The fleet of the Bundeswehr has revealed in a group of managerial employees of irregularities in the use of a company car.

After a private use of company cars was said to have been, would have served employees in 2005 to a car sharing model, said the Ministry of defence in Berlin, the Leaders of the parliamentary groups in the Bundestag. So first of all, 42 officers would have continued to have private access to a company car, although it had given for the elimination of equalization payments. Lastly, there were 9 employees.

It is the consequences of the use of a sum of money of at least 900,000 euros, is it in the direction of the German press Agency was present. The defense Ministry wants to hand over the case to the Prosecutor. The shares of the Bundeswehr fuhrpark Service GmbH will be kept to a 75.1 from the Ministry of defence and to 24.9 per cent over the Deutsche Bahn AG.