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Obama can’t get Lanxess Arena well full (14.22 PM), Swedish soldier in military exercise of tanks run over (12.02 PM)Boeing of United Airlines long flight crash-landed (9.44 PM)Netanyahu announces after rocket attack on Israel “powerful” response (8.03 PM)reports: the house in Israel by rocket (5.58 PM)

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+++ 20.02 at: office of the Hamas leader Haniyeh with aerial attack +++

Israel’s air force destroyed, attacked, according to military data, the office of Ismail Haniyeh, head of Gaza’s ruling radical Islamic Hamas. Israeli fighter jets fired missiles at his headquarters in the city of Gaza, reported the Palestinian media. The building had been destroyed completely. There were no reports on possible casualties. Previously, two other buildings of Hamas in Gaza had been destroyed in air raids. Israel responded to a rocket attack from the Gaza strip, in a house North-East of Tel Aviv was demolished. Seven people suffered injuries, including small children.

+++ 19.11 PM: the lower house debate on further steps in the Brexit-processing +++

The British Parliament has begun the debate on the next steps in the planned EU-exit of the country. The vote is expected late on Monday night, against 23 clock. Parliament speaker John Bercow selected the three Amendments to the draft resolution of the government.

+++ 17.31 PM: Trump recognizes the sovereignty of Israel over the Golan +++

Donald Trump of Israel has recognized sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan heights. In the presence of the Israeli leaders Benjamin Netanyahu under Trump signed at the White house, a corresponding decree. The US President had spoken out on Thursday, since 1967, the occupied Golan heights as part of Israel to acknowledge and to international protests triggered.

+++ 17.07 PM: Israel flies retaliatory attacks in the Gaza strip +++

After the rocket attack in Tel Aviv, with seven injured in Israel’s retaliatory attacks in the Gaza strip has flown. The Israeli army declared on Monday that the attacks on “Hamas Terror targets” had begun. Israeli helicopters have attacked an institution of the military wing of the radical Islamic Palestinian organization in the West of the Gaza strip at least three Times, reported eye-witnesses.

+++ 16: 46: APR: not enough support for Brexit agreement +++

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, still no adequate support for the contract package to the EU exit in their country. The May said in Parliament.

+++ 16.39 Uhr: Free Wi-Fi in all IC-trains from the end of 2021 +++

rail users will soon be able to use not only in ICE but also in the Intercity free Wi-Fi. Until the end of 2021, all of the IC shall be equipped trains for a total of 30 million euros, with the same Internet technology which is now installed in the ICE. A railway spokesman confirmed a report of the Funke media group, referred to for Details but in a press release, which should be released on Tuesday. Already since the middle of March, some of the IC trains with free Wi-Fi, according to the spark report. In the next three years, around 1000 intercity trains would be converted.

550-million-Euro Deal presented: On the way to the “Wow-effect”? The offer of the new long-distance trains of rail – and here you are. go Fullscreen

The Deutsche Bahn is modernizing its fleet: Each of the new ECx-trains consists of 17 wagons, …

©Computer Animation: Deutsche Bahn AG / Tricon AG PR +++ 15.04 PM: lawyer: Saudi sisters get asylum and leave Hong Kong +++

Two of the Islam’s rejection of the Saudi sisters, since September, in Hong Kong in hiding in an unnamed country of asylum “After six months, in which they had hidden from the Saudi authorities and their families in Hong Kong, have managed this strong, brave and determined young women to receive a humanitarian Visa for a third country,” said her lawyer, Michael Vidler in a statement.

The whereabouts of the sisters, the lawyer is not called in the interests of your safety. In Saudi Arabia, the death penalty threatens them, therefore, because of apostasy.

+++ 14.55 PM: customs covers more violations of minimum wage law +++

The customs has uncovered in the past year, more violations of the minimum wage law, as well as more cases of undeclared work and illegal employment. In the minimum wage, the number of 1316 cases in the year 2015 was increased to 6220 in the year 2018, informed the Federal Finance Ministry in Berlin. In 2744 cases, the minimum wage under the steps. In the context of the fight against undeclared work and illegal employment, therefore, approximately 111,000 investigation proceedings were initiated for criminal offences. In 2017, it was around 108,000.

+++ 14.54 watch: five-year-old disappears from the apartment – a large-scale search fizzles +++

An apartment missing child in Munich, a large-scale manhunt of the police. As the officials said, had left the mother of their five-year-old daughter alone at night in the apartment. As the 30-Year-old after two hours came back in on Sunday night, was gone the child. The woman alerted the police, who requested then the police helicopter and dog squad.

