As the police for the first Time in front of your door, said Courtney. “It’s our case?”

The cops looked at you confused. They had no idea of what is the case, the woman was talking about. Courtney felt her hope this gave way to fear.


It was March 2015. Three days before, Courtney and her husband Steven were at the police station was in Kent, a suburb of Seattle. They had said on the record that they were victims of a Cyber-bullying attack. That there was a fake Facebook page on the Stevens name, used as a profile picture for a naked picture of Courtney. That your mailboxes have been flooded with emails in which someone Courtney as cunt, whore and slut, called. That Courtney’s colleagues received the news with Videos and pictures of her: Courtney naked, Courtney Masturbating. The emails came from different addresses – but some looked as if they came from a Steven.

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And then these calls. Stevens grandmother was warned by phone, your house could burn down, if you would continue to contact the Allens. In the dental practice, in the Courtney worked, demanded an Unknown from the receptionist: “Get the fucking cunt Courtney on the phone.” Even Courtney called an Online phone number that had been in a Mail. She spoke frantically to the Mailbox: “If I speak with you, will you let me alone?”

dozens of Voicemails came back: “do you Think I ever disappear?”, was a. And: “no Matter what you do. I’m always already there.”

The police officer who took the statement, did not know what he should think of the thing.

Courtney and Steven, however, were sure who was behind the harassment: Todd Zonis, the man from Arizona.

Now, three days later, declared the officials at Courtney’s door, why they were in fact: An anonymous Informant had posted on the Website “Crime Stoppers” Steven “for months now telling everyone that his wife wants to leave him, but he has a Plan to stay as he can force you to”. The Informant had known as a colleague of Steven, and he wrote that Allen’s had a “huge weapons collection.”

After the police had interviewed Courtney, they went back. But three days later, the next knocked on the door. Courtney hoped, they would come because of their display. But this time, she pursued an anonymous Online note. There was an incident in the Park, where Steven and the four-year-old son of Allen’s been involved should be: “His son cried, and he hit him again and again on the back, buttocks, legs, and head, but not in the face. Then he made his wife ready, and you as a ‘whore’ insults and worse ….”

The correct chassis no.

Detective Angie Galetti wrote afterwards in her report, the son of Allen “came down and appeared to be healthy and well”. Courtney had to persuade the four-year-old to show the officials his skin: “There were no suspicious bruises, or any other times.” He “seemed to hang appropriately from his mother, and Detective Lorette and I had no concerns”.

Courtney’s concerns were.

the day before, she had received an e-Mail to an address that you used. “How did You get this address?” she wrote back. “Let me and my family alone.” A reply soon followed. Now Steven was accused, to make use also of dubious cyber tactics, to know everything about Courtney’s activities. But: “I’m MUCH better.”

the proof of the author delivered immediately: “Your Jetta is in the driveway.” He also called the chassis number.

she agreed.


“the shark lady” was her Nickname. In the network, many of the wilder and more reckless, than you are in truth. But some are also harmless.

©Illustration: Jörn Kaspuhl

Courtney meanwhile had nightmares. She was afraid to go in front of the door. They constantly asked, where else photos buzzed her around. Who had already seen everything. And what would come next. She had hoped to help. Instead, they had to prove that her son had no bruises. And the neighbors complained to the major: at Least 15 of them had found a warning in the Post that you are in the vicinity of a dangerous sexual offender lived, his Name: Steven All met. The letters had been postmarked in Arizona.

And what was particularly frustrating for Courtney: you don’t know how anyone could convince to believe her. To believe that there was someone who persecuted you.

it All started in the fall of 2012, and it began, as so often nowadays, online.

sex toy in penis shape

at the Time, Courtney and Steven were together for twelve years, knew each other since 20 years: they had learned at the High School and later met Courtney in divorce lived. The Couple, now in her mid-thirties, played a passionate “Grepolis”, an Online strategy game, it’s about building an Empire in ancient Greece.

at some point, a player asked if he could join your Team. This was Courtney’s first encounter with Todd Zonis.

