The Iranian airline Mahan Air may not fly to Germany. The Federal aviation authority withdrew the firm on Monday, with immediate effect, the operating permit.

“in the opinion of the Federal government is to maintain the foreign and security policy interests of the Federal Republic of Germany, without undue delay,” said the Deputy spokesman of the foreign office, Christopher Burger, in Berlin.

Mahan Air to transport animals, equipment and persons in war zones in the Middle East, particularly to Syria. It is in the foreign policy interests of the Federal Republic of Germany, no air transport to Germany by companies to allow “in support of the war in Syria and help people in war zones to suppress”.

As a further reason for the step Burger “serious indications calling” for the Act of the Iranian secret services in Europe. In the last week, a suspected spy of Iran in Germany, was arrested, was for the German armed forces as a voice analyser, and geographical consultant.

Mahan Air, flew so far from the Iranian capital of Tehran, the airports of Munich and Düsseldorf. The Airline since 2011 is on a sanction list of the United States. For years, the government in Washington allies, urging Mahan air operations.