But then came: The child had not been, or kidnapped, ran away, but in the case of the neighbor. The woman had heard the five year old crying to you then. Whether the parent has violated their duty of supervision, will now be examined.

+++ 14.48 PM: gas pipeline damaged – a construction worker holding thumbs +++

A construction worker has sealed in Ratingen, near Düsseldorf, a leaking gas pipe with his thumb. “He has so prevents a greater amount of Gas could escape,” said a fire Department spokesman. When firefighters arrived at the site of operation, crouched on the construction workers in the pit and kept the thumb on the hole in the pipe.

With the help of the municipal utility was able to redeem the workers and to replace his thumb through the sealing material. For imitation, the fire brigade did not want to recommend the action, but: “This is a pragmatic solution and it works, as long as you caused no sparks.”

+++ 14.45: Thailand’s Ex-Prime Minister Thaksin speaks of “election fraud” +++

Thailand’s former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has accused the ruling military of electoral fraud on a large scale. The Ex-the head of government said this in an article for the “New York Times” (Tuesday), from numerous manipulations in the Parliamentary elections on Sunday. The military government of Prime Minister Chan-o-cha, he said: “you have no shame. You want to stay at any price.”

Thaksin was overthrown in 2006 by the military. He now lives abroad, with mixing in Thailand’s politics but will continue to be crucial. The company he founded, party, Pheu Thai, according to the military-established election Commission in the counting on the second place behind the party of the military. But hopes are still to come to the government. Since 2001, Shinawatra parties had won in Thailand every choice.

+++ 14.42 PM: Kramp-Karrenbauer: No difference to Schäuble in the case of EU-minimum wage +++

see The CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer no differences with President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) in the issue of a European minimum wage. You have not understood Schäuble, that he wanted a minimum wage across the whole of Europe, said in Berlin at the presentation of the common European election programme of the CDU and the CSU. The living conditions in the European countries would move towards each other, but with the system, there is no single European social. “In this Tradition, Wolfgang Schäuble.”

Schaeuble had called for the proposal of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, a European minimum wage, to introduce, in the “world on Sunday” is a “remarkable proposal”.

+++ 14.22 PM: Obama can’t get the Lanxess Arena is probably full of +++

Ex-US President Barack Obama, the Cologne Lanxess Arena gets during his appearance at the 4. April is not expected to be full. A total of 15,000 Tickets were for sale, said a spokesman for the organizers “Thought tank”. According to the current condition, we expect more than 10,000 visitors. The prices range from 70 to 5000 Euro.

The former President is on Thursday next week, for about an hour in the Lanxess-Arena interview. The conversation is part of a four-hour “World Leadership Summit”. It is the question of what is the meaning of good leadership today. Except Obama, among others, U.S. best-selling author John Strelecky (speaking of”The Café at the edge of the world”), the Bonn-based entrepreneurs Frank Thelen and Management trainer Sabine Asgodom.

+++ 13.45: at Least 13 Dead after severe weather in several Parts of Iran +++

In the case of storms and Floods in several Parts of Iran, there has been, according to official figures, at least 13 Dead and more than 40 injured. The most violent according to the media, the Flooding reports in the provinces of Golestan and Masandaran in the North of Iran and in Fars in the South. In the Northern provinces, two had come in the South, eleven people lost their lives. Because it was raining, there were on Monday also alerts for other provinces, including the capital Tehran. Many Iranians are due to the Persian new year holidays traveling.

+++ 13.22 PM: New search for Rebecca in the lake in East-Brandenburg +++

the search for The missing Berlin schoolgirl Rebecca has been continued on a small lake in East-Brandenburg. The police with sniffer dogs and assistance from Technical relief (THW) on heart lake road, said a police spokeswoman. According to the newspaper “B. Z.” should also be a diver. The police confirmed.

The heart lake is located to the East of the scharmützelsee lake. He is about one kilometre long and very narrow. In the local area, the police had already searched in the past week, with sniffer dogs.

+++ 12.28 PM: Rottweiler bites child dead – 18 months in prison for dog-owner +++

A dog owner after a deadly attack of your Rottweilers on a small child in Vienna who is accused of manslaughter, sentenced to 18 months in prison. A year of the land court of Vienna was, in its not final judgment, to probation. In addition, the parents and grandparents of the victim 65,000 euros sorrow were awarded for pain and suffering. The dog had attacked in September 2018 the 17-month-old boy who was in the company of his grandparents on the go, on the open road. The angeleinte animal had broken loose. The 49-year-old dog owner had a 1.4 per Mille of alcohol in the blood. The child suffered severe head and skull injuries and died two and a half weeks later in a hospital.

