It depends on the size, at least in the crab Sex: According to scientific findings, certain hermit crabs have evolved longer penises, in the reproduction of their shells not to leave. On Wednesday in the British journal “Royal Society Open Science” published a study with the title “Private Parts for Public Property” (for example: the gender share for the property) is generally taken by the question of whether penis size is proportional to the apartment size. The background is that crabs run the risk that robbers will reap the clam, if you have out of the house Sex.

the author of The study Mark Laidre of the University of Dartmouth asked whether cancer of the penis be greater, the greater the risk of the crab is to be in accordance with the Fortpflanzungsakt homeless – or how Laidre writes: Were the penises are bigger, “to facilitate safe Sex”? According to this hypothesis, longer penises enable individuals to reach their sexual partners”,” while “at the same time, with the Rest of your body is your property safe to the touch”. In this way, they could protect their shells during Sex from thieves. Special attention of the biologist taught to crab, the renovated furthermore to.

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result of the hermit crab researcher: “All other hypotheses to the penis size pulled the Shorter”

in view of this, peer-reviewed Laidre points crabs 328 different Hermit species. According to his theory, those animals with the “converted” and, therefore, most spacious “luxury must have”shells, the longest penises, because their dwellings were the most for any robber to the attractive; whereas crabs with “Standard shells” or even without shells, the “Shortest” had to report. He stayed on correlations, such as habitats on Land or in the sea, as well as overall body size.

His assumptions, he saw The hermit crabs with the largest penises compared to their body size, the species of the genus Coenobita were the only ones, the tags to their shells. It is the cancers with the “unrenovated” dwellings followed, at the end of the scale, those that shed their shells as adult animals were. Laidre came to the with a British wit as formulated conclusion: “All other hypotheses to the penis size pulled the short straw.”

Similar conditions were presumably also used in other types of living beings. Laidre want to deal now, according to their own information also, among other things, with the question of whether the type of the shell has tag further impact on penis size and how it is to have relationships with “weapons” and the size of the penis.

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