Iranian forces have tried to U.S. media reports, to caper in the Persian Gulf, a British Tanker.

The US television channel CNN and Fox News reported consistently relying on non-closer-called sources from the US Administration, five armed boats with the Iranian revolutionary guards had approached the British Tanker on Wednesday near the Strait of Hormuz.

CNN reported that the Iranians had asked the British Tanker to change its course, and Iran’s waters to control. A British escort ship had, however, intervened and urged the Iranian boats back.

It give US aerial shots of the incident, it was said further in the report. An official confirmation for this, it was not first – just as opinions from the UK or Iran.

A spokesman for the U.S. Central Command, which leads U.S. troops in the Middle East, said on request, you know the reports about the attempt of the Iranian revolutionary guards, to harass the British Tanker.

The spokesman pointed for more information on the incident to the British Ministry of defence. He stressed that threats to the international shipping industry requires an international solution. The world economy is dependent on free trade, and because of that it was to all Nations, to secure this.

From within US government circles it was said also: “we have reports are known which Iranian boats tried to get a British oil Tanker to be seized.” The United States worked with allies and partners to counter the “malicious activities” by the Iranian leadership to address and protect global trade.

The US Department of defense had previously announced plans for an international coalition for the protection of merchant ships to advance. The Pentagon have designed a concrete Plan. In a couple of weeks will determine which countries wanted to join the Alliance.

The affected Strait, the Strait of Hormuz, is one of the most important Sea lanes at all. It connects the oil-rich Gulf region with the open sea. On the track, a large part of the global oil traffic running by ship.

The Iranian President Hassan Ruhani had threatened the UK previously, due to the stops of an Iranian oil Tanker in another place – in front of Gibraltar at the southern tip of Spain – consequences. “The stop of the super tanker, by the British was a mistake and stupid (…). We must all ensure that international shipping remains safe and you are not with such actions is uncertain,” said Ruhani. The UK should take heed, “to bear the consequences”.

The Iranian Supertanker “Grace 1” had been stopped in the last week before Gibraltar, on suspicion of illegal Oil shipments to Syria. Also the British Navy was involved in the action.

Iran protested, ordered three times, the British Ambassador in Tehran and called to leave the ship immediately, continue. The Supreme court of the British overseas territory has now arranged that the ship until at least 21. July is not again allowed to expire.

In June, there had been in the Gulf of Oman, already a mysterious events with two tankers. The US government has made for Iran to be responsible, the leadership in Tehran denied the accusations. The incidents fueled international Fears of a military escalation between the two States.

A relaxation in the conflict between the USA and Iran is currently not in sight. US President, Donald Trump had threatened the leaders in Tehran on Wednesday with a further tightening of sanctions and accused, they more has long been secretly uranium.

The international atomic energy agreement of 2015 should prevent Iran from building a nuclear bomb, and at the same time, its political and economic Isolation to finish. From the point of view of the Trump government of Iran has not been detained, but the Deal permanently in the development of nuclear weapons.

The United States pulled out in may 2018 unilaterally from the agreement and continued tough sanctions against Tehran in effect. Tehran had last stocks higher Uranium than allowed. Also, the permissible upper limit for the enrichment of uranium was recently exceeded. Iran denies wanting nuclear weapons build.