is drawn After it in the last few weeks, Deep into Deep Germany, announces in the middle of the coming week in the spring. “The stormy times tend slowly to an end,” said Markus Evils from the German weather service (DWD) on Sunday in Offenbach. Before, but it was still cold In the night to Monday, the temperatures drop to values between 0 and 5 degrees. In many places, it rains in the Alps, snow falls in the valleys.

severe weather warning in Germany

weather live: storm deep “Eberhard” strips of Munich, “Franz”, and brings in new cold air

Barely a storm has swept deep “Eberhard” back on Germany, is holes a new Low in the start. “Franz” to reach the West on Tuesday and heavy squalls to bring their own. An interactive map to the weather situation live.

snow fall in Germany, but also the sun

On Monday, the snow turns to rain, and sleet. The snowfall level will drop up to 200 meters. “Lightning and Thunder round out the whimsical April weather,” said Evil. At temperatures up to 10 degrees, the sun from time to time.

on Tuesday night, temperatures fall to values between 4 and minus 5 degrees. In many places, it can be smooth. To the Alps and to the North of the mountains the edges of the forecasters expect snow showers to the Tuesday but subside.

In the course of a day shows more often then the sun, especially on the North sea and in the West of Germany. With up to 11 degree temperatures reach in the Rhine and in the Emsland region of their maximum values.

While it is on Wednesday in the Northern half of mostly cloudy remains, seems to be in the middle and in the South of Germany to the sun. At temperatures between 9 and 14 degrees, in the higher mountainous 6 degrees, it remains mostly dry. To the weekend, temperatures are expected to rise. “Probably can hold on to the spring high,” said DWD meteorologist.