He liked her: “He was rough and rude, and I thought, this is actually quite funny.”

The two talked over phone messages. She sent photos of your elk dogs, he has his turtle. Then Video-chat followed. Both were married, but “it developed just like that,” said Courtney. “It was a really close friendship, and then become the opposite.”


Even Stevens colleague Courtney’s movie had been mailed. He went to the FBI. But the story was hair-raising.

©Illustration: Jörn Kaspuhl; photo: Ian Bates

Courtney was not working at this time and was with her son at home. Steven and she had made this decision together, but their marriage did not. The IT instructor was working Overtime and felt the burden of the family alone to feed. She had, in turn, afraid to give your child in the hands of strangers, which reinforced their Isolation. She was mad at Steven, because he controlled them all the time. And at the same time, she felt neglected.

Zonis, however, had in the distant Arizona as a freelance sound engineer can do flexible working hours. For Courtney, the relationship to him as was “a little escape. He was charming. He told me everything I wanted to hear, wie wonderful I am.” She spent more and more time online with Zonis and away offline of Steven. We’re just good friends, she told herself, even as Zonis sent her a sex toy in the shape of a penis.

“Marriage Builders”

Nearly a year after Zonis was pushed to their “Grepolis”group, led by Steven on Courtney’s Laptop to Update and saw that her email program was open. He las a permissive mail exchange, in which Videos were mentioned. Steven introduced Courtney to speech. She was upset about Stevens ‘ curiosity, but promised to stop. But she continued the relationship on your Tablet.

Steven felt that his marriage was on the edge and sought help, which he found on the Internet on a site called “Marriage Builders”. It is a Portal for the betrayed Partner. Its founder Willard F. Harley Jr, a psychologist who advises readers to better meet the needs of your Partner. And if a spouse wants to end the affair, he recommends a more radical step: The family members of all persons involved.

Steven read it carefully. He apologized only in the case of Courtney, he was on the road so much and tried to awaken their interest for the website. However, his wife was busy with her Tablet. A year after Steven had discovered the e-Mails from Courtney to Zonis, he realized that the relationship was not terminated.


the use of fake Google Plus account recorded 8000 page views. In the case of Facebook it wasn’t any better. From there the mail went to the relationship: Steven was a Stalker who sent penis pictures.

©Illustration: Jörn Kaspuhl

So he followed the second Council of the “Marriage Builders”.

First, he reached out to his and Courtney’s parents to tell them of the relationship. Then he sent a text message to the wife of Zonis and turned to his parents:

“I would ask you to reason with her son, so he ended the affair before it destroys our family for good. If you have any questions, or evidence, want to see, please email me.”

Divorce –

Courtney foamed. She told Steven that he should not leave to look home. When he came however, she went with her son to her parents. The next day she came back, but they slept in separate rooms, and Courtney spoke of divorce.

Also Zonis was. For him, the messages were an attack on his family. And without any basis. His Version of the relationship he described to members of: he noticed that Courtney expressed in the forums worrying about your husband. He freak is a control, and punish you. Courtney was friends with Zonis and his wife, Jennifer, friends. You have sought advice. He denied that he or Courtney would have sent the revealing video, or that they were more than friends.

Steven needed advice. He found it on the Website, “Marriage Builders”. There, he posted emails from Courtney and Zonis, and the copy of a letter he had written to his wife: “I’m so sorry that I left you for so many years hurt. I didn’t consider your feelings nearly as much as I should have done it. I have made demands, and your opinion is not respected, just to get what I wanted. I was ruthless and got you checked. I didn’t realize how much I’ve hurt you.”


As it all happened, Courtney and Steven Allen, shortly before the separation. They are still together.

©Ian Bates

Steven wanted to leave the thing behind.

But the opposite was the case.

One of his colleagues got an e-Mail, Steven was accused, to act Courtney miss. Steven and his wife said, Zonis had to have sent the Mail, they would not believe him.

“I need help.”

