holds The charity “Islamic Relief Germany,” according to the Federal government’s contacts with the Islamist Muslim brotherhood.

The Association, and the Birmingham-based organization “Islamic Relief Worldwide” had both “significant human Connections” to the Muslim brotherhood or its affiliated organisations, the government, in a reply to a Minor Interpellation of the FDP parliamentary group, which is present the German press Agency.

On the question of how you judge against this Background, their own promotion of projects of “Islamic Relief”, noted the Federal government on an ongoing examination of the Federal court of auditors. They also said that decisions about funding would be taken “under-weighting of all funding-relevant aspects”.

“It is a scandal that German tax money will go to the Islamists,” said the FDP MP Oliver Luksic. The religious-political spokesman for the group, Stefan Ruppert said, the response of the government to show “the unwillingness of the Federal government to this urgent problem decided to oppose”. In the protection of the Constitution report by 2017, the number of members and supporters of the Muslim brotherhood in Germany is estimated to be around 1000.

“Islamic Relief Germany” disagreed with the assessment of the Federal government. Managing Director Tarek Abdelalem asked, he said: “We have no contacts with the Muslim brotherhood.”

“Islamic Relief Germany” had received information between 2011 and 2015, approximately 6.13 million euros of public funds for auxiliary projects. The money came mainly from the foreign office and was used mainly for the medical care of people in Syria. The organization does not support the Islamist Hamas movement in the Gaza strip. Hamas emerged from the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, had distanced himself from this, however, in their political program by 2017.