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Iran seized again foreign tankers (11.10 PM)attacker kills nine people in Dayton (10.26 PM)”rocket man” of the English channel (8.50 PM)million profit lands almost in the trash ( 7.08 PM)20 Dead by gunfire in a shopping center (1.40 PM)EU Commission warns of terrorist drones (17.19 PM)

The News of the weekend:

+++ 11.46 PM: Seven injured by gunfire in Chicago +++

Seven people were injured by gunfire in Chicago in the U.S. state of Illinois. In the vicinity of the Park had been shot out of a car at a group, police said, according to media reports in the night. A 21-Year-old had life-threatening injuries suffered. The background facts are unclear. Arrests there had been, it was said.

In two incidents in Dayton in the U.S. state of Ohio and in the border town of El Paso, Texas, had been killed several people by shooting. Chicago is fighting since Long against rampant violence. The crime in the third largest city in the United States is among the a large number of illegal weapons, fragmented Gangs, and social problems.

+++ 11.36 PM: Upset over the noise: man is a 50 shoot at Ceremony in Ulm, Germany +++

Anger over noise Year in Ulm with a knife, blow to ring, and a compressed air pistol to a private Party showed up and took a shot. A 51-year-old participant of the Festival at the Ulmer house of a citizen was injured on Saturday easily, the police announced today. The 50-Year-old had put the party before the speech, wherein a dispute had developed. The guests overwhelmed the drunken attacker and handed him over to the police.

officials found the man a breath alcohol level of 1 Promille. In the case of the search of his apartment they found numerous weapons, including a Machete, a crossbow and other compressed air weapons. They had been seized. Against the man is determined because of dangerous bodily injury, as a spokesman for the police said.

+++ 11.34 PM: firefighter falls from moving vehicle +++

In the case of a use of a fireman in Hagen from a moving fire engine is brought down. According to police sources, he was injured in the accident on Friday afternoon, severely. With a helicopter, rescue workers took him to a clinic. According to the initial findings of the police, had opened during the turn to the left on the right side of the fire truck from yet unknown cause, a door. The man collapsed on the road.

“We all are Love thoughts are with him and his,” wrote the fire Department Hagen yesterday on their Facebook page. Many readers sent in the place of their desire, that the condition of the seriously injured quickly improved.

From the depths of my sympathy and compassion, for the protection of our yesterday of the tragic accident colleagues and his…

Posted by Feuerwehr Hagen on Saturday, may 3. August 2019

+++ 11.10 PM: Iran seized again foreign Tanker +++

The Iranian revolutionary guards (IRGC) have another “foreign” ship in the Persian Gulf seized. A spokesman for the IRGC Navy, said the Fars news Agency that the ship’s Oil smuggling in the Arabian Gulf States. The seizure was already on the 31. July is. The owner was not called.

Iran had already been set last month, two ships in the Region, the British Tanker “Stena Impero” and under the flag of Panama Tanker “Riah”. The incidents have led to massive tensions in the global Oil trade of the Central Region.

+++ 10.58 am: After a chemical accident 25 employees in Saxony-Anhalt, brought to safety +++

In a company in Ilsenburg in Saxony-Anhalt, there has been a chemical accident. 25 employees had to be brought in the night due to the exit of schwelfe acid in the Harz district. No one hurt had been but. The gases spread out, therefore, in the immediate vicinity of the affected company. 180 emergency workers were on-site, to bind the sulfuric acid. To do this, use the binder from the granules and special cloths. For the residents there is no danger, according to the.

+++ 10.37 PM: Islamic centre: Beating of women triggered “symbolic character” +++

A Muslim community in Munich, with recommendations for the handling of a man and a woman in marriage protests. In the website of the Islamic centre in Munich (IZM) States in the Chapter “woman and family in Islam,” citing a Koranic verse that as a last resort in the case of Eheschwierigkeiten the wife Beating question was coming. The husband must comply with three steps: “an admonition, a separation in the marriage bed and Beat”. According to the “scholars” have the Beat, however, “rather a symbolic character”.

members of the city Council expressed the BR to horrified. So the SPD city Council Cumali Naz, spokesman for Migration said: “If the IZM propagated, violence was a legitimate means for the solution of Ehekonflikten, contrary to the fundamental, speaks to the values of our society.” Speakers of other parties expressed similar. The Association of the German Muslim community announced to the BR, to revise the site. The Prosecutor’s office sees, according to BR is no evidence that, in the case of the cited Statements constitute incitement to bodily harm is present.