Courtney believed Zonis. However, she felt that the relationship got to him in tears and asked him to distance. She went back to work, to be independent. In an email to Zonis, she wrote: “In my new world ALL lie to me. I don’t believe any more.”

Steven was angry wrote because of the Mail to his colleagues, Zonis, and threatened with further revelations. For Zonis, in turn, was a second attack, and he forwarded the email to Courtney. But this time, she was taken aback. The clerk that was supposed to be Steven, and thus the father of their child, used the phrase “your son” instead of “our son”.

Now she and Steven showed each other their Mails. They noted that the Version that had been sent Zonis to Courtney, had been edited – Stevens words were changed. Finally Courtney, who you could trust knew.

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said to her husband: “I need help. I don’t know how to get out of there.”

Courtney shelled, Zonis to remove step-by-step from your life. Their messages were short, bland and irregular. His answers were long and aggressive. Finally they replied and asked to be left alone. But every day, 20 Mails or calls came at least. Also when Courtney’s mother, the phone rang. It Voicemails followed: “I’m going to put heaven and hell in motion to make your man ready. I told you, you’re going to lose him, one way or the other.”

The Mails came from dozens of different accounts. Some ran under the Stevens name. Courtney’s boss received Mails with subject lines such as “My wife, Courtney, the slut” or “Courtney is not the one that seems to be you”.

“Cyber Civil Rights Legal Project”

One Evening, Courtney got an email that looked like it came from her husband. But lay beside her in bed and read a book. The next night, growled Stevens cell phone on the night table.

He read the SMS and turned to his wife: “Apparently, You hate me,” he said.

In March 2015, requested Courtney a restraining order against Zonis, which would make any further contact attempt to commit an Offence. Steven requested a similar ban and the son, although Courtney was afraid to irritate Zonis in order to.

Zonis, reacted promptly. He and his wife were also Ban. And two days later they got an email from Zonis’ personal account. To do an investigation anyway. The police in Kent was sympathetic, but “not really to the Exceeding of a contact ban interested the was regarded as an administrative offence,” said Steven.

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at the end of March, Courtney and Steven finally entered the FBI office in Seattle to plead her case. Three months later, the Allens received a letter stating: “We have you identified as a possible victim of a crime.” You informed them that the FBI had begun an investigation. Months passed. When the police learned in Kent of the investigation to the FBI, she closed her own file. At the beginning of April a package with marijuana was in the Post office of the Allen’s. They reported it to the police, they were informed that there had again been reports on Crime Stoppers. The statement this time: The Allens sell drugs to school children.

Courtney and Steven had to think about other possibilities. As Steven had started at the beginning of the year, a Job at the University of Washington, he reported to the management of his case. The victim, a representative of the Campus police referred him to the free program of the law firm of K&L Gates. Under the name of “Cyber Civil Rights Legal Project” is there to help the Victims of the special Internet crime, such as Cyber-bullying, cyber exploitation, or Revenge Porn.

Real fear

It is crime to penetrate, and from which Details to the Public. The cases end up almost never before the court. Most people just want it to stop, and your images from the network and their names from the files disappear.

Also, Steven, and Courtney did not want to submit necessarily suit. But they hoped that the large firm would be able to police evidence. “We just wanted to try to move the law enforcement authorities to Act,” says Steven.

On the 29. April 2015, he entered and Courtney a conference room in Seattle. There they met a David Bateman, Partner at K&L Gates and one of the initiators of the project. And Breanna van Engelen, a young lawyer, who had just finished law school and your first case waited.

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Katy was a slave. Then they asked questions. For example: Was her father really a God?

By Michael Streck

The two lawyers were initially skeptical. The story was so outrageous that van Engelen asked whether it was not invented. Or whether or not a spouse here is a game played with the other. Courtney’s fear seemed genuine. But Steven? Knew computers very well. Van Engelen wanted to make sure that he was the genius behind a refined staging, in which he for Zonis spent pretending to be Steven.

they interviewed the Allens separated from each other, and then took a week time to sift through the evidence. They found that Mails that purportedly came from Steven, were fake – sent by anonymous services, but tagged as if they are coming from Stevens’s account or of one that you could not track back. Steven would really be the mastermind, then it would be so, “as if you would Rob a Bank and a mask with his own face,” says van Engelen.

she believed him.

