The Italian transport Ministry has said the EU Commission to continue to participate in the completion of the controversial railway line between France and Italy.

A corresponding letter had been sent late on Friday evening by the Ministry of transport to the Executive Agency Innovation and networks in Brussels, among others, reported the news Agency Ansa on Saturday.

The high-speed line between Turin and Lyon (TAV) is a bone of contention between the government partners, the Five-star movement and Lega. Because of you, the coalition was only a few months ago, on the Brink. Last week had rejected the head of the government, Giuseppe Conte against the demolition of the project, as this is more expensive than finish it. In the Northern Italian Susa valley, near Turin, several Hundred people went out on Saturday, according to the Ansa against the project on the road.

The rights Lega is for the billion project, the Five-star movement – which leads to the Ministry of transport – against. Conte had expressed in March, doubts about the rail project. His turn, he explained that the EU have more money for the promotion of the course.

The proposed 270 km long rail line with a roughly 60-Kilometer-long Tunnel through the Alps is announced for years and is already funded by the EU. A part was also already started the construction work. The track to accelerate the train rides between cities in Europe such as Milan, Venice, Barcelona, Lisbon and Paris, as well as the freight traffic on the rails, bring.

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