The Irish government is, in the case of a chaotic Brexits without agreement on significant additional agricultural subsidies from Brussels. The agriculture Minister of the country, Michael Creed, the Irish “the Independent” said.

It’s going to be hundreds of millions of euros. “The beef producers and the fishermen, we are talking about the really big money.”

the UK is the main market for Irish food, for example, 50 percent of the Beef produced in Ireland to go to creed’s information to the United Kingdom. The UK should on 29. March 2019 without agreement from the EU, withdrawal, may apply for Irish exports, there are significant duties.

“There is a high degree of awareness of Ireland’s unique dependence on the British food market”, said Creed, and added: “But I believe no one wants to talk about it now, because there is still the hope and expectation that will enforce a level of the mind.”

Ireland’s head of government, Leo Varadkar spoke at the Thursday, according to information in the case of a 40-minute telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), among other things, on preparations for a Brexit without agreement.

The British Parliament is to vote on withdrawal in the third week of January on the Brussels negotiated contract over the EU. The Deal will be rejected – what it looks like so far, is in danger of on 29. March an unregulated retirement. Thousands of rules for cross-border trade and traffic between the UK and the EU would abruptly be invalid. Border controls would have to be introduced.

Problematic such a scenario would be, especially for the border between British Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland. Border controls want to avoid all of the pages – out of fear that the decades of bloody conflict, could once again leave. Creed announced, according to the report, there will be no controls for agricultural products at the intra-Irish border. The country have recruited hundreds of specialists for the ports of Dublin and Rosslare.

so Far, there is no need for checks between Ireland and the United Kingdom, because both of the European customs Union and the EU belong to the internal market. From both the British government wants to escape, however, with the Brexit.

should be avoided Like the controls in the future, permanently is still unclear. In the outlet the agreement stipulates that the UK remains in a customs Union with the EU, to a long-term solution is found. The reject the Brexit-hardliners in the conservative party in government. They fear that the country could otherwise be used permanently in the community.

May is hoping for assurances from the EU and the member States, that the “Backstop” provision referred only remains temporarily. But Brussels no longer wants to change the text of the contract. Also Ireland’s head of government Varadkar made it clear that the “Backstop” could not be softened. He had been with Angela Merkel to agree to the agreement, said Varadkar on Thursday after a Cabinet meeting in Dublin.