But what if the thing really were in court?

“Jennifer Jones”

a Lot of people take Cyber-bullying is not very serious, because everything happens only online. A lot of blaming the victim, because they had shared their intimate Details, after all. What would a Jury of the history of the Allen’s? The jury would think that Steven had gone too far, when he made the affair public? Would you accuse Courtney, to have the Videos sent?

For van Engelen, the Allen’s victims were. But it was also clear that the jury could see it differently.

according to a study by 2016, that one in 25 Americans who use the Internet, has already experienced that revealing photos were published of him against his will or he was threatened. In women under 30 years of age, there was even one in Ten. The study also revealed that 47 percent of Americans are victims of any Form of Online bullying.

Danielle Citron, a law Professor at the University of Maryland, studied since 2007, Cyber-bullying. Their studies show that almost all the people on the Internet give a bunch of confidential information, without knowing how this can be used, be it a Stalker or an unscrupulous company. Each Geo-Tag a photo, each sports unit with a Fitness App, buying any credit Card, any Google search or each click on an advertisement leaves a digital trail of personal and confidential information.

For many experts, there is only one solution: dealing with the release and misuse of confidential information, must change. We need to stop these operations to trivialize and instead as a Crime seriously, and the perpetrators show that their actions have consequences. Because what would be the Alternative? “You can tell people: ‘don’t Do anything, they don’t want that it is open to the public.'”, McDonald says. “But what good is it?”

As the van Engelen to the case of Allen’s prepared, met with the lawyer on countless Social Media Profiles, which looked as if they were of Steven Courtney. A Google-Plus account, the Videos that Courtney’s contact details, your date of birth and your birth containing name, recorded more than 8000 page views. Even for her son, an account existed. Of a Facebook account in the name of “Jennifer Jones” were messages sent to friends and relatives, in which Steven was accused, he had harassed Jones and her penis pictures sent.

“Comprehensive Paranoia”

The Allens contacted Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other companies, to make the accounts clear, with different results. The most difficult thing was to delete the account that was logged on to the name of your son. Again and again it was said that the Person concerned should leave the Delete itself. But in the Question it was a four-year-old. After all, it was for Facebook at all a possibility to Lodge a Complaint. Many of the other pages, there is not the.

Van Engelen and her colleagues were technology companies, court orders, to find out who has what IP assigned addresses. But you always had to obtain new orders, particularly since new accounts have been created. The court records shows that many of the initial emails were followed to the house of the Zonis. In one case d was ieselbe message from seven different accounts sent. Some were anonymous, but they could not be assigned to the private IP address of the Zonis or a Hotel where they were staying.

A seemingly out of Stevens mail account, but it had been redirected from a site in the Czech Republic, the Mails from Fake accounts are sent. Van Engelen was a proof of the used Zonis anonymizer and as someone else spent. Zonis argued, however, that Steven would fabricate evidence against him.

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they thought would be their city safe. But then came the night, and then the ship

came up With time, it became increasingly more difficult, the new Mails and new Social Media accounts to trace. Van Engelen found that many of the IP-encrypted addresses by a network called the Onion Router, layer by layer, and anonymized. Also the writing style of the emails and Posts changed. As the authors wanted to prevent its Syntax or orthography could be analyzed. Sometimes the e-Mails read, as the author of the English language would not be really powerful.

