The Italian government has adopted a controversial decree that can make the rescue of migrants on the Mediterranean sea for humanitarian organisations under penalty.

Private ships sailing without permission in Italian territorial waters, have to pay, therefore, between 10,000 and 50,000 Euro fine. The United Nations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), are horrified, and hold the decree for a violation of the human rights.

on Tuesday adopted the package goes back to the head of the right-wing Lega, Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini,. He wants to discourage NGOs from the rescue of migrants. Exactly a year ago, the populist blocked most government from the Lega Nord and Five star movement with the “Aquarius”, the first private rescue ship with hundreds of migrants on Board to the sea. “Since then, at least, 1151 men, women and children drowned in the Central Mediterranean sea,” said the organizations SOS MediterranĂ©e and Doctors without borders (MSF).

finally, Salvini from the German aid organization, the Sea was forbidden to Watch, in Italy, to create. The captain went still in Italian waters. Against him being investigated for aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

According to the new “security” will have to pay the decree the punishment in the future, the captain, the ship’s operator and the owner of the ship. The decree was approved with a delay, because the constitutionality had been called into question.

The United Nations had criticized the Plan because, he stoked the “xenophobic climate against migrants” and aid agencies to streamline the office, and crime. “This approach is misleading and is not in line with the General international law and the international human rights standards,” it said in may in a letter to the UN human rights office in Italy. Instead, such measures would strengthen people-to-people trade only.

Sea-Watch was not deterred, and is currently back with the “Sea-Watch 3” in the field, in front of Libya. “When people in distress at sea, the international law is very clear about what to do. We will continue to do so,” said spokesman Ruben Neugebauer of the German press Agency. “At the end to help let go of an Offense and, for us, is not an Option.”

the spokesman for the Regensburg auxiliary organization, the Sea-Eye, Gordon Isler, said that Italy attempts to pull in fines against Maritime search and rescue from the international legal responsibility.

Salvini spoke of a “step forward for the security of this country”. The Minister of the interior now gets even more Power, driveway bans. So far, the Ministry of transport issued such bans. The Ministry is headed by the star’s movement, which had lost strongly in the European elections and in the polls, the popularity Salvini’s suffering.

The populist government in Rome for more than a year in office. It supports with the help of the EU, the Libyan coast guard to bring the people back to Libya. There rights organisations of torture, slavery and the severe abuses threaten them, but according to people. Despite the dangerous Crossing, many people try to escape over the sea from the civil war in the country and to get to Europe. Hundreds of people have drowned already this year.