again and again, create conman, that braid of lies and deceptions, sometimes for years, not blown. Also the Italian Matteo P. managed over a longer period of time, to let supervisors and colleagues in the Faith, he is a recognized plastic surgeon. His confident demeanor and his supposed expertise brought P. appointments in various clinics in Italy and Romania, where he worked in emergency rooms and also operated.

Matthew fashion, such as P. called last, never going to medical school, much less secondary school had completed, fell to anyone. Until Recently: A colleague in a Bucharest private clinic became suspicious because of p behavior of s in the or striking occurred. According to a further incident, the hospital management Research is presented, the dizziness flew on. Meanwhile, the 38-Year-old sits in the Romanian capital in custody after you had taken him to the border to Hungary while trying to leave the country, as the Romanian newspaper “Libertatae” reported.

Fake COP

impostor as a US Marshall, and ends up in handcuffs

hands of the wrong disinfected – doctor-colleague comes p. out

Therefore, the doctor-Mrs p. s had become suspicious because of the supposed medics disinfected before an engagement completely wrong hands. Also, the surgical gloves could not attract P. correctly, he also didn’t know how to hold a syringe properly.

it comes a little later, then the complications of breast SURGERY, the management of the prestigious Monza hospital in Bucharest, among other things, “Dr Modes” registration papers in more detail, and notes quickly that it is in the allegedly in Kosovo issued the document was a forgery. At this time, the impostor, according to the “Libertatae” the police are on the heels. Accordingly, two unspecified individuals had displayed P. for fraud. According to the report, the authorities have identified since the end of November last year against the Italians.

impostor syndrome

If people can’t appreciate your successes – what you can do about it

p flew in 2011, for the first time in Italy as a fake doctor on the

In the process, the Trouble and loss of image, which the clinic is facing now, presumably, when a more detailed Review of P. s in the run-up to its job quickly to avoid would have been. The incorrect medical doctor as early as 2011 had been convicted in Italy for fraud to 18 months in prison. There he had worked as a doctor – with an admission that he had just stolen a namesake.

His colleagues in the home he had been able to fool you, apparently alone, with a large library of scientific publications in his estate.

source: “Libertatae”