In the summer of 2015, noted the Allens that someone had applied for a credit card in your name. The existing one had been used fraudulently. The fraud took place on the pages, the personal data could deliver. Courtney had, however, started a therapy. Their fear had expanded to “a comprehensive Paranoia”. You woke up at night suddenly from sleep, suffered from panic attacks when she saw police officers in the neighborhood. Zonis had to let you know that he had free flights, because his wife worked for an airline. Courtney was afraid that he would suddenly stand in front of the door. You let your son play outside. But what is worse is the guilt were feelings, they toiled, because all who were close to her, had to suffer with her.

thoughts of suicide

For Courtney was the Internet meanwhile, a threat that seemed not to exist for others in your environment. “No one is safe,” she says, “if it is in the Internet, then it is practically already a target.” Courtney put out your own Social Media accounts and don’t gave your phone number. She was appalled at the things published in your friends Posts from the holidays that betrayed their exact whereabouts, pictures of their small children. You asked others to not post pictures of your son. “Are you not proud of your boy?”, you asked a father. As you offered, the recommendations of the FBI to deal with confidential information, be forwarded, replied to, only one friend – just to ask whether so much secrecy unless really necessary.

at the end of June 2015, submitted, K&L Gates, on behalf of the Allen’s suit for damages and injunctive relief against Zonis: for defamation, intentional infliction of mental pain, electronic identity, abuse and violation of privacy. Two months later, Zonis filed in Federal court in Arizona, a similar lawsuit against Steven All. The indictment contained excerpts from emails that had been sent to Steven allegedly Zonis: “Such a shame, that your wife, the whore, still has not a child… did I mention that you heard [Mrs. Allen] back to me?” and “I had to just probably wanted to play the husband and you do all the work … I plan to make you life a living hell, as you can imagine it you can.”

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The torture ship – log a kidnapping

It was clear: It would take about a year full of motions and responses before the cases could be and the mutual accusations of being negotiated.

In August, Courtney received, however, an anonymous e-Mail, it is in the shade. You ended with the recommendation: “Easier to kill himself and to help all of you.”

Courtney had previously had thoughts of suicide. If you killed yourself, she thought, would stop the bullying finally. Maybe you could save your family. She wanted to take the gun, which was in a safety Deposit box. Her hands trembled and she fumbled clumsily at the lock. As she began to think, what would you miss anything if you pulled the trigger – her son the car to teach driving, with Steven old. You didn’t make it.


“I didn’t want him to win,” she says today. “I’m supposed to be my victory over him.”

A month later, the Allen family traveled to Hawaii. They got calls and e-Mails, but the trip was not mentioned. For Courtney, it was like a small miracle: a moment in your life that belonged only to her. A Pause For Breath. And the realization: “There are things that remain among us.”

at home the nightmare continued. Now, Steven got Mails in the University of Washington, at a workplace where he had felt so far, for sure. Dozens of employees received messages from the IT Department to the University President, often with photos of Courtney. Gradually, the Allens got used to it. “There is nobody I know, knows every intimate Detail of me,” says Courtney. “So he couldn’t hurt me.” But she was Worried her son could get the Videos of a day to the face.

voice recorder

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documented Shortly before Halloween, the lawyers of K&L Gates received an anonymous threat was so credible, that they increased the security measures in the firm. And soon afterwards, two FBI agents appeared at the Allen’s. Again, the Couple hoped that their problems would finally be solved. However, the agent issued a cease and desist handed to you. Zonis had submitted documents proving that the Allens had committed fraud in his name credit. Later, he presented documents claiming to come from Steven. They contained photos of Stevens Penis, he had allegedly sent Zonis wife, Jennifer, to taunt you. A Post in a Forum gave the impression that Steven had asked his friends from “Marriage Builders” to make a threatening call on his own grandmother.

“Everything he has done, he tries me in the shoes slide,” said Steven.

“Everything you accuse us, he has done to us,” said Zonis.

In January 2017, after nearly two years, were Preparedtions to the claim finally completed. Zonis argued now even, after he had worn out a number of lawyers. Before the hearing, the parties had to participate in a Mediation session. The judge was out on a comparison and gave the Allen’s to understand the many conflicting claims could be left to the jury the impression that all parties Involved have something to hide. The Allens sent an offer in the room next door, in the Zonis’ sat: they would drop their complaint if the Zonis took her back and the Allen’s in the future no longer harassed. But Todd Zonis demanded high compensation for its alleged losses.

