After the murder of an Israeli student in the Australian metropolis of Melbourne, the police has detained a man. The 20-Year-old from a suburb of the city was taken on Friday morning in the course of the investigation, police said. For more information not made the authorities first. The police thanked the Public for their assistance in the investigation.

The student has been killed in a night attack while she was on the phone with her sister. “This was a terrible, terrible attack on a completely innocent woman, who was a guest in our city,” said a police detective Andrew Stamper on reporters in Melbourne.

student in Melbourne when on the Phone, murdered

The body of 21-year-old Aiia m. was found early Wednesday near the University of Melbourne, where she studied.


Four Suspects for the murder of tourists in custody – police terror suspect


checks The exchange student was, according to the police on the way home, when she was attacked around midnight. Her sister, with the help of which you spoke, sounded the Alarm, after a while the conversation had happened, as the police said. The sister heard how the phone fell on the floor and some of the voices heard.

The body of a student was found about 50 metres from a bus stop, the tram was increased. The picture at the crime scene was described by police as “frightening”.

The victim’s family has made their way to Australia. “We can’t believe that something like this happened in Australia, we think it is very safe,” said the uncle of the 21-Year-old U.S. television channel ABC.

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