+++ 10.26 PM: attacker kills nine people in the U.S. city of Dayton +++

have been killed With a second shot weapons attack in the USA within a few hours in the state of Ohio nine people. Also the shooter is dead, police said on Twitter. At least 16 people had been injured in the attack in the city of Dayton. They had been taken to hospital. Previously, were killed in an attack in a shopping center in the Texas town of El Paso on Saturday for 20 people and 26 more people have been injured. A suspect was arrested.

+++ 10.19 PM: Berlin Green consider public TRANSPORT duty ticket for capital-tourists +++

the tourist in Berlin could co-Finance, according to the Berlin Green by a compulsory ticket for the public transport (PT) more. For holidaymakers staying in Hotels, pensions and apartments, could incur such a fee and also with business travelers, said the Parliamentary Secretary of the group. In return, you could use Bus and train in the capital, free. The amount, however, would also arise if the tourists is not so fado want.

“We will discuss the currently in faction and party,” said Wesener. The proposal will also be tabled in the discussions within the red-red-green coalition in the capital. Background Considerations are how you can strengthen the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) financially.

+++ 9.34 PM: 40 migrants on Board the “Alan Kurdi” may landing in Malta +++

The 40 migrants on Board of the German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” in Malta to the country. The government in Malta was, according to its own information, your consent, after several EU States to accommodate the Refugees ready. The Maltese border guards will pick up the Refugees still in international waters aboard the “Alan Kurdi”, and in the capital city of Valletta to bring.

The government of Malta declared that in the EU countries, the migrants on Board of the ship of the German aid organization, the Sea-should be brought to the Eye. The Portuguese government had yesterday expressed their willingness to accept five migrants. Accordingly, also in Germany, France and Luxembourg offered to Refugees to be incorporated. On Thursday Italy had denied the Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini already the rescue ship in the entrance to an Italian port.

+++ 9.37 PM: Eleven injured after accident in Austria – three in danger to life +++

In the case of a serious traffic accident in Austria have been injured eleven people, three of them living in danger. According to police, a 17-Year-old was yesterday in the late evening with your Van by a Hofzufahrt in Weißbach at Lofer Federal road bow. A 41 crashed-Year-old with obviously excessive speed in the side of the car, which was occupied by nine inmates between the ages of 17 and 23 years. Two young men from the Van were thrown by the force of the impact through the rear window of approximately 25 metres on the road. Immediately thereafter, a 71 collided-Year-old with the perpendicular to the road the Van. In Austria you may drive under certain conditions at the age of 17 a car.

+++ 8.50 PM: “rocket man” creates a Crossing of the English channel +++

France’s “rocket man,” Franky Zapata has crossed with his flight Board of the English channel. He landed in the Morning after 20 minutes in the vicinity of Dover, after he had previously broken up in Sangatte on the French coast. On the half of the distance he put a stop to Refuel.

The 40-Year-old from Marseille, was overthrown at the end of July, during a first attempt at Refueling into the sea. From Sangatte to the British seaside village of St. Margaret’s Bay, approximately 35 kilometres. The “Flyboard” on which he stands, has five engines. They are operated, as in the case of aircraft with kerosene. Zapata already had as standing “rocket man” at the celebrations of the national holiday on 14. July aroused in Paris a lot of attention.

