Israeli warplanes have attacked Tuesday morning several targets in the Gaza strip. There are several terrorist sites were “in a Hamas military camps” in the North of the Palestinian territory has been taken, informed the Israeli army.

From the Palestinian side, there was initially no information on possible Victims. Previously had to military information during clashes at the Gaza border a Palestinian sniper of an Israeli officer with a bullet to the helmet hit. The soldier had been slightly injured. According to arms data, it was shot over the course of the day several times from the Gaza strip.

Israeli tanks fired after military information as a response to a Hamas Post in the Gaza strip. Were killed, according to the Palestinian health Ministry, a Palestinian and injured four other.

During violent protests on the Gaza border have been killed since March of last year, according to figures from the health Ministry, around 250 Palestinians.

In November, the conflict between Israel and militant Palestinian organizations in the blockaded coast was escalated strip dangerous. Almost 500 rockets and mortar shells were fired at Israel. A man in Israel was killed during heavy Israeli counter-attacks, seven Palestinians were killed. Against an Egyptian-mediated truce, there were several violations.

The Hamas is classified by Israel, the US and the EU as a terrorist organization. Israel has imposed more than ten years ago, a Blockade on the coastal territory, which is supported by Egypt. Both countries justify this with security interests. In the Gaza strip, approximately two million people live under difficult conditions. There is a lack, among other things, drinking water and electricity.