The Iranian revolutionary guards have shot down, according to a U.S. drone. An American “Global Hawk”drone had penetrated into the province of Hormozgan in the Iranian airspace and been shot down, informed the revolutionary guards in a press statement.

The province of Hormozgan in southern Iran is located directly on the Persian Gulf, and also the possible is the observer space of a military confrontation between the two archenemies.

According to the unilateral exit of the USA last year from the Vienna atomic agreement of 2015 and the imposition of new sanctions against Iran, the tensions between the two countries have grown. In may, Iran had begun a partial withdrawal from the nuclear deal and threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz. On this road, on the Persian Gulf, almost two-thirds of the global Ă–lexports be shipped. In addition, the United States suspect that Iran is behind the mysterious attack on two oil Tankers stuck last week on the Gulf of Oman. Tehran rejects the allegations. Fears of a military confrontation have increased once again.

on Wednesday, the Iranian security Council (SNSC) had stated, in his opinion, there would be no war between Iran and the United States. “There is absolutely no reason for a war, because of American accusations against other countries in a worldwide well-known tactics of the United States to exert political pressure,” said the SNSC Secretary Ali Schamchani to the state news Agency Irna. What powered the Americans currently, is a “economic war” against the Iranian people, said Schamchani more. The United States hoped, thus forcing Iran to surrender to. This will not happen, added Schamchani.

In Europe there is a completely different view of the US decision to abandon the nuclear deal with Iran, than in the USA. The EU, Germany, Britain and France want to preserve the agreement and possible other agreements build on it.

On Wednesday, Iran announced for the end of next week a Meeting of the partners of the international nuclear agreement in Vienna. The Deputy foreign Minister of Iran and the so-called 4+1 group – China, France, Germany, great Britain and Russia – would be at 28. June in the Austrian capital meeting, said foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mussawi. According to observers in Tehran, the Meeting could be the last diplomatic Chance for the rescue of the nuclear deal before the expiry of the Iranian ultimatum at the beginning of July.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had reaffirmed that the five remaining contractual partner is only up to 7. July time would be to implement, the Vienna-based nuclear agreement by 2015 in the contract. Otherwise, Iran will begin the second Phase of his partial withdrawal from the Deal. Ruhani particular, the economic benefits of the agreement for the Iran, which could not be implemented after the withdrawal of the USA and the American sanctions.

In the second Phase of the partial withdrawal of Iran wants to lift the restriction of the uranium enrichment and uranium to be higher enriched than the in the agreement agreed-upon upper limit of 3.67 percent. That would, in the opinion of observers, the end of the Vienna agreement.