And so the case went to court.

“have you Had orgasms?”

On Wednesday, the 22. March 2017, met the Allens, their lawyers and the Zonis in the courtroom. Prior to the selection of the Jury, the potential jurors had been interviewed, and their responses were confirmed by van Engelen’s fears: “The trivial stuff”, “Why am I sitting here?” “What’s that to me, the Facebook-armed by anyone?”, “Yes, High School level.” A few were of the opinion that those who send explicit Videos, was your own fault, if they were divided. Others found that Allen’s would be through the Phalanx of their lawyers at an advantage.

Van Engelen’s restlessness grew. On the evening before the start of the process, you stand crying in the shower: “What if someone decides to simply, the evidence in the first place, because he has made up his mind already?”

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psychiatrist Michael Easter Heider

“serial killers are emotional illiterates, cold to the heart”

Before the process is created by Steven a chronology of the harassment, the printed his lawyers on a three-Meter-long Poster, so the jury could see the entries. Van Engelen’s colleague, David Bateman described it in his Opening statement, every single false complaint with the police, the vast number of Mails, the Videos. Van Engelen was slowly quiet.

“We could immediately see how the facial expressions of the jury changed,” she says. “I think you have not understood at once: here was what they had imagined.”

As the first witness Van Engelen called on your client Courtney All. Courtney described her relationship to Zonis, and that they have adopted, the Videos would remain confidential. The movies and pictures were shown in the hall. Van Engelen described in their survey as sober as possible, so Courtney didn’t need to do it. “Did You Have Orgasms?”, she asked. “Your inner and outer labia?” Courtney said longer than a day. Full of shame she was not able to go to the jury.

paper prints without meta data

Van Engelen asked you, e-Mails read aloud, and played a Voicemail. Then she read from the Google Plus profile that was switched under Courtney’s name and with her image. “I am a real slutty wife” and: “I suffered for years because of unsatisfactory Sex with my husband who has sausage a dick like a cocktail.”

“Have you written about?” Van Engelen asked. “Your husband wrote this about yourself?”

“no,” replied Courtney.

Van Engelen continued her questioning. Courtney cried. She told how she wanted to open the safe get the gun out.

Now Zonis kept his opening argument. His wife, the interrogation took Courtney to the cross, and was later even of her husband for questioning. The Pair set out his Version: they were friends with Courtney, and they would want from her violent husband Steven and protect. He was the one that bothered you. You submitted Posts and emails claiming to come from the Allen’s. The evidence consisted of paper data, or digital traces to print without the meta. As the lawyers of the Allen’s flawless copy of the requested a forensic, said Zonis, his Computer would not work. He had sold it also. Of the files have been copies to CDs, but have thrown away Jennifer.

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Frauke Hunfeld

Steven denied on the witness stand, to have the Mails and Posts written. The Allens were saved digital copies, apparently from Steven came, but the Team of K&L Gates shows the Jury how this is manipulated. You did not demonstrate that the formatting of some of the Posts agreed with the on the Computer of the Allens and the time zone was not the Pacific, but the mountain time zone, lived in Arizona, where he heads. Apparently, the prosecutors, he created the Posts themselves.

Zonis said, these discrepancies are a proof that Steven Spyware used to steal mail. He hired an expert who gave via Skype to an assessment: It is theoretically possible that the forensic trail was forged to Zonis. So something had came to him but never. In addition, he had not examined the evidence.

Missed opportunity

Allen’s lawyers called the cyber forensics Andreas Kaltsounis, which normally works for the FBI and the Department of defense. He explained to the jury how the Darknet, Tor networks, and IP addresses work. Then, he presented a map that showed that many of the seemingly different accounts, had to get the Allen’s bullying-Mails, in fact, due to overlapping IP addresses were connected. One of the linked accounts, the Facebook page for “Jennifer Jones”. Zonis argued that it could be an account that Steven had set up.

