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man drives into group of Pedestrians and kills own child (9.50 p.m.)tropical storm moves to the South of Thailand (6.34 p.m.)Apple corrects the sales forecast for the fourth quarter (5.33 p.m.)report: North Korea’s Ambassador in Rome applied for asylum (4.10 PM)Niger army kills many Boko Haram fighters (1.13 PM)

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+++ 16.52 PM: Macrons speechwriter and consultant Posts to +++

The speechwriter and communication adviser of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, Sylvain Fort, gives up his Post at the end of the month. After two and a half years of “continuous work” he wanted to devote himself to, both professionally and privately to other projects and, above all, more time with his family, informed the 46-Year-old. Therefore, he’ll have at the end of January, his tasks in the Elysée Palace.

the Fort is a Macron-a supporter of the first hour. He joined in August of 2016, his campaign team and moved on to the election in may 2017 as a speechwriter in the Elysée Palace. Since last summer he took over as a communication and media consultant for more responsibility.

+++ 16.16 at: Federal police take alleged rapist of a 13-Year-old festival +++

A European arrest warrant sought-after 26-Year-old has been arrested by the Federal police in Saarbrücken, Germany. The Finnish authorities suspected the man to have in a number of cases over a longer period of time in Oulu, Finland, a 13-year-old girl raped, informed the Federal police Bexbach. The judge decided to allow the man to Finland to deliver.

The man from Iraq was arrested in an ICE from Paris to Mannheim. Had noticed the officials, because he had no travel documents or a passport. In the Review, the officials noted that, according to the 26-Year-old international is wanted.

+++ 16.05 p.m.: Ireland will ask the EU in the case of hard-Brexit-million-emergency funding to ask +++

Ireland wants the European Union in the event of a hard Brexit to further bailouts in the millions. “We are talking here of hundreds of millions,” said Minister of agriculture, Michael Creed of the newspaper “Irish Independent”. In the beef and fishing industries go to “huge sums of money”.

Britain is to to the 29. March from the EU to escape. To date, there is no valid exit of the contract. For a Prime Minister, Theresa May, with the EU negotiated a draft contract, there is as yet no majority in the British Parliament. Thus, the risk that the UK leaves the EU without the agreement grows. Then the re-introduction of border controls between the EU member Ireland and the United Kingdom have been threatened.

A large part of Irish exports, especially in the beef, dairy and fishing industry, go to the UK. Ireland is very heavily dependent on the British market, said Minister of agriculture Creed. But there is still the hope that, in London at the end of “a certain degree of reason prevail” and the Brexit Treaty draft would be adopted.

+++ 15.32 PM: police are crime scene after the attacks in Bottrop and eat free +++

Three days after the attack, a car driver on partying passers-by in the Ruhr area, the crime scenes in Bottrop and Essen have been released. According to the police of Münster, the investigators have completed their work on the ground.

The 50-year-old drivers to have controls to his car, according to information from the North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) in the new year’s eve night xenophobia a number of times partying people. Eight people were injured, including children. The majority of the victims came from Syria and Afghanistan.

the First statements of the husband indicated that he acted out of racist motives, it was said by the investigators. The Suspect sits in custody. According to a statement Reuls of the man in the past was due to mental health problems in treatment.

+++ 15.12 PM: DDR author Martin Stade, 87 years, died +++

The especially in GDR times, read the Thuringian author Martin Stade is dead. He died on 11. December in a hospital in Arnstadt, such as the residents ‘ registration office of the office castle grow informed upon request. Stade was on 1. September 1931, by today’s District of Haarhausen of the municipality in the Ilm-Kreis was born. Previously, the MDR was reported to Stades death.

In his works, Stade primarily dealt with the life and the people in the GDR. He was first a functionary of the Communist youth organization FDJ, later worked in other professional fields, until he eventually became a freelance writer.

among his well-known Work about the collection of “The sky is blue Zeppelin” (1970) and the historical novel “The king and the fool” (1975), later became a movie starring Wolfgang Kieling, and Götz George in the lead roles.

+++ 14.20 PM: packet with gun and blade on prison grounds in Alsace +++

thrown by An Unknown has thrown on new year’s eve a package containing a handgun on the prison grounds in the North-Eastern French commune of Oermingen. Security guards were able to the packet interception, which contained the semi-automatic weapon, velvet magazine, a blade made of metal, as well as a wire cutter, such as the management of the Alsatian prison authority said. It thus confirmed a report of the regional newspaper “Dernières Nouvelles d’alsace”.