+++ 7.08 PM: million profit ended up almost in the trash can +++

The million profit of a 94-Year-old from the US state of Oregon is almost landed in the trash. The granddaughter of the man I checked during the Check of the Numbers by mistake, the wrong lottery company, reported CNN. Instead of Megabucks you’ve compared the Numbers for Mega Millions. The 94-Year-old but the Numbers before the Throw away of the licence examined once more, this time at the correct Lotto company. “Well, I’ve done it”, was quoted by the lucky winner of $ 6.6 million (5.8 million Euro).

+++ 6.33 am: 19 people in stormy seas in the Philippines drowned +++

After the capsize of three Islands in a stormy sea boats between the Filipino has increased, the number of deaths up to today on 19. Twelve people are still missing, and informed the authorities. The accidents took place yesterday in the Central Philippines between Iloilo City and the island of Guimaras, said an employee of the coast guard. A total of 59 passengers had been rescued. Forecasters predicted more severe weather.

+++ 6.18 PM: gas prices in Germany are below the EU average +++

gas prices in Germany are lower than in most other European countries. The deck is also relatively low taxes, and taxes on natural gas, showed an analysis of the comparison portal Verivox. Out of 25 EU countries, the German gas prices are with 6,08 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to rank twelve, it says citing data from the European statistics Agency Eurostat for the second half of 2018. In order for natural gas in Germany is cheaper than in the EU average of 6.7 cents.

The concession fee, the gas tax and sales tax make up about a quarter of the price of gas in Germany. A further quarter is accounted for by the network charges, and around half goes to the gas suppliers for the procurement, sales and margin. For comparison: The current price of the state share is well above 50 percent; the retail prices are the second highest in Europe.

+++ 4.38 PM: Trump is called rampage in El Paso “act of cowardice” +++

US President Donald Trump has referred to the shooting spree in El Paso as a cowardly act. “Today’s firearms attack in El Paso, Texas, was not only tragic, it was an act of cowardice,” wrote Trump on Twitter. He condemn this “hate fact filled”. There was “no justification or excuse” for the “killing of innocent people”.

on the rampage in a shopping centre in the Texas city of El Paso had previously been according to official figures, 20 people were killed. A further 26 people were injured. A suspect was arrested.

+++ 4.04 PM: AfD fuels according to the study, systematically fear of immigrants +++

The AfD, is fuelling a study by media researchers from Hamburg and Leipzig, according to a systematic fear of immigrants. “What is surprising is how consistently that happens,” say the professors, Thomas Hestermann (Hamburg, Germany) and Elisa Hoven (Leipzig) in the “criminal-political magazine”. They had analyzed all 242 press releases of the AfD on the topic of crime in Germany last year, and with the crime statistics compared to: “as far as the AfD called for a suspect’s nationality, this is to 95 per cent are foreigners, only 5 percent German,” said Hestermann. In the case of the five percent of German suspects will always stressed that these had a migration background or your contribution to the infringement had been low, according to the researchers. In fact, the proportion of non-German Suspects according to the crime statistics at less than 35 percent.

While the AfD was distorting the image, at the expense of foreign offenders, blame you the media, at the same time, foreigners-crime hit, the media researcher. The researchers come to the opposite conclusions: “The largest gap is in the perception of the German suspect.”

+++ 4.01 PM: cocaine worth millions in the Caribbean +++

cocaine in the million value applied to the military of Panama and Colombia drawn into a community action in the Caribbean from the traffic. Marine associations of the two countries stopped the yacht after a long chase, a five-man front engine, with a total of 4.5 tons of cocaine to Central America were on the move, such as the Colombian Navy announced on Saturday night. The cocaine had a street value of approximately 152 million dollars (nearly 137 million Euro). Colombia is the largest cocaine producer in the world.

+++ 1.40 PM: massacre in El Paso, called for at least 20 deaths +++

In the case of the shots in a complex in the Texan El Paso at least 20 people have been killed. The Governor of the state, Greg Abbott said at a press conference. A further 26 people were injured, according to the chief of police of El Paso, Greg Allen,.