However, the lawyers were well prepared.

months before the trial, Van Engelen was meticulously tested all of the IP addresses that were connected by Logins with the Jones account. And since they made a discovery: a Login on the private IP address of the Zonis. She was then raced in Batemans office and had called:


actor Christian Redl

the “lurking Evil in all of us”

“We have him!”

at The end of the hearing submitted by the lawyers of the Allen’s 1083 pieces of evidence. The people of K&L had spent thousands of hours trying to dig through the evidence. Alone, the cost of Van Engelen’s working hours were in the order of $ 400,000.

Zonis never had to enter the witness stand. He versuwant to push it to the lawyers in the shoes, which would have to spent a lot of time with their endless technical explanations. Van Engelen was disgusted: “He had the Chance to tell his side of the story, and he did not perceive it,” she says. “Behind the keyboard is hidden, he is very strong. But if there is the opportunity to prove, in fact, bent.”

On the 30. In March, Van Engelen, your closing argument. It was the first Time that she did it in a real courtroom. You started with one of the Voicemails to play, unchallenged by Zonis came: “How does it feel to know that I will never, never, never stop?”

“you have been through so much.”

she turned to the jury: “Someone needs to tell him that he must stop.” Van Engelen, described Courtney’s worst Moment: when she wanted to pick up the weapon. You quoted a message, in the Courtney, it was promised that in isolation, in shame, as a laughing stock going.

Van Engelen warned: “Tell him he must stop. Drag him to the responsibility.”

In his own closing argument again Zonis repeated that they “can’t track this stuff back to me.” He lamented that to be demolished in the aftermath of the conflict, the contact with his parents. He presented himself as a victim: “And what if I’m the devil? What do you do then? ‘Oh God, we were wrong!’ We don’t want that, right?”

The lawyers of K&L requested no specific amount of compensation. The Allen’s had not insured it was a matter of money. They simply wanted, that the bullying would come to an end.

The following afternoon, the Jury came up with a decision back in the courtroom.

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The twelve jurors questionnaires were: Which of the statements on the Zonis’ and the Allens did not consider them to be true and which are not? At one point they gave Zonis right: The Allen’s to be invaded “in the privacy of the Zonis”. They were, however, of the opinion, as a result, no damage was caused. In all other cases, they voted for the Allen’s. The total damage added up to $ 8.9 million. This was a record sum for Cyber-bullying, without a Prominent involved.

The Jury “did not believe that it was a trivial matter,” says Van Engelen today with satisfaction.

According to the method, a juror walked in front of the door to Courtney and hugged her: “you have been through so much.” Neither the Allen nor the lawyers will expect you to get the compensation sum. But this Moment on the course felt just as valuable.


“The fact that tells other people to understand and comprehend how insane all this is, helps me to keep myself crazy,” Courtney.

But the greatest desire of the Allen’s was The bullying should stop.

After the process it looked a month after that. But then Courtney one Afternoon, logged on to her Computer and found a new, although cryptic, but threatening Mail to: “punishment is soon divides the Evil. your time is short. missing we are not family. Price for fact, we will have to pay now.”

It wasn’t over.

Courtney felt a mixture of fear and exhaustion. “I wish only that you leave us alone. Nothing else,” she says. “But I’m afraid that the remains in any Form for becoming a part of our lives.”

After the trial, Zonis had filed an appeal. He does not think that the procedure is unfair, you would have not considered what the Allens have done to him.

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Soon after the ruling, a Blog appeared under his name. “My Name is Todd Zonis, and I lost my family, my home, my future and probably my life. Maybe you learn nothing from my life, but hopefully from my death,” began the Blog. Among the Evidence that he posted there, the photos of Courtney. He had furnished them with a note:

sender: unknown

“you might like to download all of the Material that I post here, and to use and distribute as you want.”

About Zonis’ appeal was not decided until today. Also, a criminal case was not yet initiated. The Allens are no longer pushing on it. You say you want “sleeping dogs”. Since one and a half years, no harassment. A day before the hearings at the court of appeal, a computer was, however, generated Voicemail at Courtney. Sender: unknown.

From the American by Karin rush