does anyone else remember Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Two scoundrels from the good old Western time, who robbed a long time quite successfully, banks and trains until they were driven by a squad of bounty hunters in the Close.

What do the two crooks with the SPD? Added: as a people, at least in the movie “bandits”, presented by Robert Redford and Paul Newman – not much. The two embody Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid as good-looking, charming, daring, witty bachelor.

on the Other hand, in the Film, this wonderful scene: Butch and the Kid crouching on a rocky outcrop. Many, many feet below a raging torrent. Behind the chasing pack.

“the way I see it, we can fight now or surrender,” says the Kid.

“no, we jump on it,” Butch. “I’ll jump first.”


“Then you jump first.”

“I said no.”

“What is the matter with you?”

“I can’t swim!”

“this is the craziest thing! You’re probably dead below.”

Then you jump. And survive and escape, for the time being.

The impact of the SPD will be hard press votes

on the left of the social Democrats

“to make The SPD fit for the (intended) coalition break”


The SPD, to us to the actually topic ranzuarbeiten, before this Text is to end, the SPD has decided in a similar hopeless Situation now, after much Back and Forth finally to jump. And one thing you can guarantee: The impact will be hard, the water cold, and whether the party can save, is highly uncertain.

But: you jumped.

so Much courage you would have expected the polls to 15% bagged socialists, certainly. This is a value in itself. It is the courage of despair, let’s not get into time merciful.

On the weekend of the party’s Board of Directors has at any rate his ideas of a “new welfare state for a new time” presented and unanimously adopted. Since then, you know, of course, where the path of the SPD is to run (well, for the First; to be sure that decisions in this fickle become a party) have a long stock, you can. You could bring this way to the simple formula: More help, less hardness. Back to the future.

Back in the time before the Hartz IV

Back at least in those days, when there was no Hartz IV. The SPD has suffered in the reforms of the second Schröder government, only broken, and now finally tired of it. Although the labour market reforms have made the German economy competitive again, have made schröder’s Enjoyed never really at peace with them. That you want to rename a conclusion and Hartz IV line underneath it-in the most beautiful Newspeak in “citizens ‘ money” is, therefore, to systematically – and in some points are even correct. Part of this is that older people will get the longer unemployment money and that your assets remain protected longer.

Even better, it would have been, however, the SPD would have seen that everything has its time. You do not need to demonize Hartz IV – the laws must change and can. Nothing is forever set in stone in politics. But the Pride on the achievements of the recent past, the German social Democrats, a peculiar way to loss. This is also why this party was despondent.

SPD-decisions for a left-wing party

You can interpret the decisions from the weekend, therefore in a different way: What has submitted to the SPD Executive Board, with citizen money, respect, pension, higher minimum wage, more part-time, more training, but without a clear funding proposals, this is nothing other than the concept for an on – the- back – left party. It is also clear counter-proposal on the policy of your Partners in the Grand coalition. Much of what the SPD will not be with the Union. And that is a good thing. The choice between the two parties, which threatened to lose its contours, it is again easier. And this government that nobody wanted, could possibly be completed faster than agreed.

The SPD is so jumped. It is a leap into the Unknown. He helps her, at least for the time being, out of the biggest mess. The social Democrats have this weekend, if you will, with himself, reconciled. This is the prerequisite for this is that a few voters with the SPD could reconcile. More but also not.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid fled to her jump into the stream to Bolivia to continue and banks have invaded. Then they were shot.

PS: a Small personal Supplement. Still a nice set of “Two bandits”. Sundance’s girlfriend Etta tells him: “I do everything you ask of me except one thing: I will not see you Die.”