Iran will exceed the permissible amount of enriched uranium in June. Expected to be on 27. In June, Iran will have reached the amount of 300 kilograms of enriched uranium, said the spokesman for the Iranian atomic energy Agency, Behrus Kamalwandi, on Monday at a press conference.

“In the second Phase of the partial withdrawal, we are immediately ready, uranium higher than the nuclear deal set a ceiling of vn 3.67% to enrich,” said Kamalwandi in Arak. According to the international nuclear deal in 2015, Iran may not exceed this amount.

the Background of the threat of the conflict to the Vienna nuclear deal in 2015. The USA dropped out at the beginning of may of 2018, one-sided. They want to force Iran with tough sanctions against the Oil and banking sector, the agreement to renegotiate, and constraints to agree. Iran rejects so far.

Iran’s Ultimatum to the remaining Treaty partners – nuclear deal is about to fall,

Iran’s President Hassan Ruhani had on 8. In may, the first anniversary of the exit of the USA from the Treaty, announced that Iran will not adhere to the quantitative limit for enriched uranium and heavy water. The announcement came after the United States had previously repealed the exemption granted to provisions which allowed Iran despite the US sanctions, enriched uranium abroad to perform.

crisis in the Persian Gulf

Trumps hard line on Iran: the Growing danger of war?

He threatened that Iran will not take further measures, if the remaining contract partners in Germany, France, great Britain, Russia and China come to meet him within 60 days. To 7 to to. July, the nuclear agreement to implement the contract.

there Should be no solution, wants to take Iran back to unlimited uranium enrichment. That would, in the opinion of observers, the end of the Vienna Convention, because of the limited uranium enrichment has been at the core of the deal, in order to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapons program. The signatory States to adhere to the agreement. But you can not prevent most of their companies have pulled back out of fear of US sanctions from Iran.