+++ 12.02 PM: Swedish soldier during a military exercise of tanks, hit +++

In a military exercise in Sweden, a female soldier is killed. As the Swedish military announced, she died last night, during the winter exercise “Northern Wind” in the Northern Swedish province of Norrbotten. Further injuries did not exist in the incident. The woman between the ages of 40 and 50 years, had been run over by a tank, said a military spokeswoman for the German press Agency (DPA). Further background to the disaster, were not initially known.

+++ 12.01 PM: liquidator: rescue the insolvent Airline Germania burst +++

The rescue of the insolvent Berlin-based airline Germania is to have failed. All reputable bidders have backed out, said the preliminary insolvency administrator Rüdiger wienberg. A shutdown is not averted. “The employees will now receive in the next few days, the cancellations and will be charged in addition to the beginning of April”, – stated in the message. At the beginning of February, the Airline had registered with nearly 1700 employees in insolvency. Germania was to many destinations in the Mediterranean. Every year, the Airline carried over four million passengers.

+++ 11.46 am: police conducts investigations to cruise drama in Norway a +++

The police in Norway has initiated the lightly outgoing, Drama of the cruise ship “Viking Sky” research. It was a routine procedure, said the police of the province of Møre og Romsdal according to several Norwegian media. There is a suspicion that someone had made a criminal offence, does not exist.

other authorities, such as the state emergency Commission, wanted to check how it was able to come on Saturday the engine problems the ship. The police wanted to investigate, in addition, also the motor accident involving another ship in the area of the freighter “Hagland Captain”,.

+++ 11.35 am: burglar luxury enjoys living in Prague Villa +++

A burglar has lived in a Villa in Prague for a weekend in luxury. He had slept in the double bed of the owner, the fridge is empty eaten and the fine suits of the house of the Lord tried, informed a spokesman of the Czech police. At the time of his arrest by the police the intruder was wearing a stripe tie from elegant nightlife wardrobe. The villas residents had the officials after returning from a weekend trip alarmt. As it turned out, it was reported the 67-year-old man in his home country of Poland, as a missing. In the case of a conviction for House breaking and up to two years in prison threaten him, according to investigators.

+++ 11.27 PM: a judge shall issue six arrest warrants after anti-terror RAID in the Rhine-Main-area +++

After the anti-terror RAID last Friday in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate, sitting, six of the initially arrested eleven Suspects in custody. A judge issued an arrest warrant against the six accused, as a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt said on Monday. The remaining five provisional findings of the judge were not taken, therefore, presented, and are again on the loose. With the RAID crossed the security agencies, apparently, the preparations for an Islamist attack. The main accused is a 21-Year-old from Offenbach, and two 31-year-old brothers from Wiesbaden to belong to the Salafist scene in the Rhine-Main area.

+++ 11.15 PM: würzburg child porn case: search for Victims at the centre +++

In the würzburg child porn case, the focus of the investigators currently on the search for the Victims. There is a “wide range of crime scenes”, a large number of contact options to children “and that over a period of years,” said attorney Christian Schorr of the Central office for Cybercrime of Bavaria to the General Prosecutor’s office of Bamberg. The two foster children of the Suspect were not among the findings, according to the operas. The 37-year-old speech therapist and his Partner had cared for for years, a four year old boy and a five year old girl.

The city of the rights of the child a medical examination, said a spokeswoman for the city. Both are physically and mentally well. They came with a willingness to foster parents.

+++ 10.38 PM: number of dead after chemical Explosion in China rises to 78 +++

After the Explosion in a Chinese industrial Park, the number of victims continued to increase. 78 people came to his life in the accident, informed the local government of the Eastern Chinese city of Yancheng. 56 of the dead were identified. More than 600 people had been injured in the Explosion last Thursday. About 100 of them were injured, according to official data difficult.

The pressure wave of the chemical Explosion damaged far outside of the plant, numerous cars and buildings. Was caused the accident, possibly by a fire in the factory of the company Jiangsu Tianjiayi.

