After the turbulent days of the government crisis in Italy Waiting for the “Showdown”.

On Monday and Tuesday in the Senate and in the chamber of deputies of the group to Meet the Chairman, for the further steps on the way to a more and more likely to become election are crucial.

the Minister of The interior and chief of the right-wing Lega, Matteo Salvini, had overthrown the government in Alliance with the Five star movement in the crisis and a vote of censure against the non-party Prime Giuseppe Conte announced.

The sound between the coalition partners deteriorated in the meantime. “The Italians are absurd, from the Lega wanted government crisis,” wrote star-leader, Luigi Di Maio on Saturday on the Facebook and accused the Lega selfishness. “Obviously, the Lega has spent time this year in order to check the survey values.”

Salvini started the weekend on Twitter with the words: “On the insults of the Grillini (number of stars) and co. we will reply only with the power of our ideas.” The right-wing populist, since the departure of the government in June 2018 as the real strong man in Rome, has opened the election campaign with a “summer tour” even before the formal end of the government is sealed. On Saturday and Sunday at several concerts in southern Italy were on the program.

For months, Salvini’s Lega high recorded in a survey. A vote of the Five-star movement against one of the League supported the railway project, the party chief took the occasion of the coalition to terminate. Salvini made it clear on Thursday that he sees for the Alliance, and as soon as possible, a choice will.

a new election of the President of the Republic Sergio mattarella to decide. But it comes only into play when the resignation of the government is formalized. Before he dissolves the Parliament, he should explore whether there is an alternative majority – what is considered to be unlikely. 60 days after a dissolution of Parliament could then take a choice. Before the end of October a new election is unlikely.

In Italy it is considered possible that Mattarella could use a government of Experts, which is tasked with the execution of the election – and possibly also with the draft budget law. Up to the 15. October would have to send Italy to its budget plan to the EU Commission.

Salvini responded, however, sensitive to a comment by the radio correspondent for the ARD Studios in Rome. Jörg Seisselberg said in it on Friday, but the most “dangerous Populist” of Europe with realistic chances of making the Post of heads of government was “a coalition not slow him down in his part of the extreme right course, his propaganda against foreigners and against Europe, but rather would encourage.”

Seisselberg added: “to Whom has this thought made my flesh crawl, I can understand.” Salvini replied: “We are no longer in the 30s, in our country there is no Hitler on the horizon, and who ruled Italy, the Italians!”

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