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte late on Friday evening in Genoa. It is first of all a Declaration of intent, a not commit the very next day.

With the silk road project, China wants to open up trade routes through Asia to Europe and Africa. It looks, among other things, investment in infrastructure such as railway lines and marshalling yards, telecommunications networks, roads and ports. The USA, Japan and various EU countries in the project is also an attempt by China to increase its influence in Eurasia and beyond.

Rome is hoped, among other things, Chinese investment in ports such as Genoa and Taranto, Italy. Italy and the EU would have an opportunity, and European Standards for financial transparency, law and the environment in this important infrastructure project, said Conte. The Declaration of intent should be in March when Italy visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping signed. He will be traveling the end of April to the second silk road Forum in China, said Conte. Of course he’ll be with US in constant dialogue.