+++ 10.35 PM: airline Ethiopian Airlines talks to Boeing, despite the crash of confidence +++

The Ethiopian airline, Ethiopian Airlines has issued the U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing despite the crash of a machine of the type 737 MAX 8 at the beginning of March the trust. The company’s CEO Tewolde placed Mariam said Ethiopian Airlines “believes that Boeing”. The U.S. manufacturer is “our Partner”. 10. March, a 737 MAX 8 of Ethiopian Airlines was crashed with 157 people on Board shortly after the Start in Addis Ababa. In October, Lion-Air-machine of the same type crashed in front of the Indonesian island of Java. The crashes had Similarities, which is why the entire fleet of the 737 MAX since a week and a half not allowed to fly more.

+++ 10.32 am: the aircraft occupants after crash-landing in the rain forest in Peru again. + + +

found After a crash landing in the Amazon rain forest in Peru have been rescued four occupants of a small plane safe and sound. “It is a miracle that we are alive,” said the almost uninjured Pilot Jeffrey Pinedo Pérez of the Peruvian transmitter PPP. His 15 years of experience as a Pilot and “God’s Hand” would have helped when landing in the middle of the forest.

The four occupants of the aircraft had been missing since Saturday. Bad weather had prevented the rescue operation in the Amazon area. In the tree tops verfangener wing had led, according to the Ministry of defence, two rescue were able to locate aircraft of the Peruvian air force, the pilot and his three passengers.

+++ 10.28 PM: Israel moved to the rocket attack, troops at the Gaza border +++

After a rocket attack from Gaza on a house in the North-East of Tel Aviv, Israel moved more troops close to the Palestinian area on the Mediterranean sea. An Israeli army spokeswoman said that they wanted two brigades send in infantry and tanks. In addition, a limited number of reservists should be convened in different units for specific tasks.

A Rafah in the southern Gaza strip fired rocket hit the house in the Communal village of mixed Meret directly, said the spokesperson. According to paramedics seven people were injured, including small children. The building was severely damaged.

+++ 9.44 PM: Boeing 787-900 of United Airlines long flight forced to land +++

route A Boeing 787-900 to the U.S. airline United Airlines, with 256 passengers on Board made an emergency landing in new Caledonia. The machine has been on a long flight from Australia to the USA route diverted in the French overseas territory in the Pacific ocean, because, apparently, smoke from the Cockpit came, as an employee of the operator company of the airport of Noumea, the AFP news Agency said. The passengers had left the aircraft after landing “at rest”.

The machine was launched in Melbourne, Australia and was supposed to fly on schedule to Los Angeles. Because of the Emergency, the plane was diverted to new Caledonia, approximately 2700 kilometres North East of Melbourne in the South Pacific. According to the website of the newspaper “Les Nouvelles Calédoniennes” were in the aircraft, the oxygen masks dropped. The radio station RRB reported that all the passengers are doing well. You would have to spend the night in Noumea because the aircraft will be technically examined.

+++ 8.32 PM: shark injured a 25-Year-old in the Great Barrier Reef hard +++

In the world’s largest coral reef the Great Barrier Reef off Australia’s coast, a shark has attacked a swimmer. The 25-year-old man had to be associated with serious bite injuries to the hospital. According to the rescue services, no life is but the risk. The attack happened in the vicinity of the Whitsunday Islands, where it has been in the past few months, several such cases.

The man was, according to Reports in the Australian media for snorkeling or diving on the so-called Hardy Reef on the road, about 50 kilometres off the coast. There are many excursion boats leave every day with tourists. According to the information of rescue forces to the bite of the shark the 25-Year-old in the thigh. The man was then with a Rettungshubschrauber flown to a hospital on the mainland.

+++ 8.03 PM: Netanyahu announces after rocket attack on Israel “powerful” response to +++

After the rocket attack from the Gaza strip into Israel, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced a “powerful” response. “Against the state of Israel is a crime perpetrated institutional attack, and we will respond with force,” said Netanyahu in his office released a Video-message.

Netanyahu is currently in Washington, where he wanted to come along on Monday with US President Donald Trump. “Due to the security incidents” in Israel, he will cut his U.S. visit, said Netanyahu. After the Meeting with Trump, he will return immediately to Israel “to conduct the operations from the vicinity”

+++ 8.00 am: Due to a Software glitch at air traffic control Lufthansa flights +++

Because of Software problems at the Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) sweeps the Lufthansa seeks to strike at the Frankfurt airport, 22 flights. This is a spokesperson confirmed on Monday morning. The company had already announced on Sunday evening, alone at Lufthansa, Germany’s largest Airport, a total of 2000 passengers were affected.

