Mark Forster released his fourth Studio album with the title “love”

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just in Time for the Start in the run-up to Christmas, the fourth Album from Mark Forster (34) is displayed with the appropriate title “love”. However, the long-player is not a beat album, with cheesy love songs, but describes, in 13 songs, a private Mark Forster, who is honest and open, as rarely before, an insight into his past and his future. The news Agency spot on news has taken the likeable singer prior to the Interview, and even to know to whom he has dedicated a very special Song on the Album.

A parachute jump in “Once”-Video – how did it come about and how was it?

Mark Forster: I have called my Fans on the Internet to send short Videos of special moments in your life. As then hundreds of Videos arrived at me, I was taken completely by surprise. Since it was clear to me that I must also contribute something to the project, and at best something that is very difficult for me. The choice fell on a parachute jump, because I have a terrible fear of heights. I would never have thought it possible, but I signed up just and dared. I thought it will be hell, but at the Sprungtag I was strangely not nervous. The jump itself is absolutely beautiful. Everything is quite peaceful and with less adrenaline than previously thought. You can see the world from a different angle, which is great.

The chorus to “Once” sings of the African Children’s Choir – a unique and extraordinary thing. How did you hear about the choir?

Mark Forster: I have always had a great love for choirs. On Netflix I watched then, coincidentally, a documentary about the “African Children’s Choir”. Exactly after such a choir I had been looking for for a long time. The next day I wrote an E-Mail and a few weeks later, I was already in Uganda. The organization has been around since the 80s. Children from the slums in Uganda, can apply and be trained to be singers. The choir then goes on a world tour, and of the revenue of the entire education will be financed. As a later student, the children return to the organization, and train the next Generation.

On the last Album, you dedicated a Song to her sister. There is also on this Album a song for someone Special?

Mark Forster: Yes, there is. I think it is in the Song “Once” to listen to it a little – this Time it’s much more concrete to me personally, than on the other plates. On the last Album, I had indicated, among other things, with “Natalie” a little more of me, “love”, it is much more. It will this time give a specific Song for my father. “Just like you” says he. Since he is a bit “bittersweet”, I was at the beginning not sure if I post it, actually. But I had a long talk with my father and my family about it, and it has a great dynamic in my family.

The songs were written in quite different places – Berlin, Florence, London. That was a coincidence or planned?

Mark Forster: To Write I’m always happy, because it is simply the best Trick is to have a certain focus. You work in strange places more concentrated, because the distraction is missing. For each new plate we will be running a two-month Camp, where we all meet in one place and just make music. This time it took place in Florence. The other places have just. In London, I work for each Album, with the Rosie Danvers, to take care of, otherwise, only Superstars such as Adele or Kanye West. In Tenerife, I have a small wooden hut, which sounds great for Vocals.

their new Album, love” – is “a very large title. Why have you decided and what to expect from the Fans?

Mark Forster: Yes, I know, it sounds a bit like an album title from Helene Fischer. Although it is basically a common word, it was clear to me that it is somehow a daring album title. It has the word “love” but a strange relationship. In my Songs I use words like “love”, “longing” or “happiness” is very rare, because the music is tilting rapidly from Pop a hit. When I look at all three of the ten Songs from the new album, the love this time is the overriding theme. Love to me, to the people who are close around me, the love of my history, where I come from and where I’m going.

go to 2019 on Tour again, playing Open-Air concerts in the large halls. There is a specific concert that you remember, or all of the concerts are something Special?

Mark Forster: funnily enough, I’m a very forgetful guy. I don’t forget names and faces, but also events. But the concerts I do not forget. This two and a half hours of a burn very deep. You must always is on the stage, even if you have a bad cold or something. And even if there are evenings more strenuous than others, it is each Time a profound experience.

there Is something, what you want to achieve in life? Sort of the point at the top of the Bucket List?

Mark Forster: Yeah, it’s pretty much even, so much I have not achieved yet. I still have no family of my own. I think this is the biggest target. Easy to set up a family that is happy.