In an attack in the West Bank have killed an Israeli and two more were seriously injured. A Palestinian bomber had attacked at a junction near the settler town of Ariel, a soldier with a knife, said an Israeli military spokesman.

It had succeeded, the soldiers assault rifle to take off. “The attacker fired on several passing vehicles,” said army spokesman Jonathan Conricus.

In a car a civilian had been hit. The attackers have taken another car and drove it in the direction of the West. At another intersection, he had once again opened fire and another Israeli soldier injured. From there, the perpetrators had fled in a Palestinian village.

“special forces are deployed to apprehend him,” said the spokesman. It is still unclear whether the bomber of a particular Organisation belonged to, and whether he had accomplices. According to the rescue service Zaka, one of the three victims died of his injuries.

in The Gaza strip, the ruling Hamas praised the power of the attack as a “courageous action” and “reaction to the crimes of the Israeli occupation”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at a Cabinet meeting in Jerusalem by terrorists, after which you have to search in two places in the area of Ariel. “I am sure that you will hold accountable.”

Netanyahu also said that Israel was to see a missile attack from the Gaza strip at Tel Aviv on Thursday evening as a very severe. In the Gaza strip, the ruling Hamas responsible for all attacks from the Palestinian territory, “whether they happen deliberately or accidentally”. He had therefore ordered air attacks on Hundreds of Hamas targets in the night to Friday. If necessary, you will exacerbate such attacks, to ensure Israel’s citizens calm, and warned Netanyahu.

From the Gaza strip, meanwhile, on Sunday reports on mass arrests of participants of protests against the hard living conditions in the coastal strip. The Hamas police had stormed the houses of activists and dozens arrested, reported the Palestinian news Agency Maan. From the circles of Hamas rival Fatah, the speech of hundreds was even increased in the past three days. At various rallies in the Gaza strip, hundreds of angry Palestinians protesting against the prices and cost of living.

The UN envoy Nikolay Mladenov said on Sunday on Twitter, he condemn the violent actions of Hamas “against Protesters, women, children, journalists and human rights activists”.

Hamas had seized in 2007, with violence the sole control in the Gaza strip. It is classified by Israel, the US and the EU as a terrorist organization. Israel has imposed more than ten years ago, a Blockade on the coastal territory, which is supported by Egypt. In the Gaza strip, approximately two million people live under difficult conditions. There is a lack, among other things, drinking water and electricity. The protests are directed against the Hamas-imposed taxes, for example on food, cigarettes and clothes.