The two parties in government in Italy, have settled their bitter dispute over a multibillion-dollar rail project for the time being.

Shortly before the end of a major assignment deadline on Monday, the decision was postponed high-speed railway line (TAV) from Turin to the French Lyon by six months. As the Secretary of state in the Ministry of economy, Laura Castelli from the Five-star movement (M5S), announced on Saturday, had gained time to discuss the project with France again.

The other government party, the rights Lega, is for the railway line (TAV), the Five-star movement. The Lega argues that the multi-billion project of the Alpine crossing-creating growth and new jobs. The Five-star movement, it evaluates to date as a waste of public money and harmful to the environment.

Until Monday, should make Rome a decision, since then, orders from the Italian-French project developer Telt should be put out to tender. On Friday, Telt had taken but a delay of days or even weeks into the game.

The proposed 270 km long railway line between Turin and Lyon with a roughly 60-Kilometer-long Tunnel through the Alps has been planned for years. A part was begun with the construction work. The costs are according to the estimates of the Ministry of transport at around 20 billion euros.

The track to accelerate the train rides between major European cities such as Milan, Venice, Barcelona, Lisbon and Paris, as well as more freight traffic on the rails.

The supporters of the Five-star continue to be predominantly against the railway project. The no is question for his movement an Identity, said the Neapolitan, Roberto Fico, President of the chamber of deputies.

The EU Commission stressed last several times the importance of the project for Europe and warned that in case of further delays, the risk increases that the EU would have withdrawn funds. France holds on to the project. Transport Minister Élisabeth Borne, said that France was “open to discussions between the partners”.