According to the Union, UISP FO the man from the surveillance cameras was filmed, on the afternoon of the 31. December climbed the prison fence, and a packet dropped. Before the guards arrived, he was able to escape. As a consequence of the incident, the Union called CGT, that all the prisoners that do not conform to the profile of the institution of Oermingen, be transferred to other prisons. Normally to be housed in the former barracks of the prisoners with a “best prospects on their rehabilitation”.

+++ 13.52 PM: Container disaster: a Sack with poisonous powder washed up to the beach +++

After the wreck of a freighter in the North sea has been washed up on the Dutch Wadden sea island of Schiermonnikoog, a Sack with a poisonous powder. Initial findings suggest that it is a substance from the group of Peroxides, reported the authorities of the province of Friesland. The substance will now be examined. In the bag of about 25 pounds of powder. Tests should result in what exactly it is. Only then will you know how highly toxic the powder.

The “MSC Zoe” had lost about 270 Container, including should be according to the Dutch coast guard also three tanks with the dangerous organic Peroxides. The authorities had beach visitsr caution called. You should think of the fabric. The beaches of the Dutch Wadden sea Islands are now covered with the contents of the Container, including a lot of plastic and packaging material.

+++ 13.34 watch: outrage after arrest of the “yellow West”-leader in France +++

In France, the capture of the “yellow West”-leader Eric Drouet makes for indignation. The arrest was produces “a completely unjust and arbitrary,” said his lawyer . The left and right Opposition, called the police action an “abuse of power” and a “violation of political rights”. The government defended the action against Drouet, who was arrested on Wednesday evening in Paris.

The truck driver Drouet, the television appearances of a symbol and a kind of spokesman of the “yellow West”movement in France, was arrested in the vicinity of the boulevards, the Champs-Elysées. To him, the organization is accused of a non-notified Demonstration. He was already on 22. December, at that time, due to “carrying a prohibited weapon” – a stick. The process for this is to the 5. June take place. Also had to go to a police hearing, after he had called protesters on TV, in the presidential Palace “to go in”. A few dozen protesters had been waiting for on Wednesday night at Drouet in the vicinity of the arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Elysées. He had called in a Video on his Facebook page of the Demo. On the way there he was detained but.

+++ 13.04 PM: Passant at brawl in Hanover, roll down stairs, kicked and hurt +++

In the case of a physical altercation in Hanover, a helper is a roll down the stairs kicked and seriously injured. According to police sources, it was a 47-year-old passers-by who wanted to help at an inner-city space including the U-Bahn station, a youth attacked a man. Officials arrested three Suspects aged 15 to 18 years of age.

According to previous investigations, these were part of a group of young men that were there on the Wednesday evening with a 37-Year-old in dispute and on those struck. The Passerby wanted to help the Attacked, but was attacked himself and fled. One of the young men caught up with him on an escalator, and kicked him in the back. He crashed, according to police down and broke his shoulder. For help by police officers three Suspects arrested. Who attacked the 47-Year-old on the stairs, was still unclear. The officials in the capital of lower Saxony evaluated, among other things, the records of surveillance cameras, in order to clarify the question.

+++ 12.59 PM: More than 370,000 diesel drivers to the complaint register against VW +++

More than 370,000 from the exhaust gas scandal at Volkswagen, affected diesel owner logged in they would be calling for the Wolfsburg car maker for damages and, therefore, the pattern detection connect action against the group. By Wednesday evening, the Federal office of justice (BfJ) recorded 372.000 applications for the appropriate action register, how a authorities spokeswoman said on Thursday.

With the pattern for a declaratory judgment, want to be clarified of the verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv) and the German ADAC, whether or not the customer is entitled to with affected vehicles of the brands of the Wolfsburg-based group’s claims for damages. The associations want to leave with your suit to determine that the car manufacturer is harmed customers intentionally, and cheated on.

+++ 11.40 PM: After knife attack in Nuremberg, Germany: victims released from hospital +++

After the knife attack of Nuremberg in mid-December, the three injured women at the hospital have been released. The public Prosecutor’s office Nuremberg-Fürth informed. Previously, the “Nürnberger Zeitung had reported” about it.

The police from further evidence in the case, said a spokeswoman for the prosecution authority. The 38-year-old alleged stabber of silence still to the allegations. The German is said to have stabbed the three women at the age of 26, 34 and 56 years in the Nuremberg district of St. Johannis. All three victims were wounded in the torso is hard – two of the women were at times in danger of their lives.

a native of Saxony-Anhalt stem end of man is in prison for attempted murder in three cases in custody. Police had taken a call several times previously convicted 38-Year-old of no fixed abode, a day after the fact. To him, the descriptions of the victims and witnesses had passed. He also had the murder weapon – a knife. For the investigators of the suspicion is substantiated, among other things, through DNA traces of the victim on the knife.

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