In the heart of the Bullring of Palma de Mallorca is diligently made advertising for an Event, which the Balearic government actually wanted to say forever, “Adios”: A “Gran Corrida de Toros” in the evening will be announced on colorful posters – a bull-fight, and with such illustrious players such as the Spain well-known Matador Morante de la Puebla.

The special: Two years, long island could be killed on the holiday no bulls anymore – now the spectacle is celebrating thanks to the Spanish judicial Comeback. Many questions are still open, but a certainty, there is: It again bulls blood flow.

animal rights activists protest against bullfighting

days before the Corrida have posted about 50 animal rights activists in front of the town hall of Palma and protest with banners and slogans such as “This is not culture, but torture!” against the Revival of the bull-fights. What happened? At the end of last year, the Spanish constitutional court has overturned a Balearic bullfighting ban from the 2017 in Parts. The reason: the bull fight of 2013, had been declared a national cultural heritage could only decide the state of a complete ban. The individual regions are not permitted to take thus own such decisions.


bull gores a bullfighter – “it’s a Pity that he didn’t get you correctly”

After 2016 had been made in Catalonia, a corresponding prohibition undo, are now the Canary Islands is the only Region of the country, in the kind of a bullfighting ban. There is also no Tradition of this spectacle.

Still, it is almost contemplative in front of the in the art Nouveau style “Coliseo Balear”, which between 1999 and 2013, six times the scene of the previous ZDF-Show “Wetten, dass..?” was and in the 2016 the Finale of Heidi Klum ProSieben Show “Germany’s Next Topmodel” has been aligned.

In this area, in the buildings of the abandoned 60-years-teeming, the impressive Arena, almost like a Ufo. An Italian group makes Selfies in front of the Round, the submitted by the architect Gaspar Bennàssar 90 years ago, finished. “On Taurus, I will not fight standing,” says one of the tourists. “But the Arena is nice.”

The fascination for bull-fighting is hard to understand, if you don’t grew up with it, explained Raul Arenas. The 33-Year-old reported for years in Online media and on the Radio about bull-fighting. “My uncle took me ten years to my first fight. From then on I absorbed everything about this art in me.”

kids and alcohol are prohibited in Majorca Arena

a Total of four Toreros will compete in the evening. 50 Euro costs the cheapest cards. Who wants to sit in the first row, pays the proud 130 Euro. For him, the return of the bull was fighting a great joy, but at the same time, this will be clouded by the justice imposed restrictions, says Arenas. “Therefore, we will be holding before the Corrida a Demo.”

The bull-fighting friends are outraged that minors are allowed in the Arena, and no alcohol will be served any more – this article from the Balearic bullfighting law had declared the constitutional court to be legal. “These rules make it to the organisers hard to work economically,” the expert said.

Vivid attraction

animal cruelty as a marketing strategy: Chinese Festival fitted penguins with backpacks

It is the only protest is not to stay in the evening. Aida Cortecero has called on their animal welfare group, “I. C. A. Animalista” a rally – but for other reasons. With their comrades-in-arms, they fight vigorously against the bloody spectacle. That the constitutional court had tilted the Balearic bullfighting law, however, had been no Surprise, she says. But at least the two years break, the bullfighting movement in Mallorca would be harmed significantly, believes the activist. The 38-Year-old hopes, meanwhile, that the Event fails due to technical defects.

the Dying animals in the vicinity of the ball’s

last Friday, was visited by inspectors from the city of the Arena, to check the institution on the compliance with the structural requirements. A spokeswoman for the competent city councillor for building and construction, Neus Truyols, said the report should now be created as soon as possible. “At the same time, the Ministry of health must review the medical requirements, the agricultural Ministry of the Transport of the animals. The final decision on whether the Event takes place, will be made by the permanent representative of the Central government in the Balearic Islands,” stressed the spokeswoman.

sure, it is not so that in the evening, only a few kilometres away from the ball man, be removed, die back of bulls. The advocates of the “Tauromaquia” offers, however, Morante de la Puebla and his ilk. “The cards are selling pretty well,” says the young man at the Ticket booth left.

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