A Software Problem in the air traffic controller restricts the air traffic for days across large Parts of Germany. The safety of air traffic is not endangered, had stressed the DFS. Since Wednesday evening, the state-owned company has reduced the amount of Traffic for the airspace around a quarter of which is controlled by Langen near Frankfurt.

+++ 7.25 PM: Netanyahu is shortened due to missile attack, the US travel +++

After a rocket attack on a house in the North-East of Tel Aviv, Israel head of government Benjamin Netanyahu wants to shorten his US trip. “It was a vicious attack on the state of Israel, and we will respond strongly,” said Netanyahu, according to his office. “Given the security, political incidents, I decided my visit to the United States to shorten.” He wanted to travel directly to a Meeting with US President Donald Trump, “to guide our actions”.

Disputed territory

Trumps “dream gift” for Netanyahu – which means the recognition of the Golan heights

US President Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu makes a gift: the recognition of The Israeli-occupied Golan heights. Netanyahu is thrilled – after all, he is fighting at home for political Survival.

DPA +++ 6.38 PM: reports: house in Israel by rocket Seven injured +++

taken to have been made In the vicinity of the Israeli coastal metropolis of Tel Aviv, media reports of a house hit by a missile. Seven people were injured, reported, among other things, the left-liberal newspaper “Haaretz”. The rocket was apparently fired from Gaza. The Israeli army confirmed that it had detected a launch from the Gaza strip. In the area North of Tel Aviv, a rocket alarm had been triggered. Residents reported according to the newspaper of explosions.

According to the news site, “Israel national news” were among the injured, two slightly injured babies. In addition, some people were treated for shock. The beschossene house burn.

+++ 5.27 PM: Green measles see-vaccination compulsory sceptical +++

The Greens in the Bundestag distance to demands from the SPD, the vaccination of children against measles for duty. Instead of coercion and sanctions, the need to strengthen the trust in good advice and to the prevailing uncertainty to respond, said the Green-health expert, Kordula Schulz-ash, the Newspapers of the editorial network in Germany. “We need to have an appreciation of the Public health service, and better staffing.”

Schulz-ash emphasized at the same time, Vaccination is an act of social solidarity. “The more people are vaccinated, the greater the protection for the population, especially for those who can’t be vaccinated for health reasons.”

+++ 4.43 PM: Thailand is waiting for the result of parliamentary elections – the military is on the front +++

After the first parliamentary election in Thailand since a military coup five years ago, the state election Commission will announce on Monday a result. Preliminary Numbers from Sunday night, according to the party of military is commander-in-chief Prayut Chan-o-cha, with more than half a Million votes, the largest party of the democratic Opposition. The distribution of seats in Parliament, there is still no reliable information. The final result is expected in a few weeks.

+++ 4.17 PM: Two Russian military planes land in Venezuela +++

Two Russian military aircraft have landed in Venezuela. Spokesman for the Russian Embassy in Caracas, confirmed to the Moscow news Agency Sputnik, the arrival of the two machines. The normal processing of ongoing “technical-military” agreements.

According to Venezuelan media, it is a transport plane, Antonov 124 and an Ilyushin 62, the led 99 military and a cargo of 35 tons on Board. The Russian Delegation was under the leadership of the chief of staff of the land forces of Russia, Vasily Tonkoschkurow, told the Venezuelan television channel NTN24.

+++ 2.58 PM: the Congo: at Least eleven people by a lightning strike in school killed +++

at Least eleven people have been killed in a school in the Congo by a lightning strike. Among the Victims were seven students and a teacher, were the local authorities. Five other people were injured and taken to hospital. The Thunderstorm over the city of Kikwit, in the southwest of the country had discharged already on Friday.

+++ 1.25 PM: Prince Charles visited as the first member of the British Royal family Cuba +++

As the first member of the British Royal family, Prince Charles travelled on an official visit to Cuba. Charles and his wife Camilla landed at the international airport of the capital of Havana and were welcomed by the Cuban Deputy foreign Minister Ana Teresita González. Then, the heir to the throne of flowers laid at a Monument to Cuban national hero José Martí. For Monday, a dinner with President Miguel Díaz-Canel is planned.

the visit of the Prince to be honoured, according to British information, the growing bilateral relations and cultural ties between the two countries. The UK wants to invest in the US sanctions affected the socialist Caribbean state. Sectors, particularly tourism and energy. The visit to Cuba is part of a Caribbean tour of CCharles and Camilla.

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