The “Sarotti-Mohr” the ghosts are. The Mannheim-based cultural center Capitol: Over the counter emblazoned with two “Moors” – emblems in the square of the city to fierce discussions experiences. For one of the small black guy with harem pants, beak shoes, and the tablet is a sweet childhood memory of chocolate – for others, the “Sarotti-Mohr” colonial racist Symbol and a sign of lack of Sensitivity toward black people.

the trigger for the debate was an event on the topic of everyday racism in the last October, the participants of the decoration in the Foyer offending. Alone in the Internet arguments to hundreds of clash now. The critics of the decoration is ill accused of dubious political correctness. Black people complain again about always having to re-explain what is racism. The theme of tears – more than 100 years after the invention of the advertising figure.

“From our point of view, there is no reason to bring the brand into this questionable Interpretation,”

The racist interpretation of the producer of the Sarotti chocolate company Stollwerck from Norderstedt rejects. “From our point of view, there is no reason to bring the brand Sarotti in this questionable Interpretation,” – said in a Statement the company, which belongs to the Belgian Baronie group. However, quite untouched by public debate, the company does not act: Since 2004, the “Sarotti moor” as a trademark. From the “Ambassador of good taste” in servant-Habitus a on a Crescent moon balancing “mages” with Golden skin, the reaching for the stars.

armed subject shortly before the carnival

racism-discussion of costumes: First carnival clubs designate


The term “moor” has in the opinion of a spokesperson, and no negative connotation. Otherwise the linguist a rating of Henning Lobin. “Mohr” was since the 19th century. Century, from a more neutral used the word in a derogatory transformed. The Director of the Institute for German language (IDS), says: “you can see that the adjective that is combined in text corpora, most often with ‘Mohr’, ‘cabbage unlucky Raven black’ is the fact that, today, there are obviously other, more neutral words to describe black people.” Those who say “Mohr”, practice at the same time indirectly criticizing the fact that you no longer should this and much beleidigendere use words to describe people.

discussions about everyday racism elsewhere

Similar discussions as in Mannheim, there was elsewhere already: In Frankfurt, the aliens Advisory Board had in the past year – in vain – the renaming of two of the “Mohren-pharmacy” demanded. In the Netherlands, the stumbling block are the black painted “Zwarten Pieten” (“Black Peter”), the helper of St. Nicholas’. For many, they are a racist Symbol, but for others the figure belongs to the Dutch identity, such as tulips and cheese.

What makes the Capitol, in view of the irreconcilability of the views? After six events on the theme of “No place for racism” with 700 participants, the operators have decided to show the figures. “Their attitude is changed. You should be the Symbol for our desire to stay permanently in the conversation.” Further on, it says: “An Irritation of the viewer is desired and intended that this should stimulate the dialogue.”

“Because people feel discriminated against, where is the Problem, the hanging figures?”

Ruhan Karakul feared a “carnivalesque distortion” of the figure, for example, by anti-racist stickers. The Co-Chairman of the Alevi community in Germany has advocated as the only member of the Board of advisors of the Capitol for a waiver of the Retro advertising. Through the preservation of racism will be reproduced. Also, the anti-discrimination office in Mannheim is considered the Sarotti advertising as an unacceptable “Prime example of a recurring daily discrimination”. Together with Karakul, the Association criticized that the Advisory Committee – have consulted in addition to the presenter and the author of Mo Asumang – to a few black people.

the Initiative Black people in Germany (ISD), the Capitol the wrong way. Attempts have been made to make it all right. “Because people feel discriminated against, where is the Problem, the hanging figures?” Association spokesman Tahir Della asks. Even without, you’ll more about racism debate, for example on the “dark streets” in many German cities.

With voltage is expected, with which the cultural centre will present the “Moors” in the next few weeks. As yet no idea of the Capitol is stocky creative teams to the Public.

Julia Giertz / fs / DPA

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