+++ 0.07 at: In the case of deportations in the last year, 71 Federal police officers injured +++

in 2018, have been injured, according to a media report, 71 the Federal police for deportation. The have communicated to the Federal police, according to the “world on Sunday”. A total of 284 police officers were attacked. In 2017, the number was 274. It just goes to resistance, the deportation flights themselves. For the Transport to the airports, the police services of the länder are responsible.

the Chairman of The Federal police Union, Ernst G. Walter, said the “world on Sunday”, kicks, punches and head kicks by Deportees were on the agenda. Not to get serious injuries, but mostly because of the specially-trained officers would know how to deal with it.

+++ 0.05 PM: AfD in the East, the strongest force – CDU in the West +++

In the case of a parliamentary election next Sunday, the AfD would currently, in the East of Germany the most votes. According to the Emnid Sunday trend for “Bild am Sonntag” is there at 23 percent, just ahead of the CDU (22 percent). Behind the Left (14 percent), the Greens (13 per cent), the SPD (11 percent) and the FDP (7 percent). In the West, a completely different picture emerges: Here the CDU/CSU with 27 percent at the front. The Green would be at 25 percent, the SPD would get 13 percent and the AfD would end up with 12 per cent only on place four, ahead of the FDP (9%) and Left (7 percent).

nationwide, the AfD would be according to the survey, 14 percent. Compared to the previous week, an increase of one percentage point. The social Democrats, were on 13 percent (minus 1), the CDU/CSU, unchanged at 26 percent, the Greens on 23, the liberals 9, the Left 8 percent. In the RTL/n-tv trend barometer of Forsa, the Figures look similar: the CDU/CSU, 27% SPD, 13%, FDP 9%, Green 23%, the Left 8 percent, AfD 13 percent.

The news of Saturday, 3. August:

+++ 20.33: Many Deaths by shooting in a shopping center in Texas, three arrests +++

In a supermarket in the US state of Texas have come according to the authorities, several people in a shootout claimed the lives of, in addition, a number of people were taken to hospitals. The shots occurred, while a lot of people for the weekend Shopping were in the shopping centre, it said. The police warned that the area is one or multiple Shooters were. The local station KTSM reported that at least 18 people had been taken, according to a police source in the Walmart of shots and killed. From the mayor’s office, the confirmation, that there were several Deaths came, according to information from CNN. In addition, three Suspects were taken into custody.

In another Twitter message, the police wrote, it was still an active crime scene. It’ll Protect reports of several, in this respect, the situation is unclear. Forces searched the area. The CNN channel reported, citing eyewitnesses, the police had a large contingent on site. US President, Donald Trump was informed of the incident. The Deputy White house spokesman, Steven Groves said, in the evening.

The station KTSM published under the Video Stills of men with guns at the ready. It should be to Protect, captured in the Moment, you have the shopping centre you enter. This was confirmed by a source in the security forces of the station, is emphasized.

Only on Tuesday, two people were killed in the state of Mississippi in a Walmart by gunfire. At the weekend, a 19-opened-Year-old during a festival in the small town of Gilroy in Northern California, the fire and three people killed. The shooter was shot and killed by police officers at the scene.

+++ 18.33 PM: police in Hong Kong use tear gas and batons against demonstrators, a +++ Fullscreen

A protester throws back during a confrontation with police in Hong Kong, a tear gas container

©Vincent Thian/AP/dpa

The confrontation between government critics and the Beijing loyal to the authorities in Hong Kong is coming to a head more and more. The police on Saturday in the tourist district of Tsim Sha Tsui with tear gas and batons against anti-government demonstrators. Despite the sharper of warnings from Beijing will also in the ninth week of unprecedented mass protests in the Chinese special administrative region, ten had gathered thousands of people to protests against the government. Several hundred demonstrators occupied a police station in the vicinity of the busy port of Tsim Sha Tsui. Masked protesters smashed the Windows of parked police cars and smeared the walls with Graffiti. Police officers with gas masks and protective shields used tear gas against the protesters. Several protest participants were detained. Also on the evening of clashes between police and smaller-scale violence took place still get together to protest groups.

hours earlier, were gone in the center of the Chinese special administrative zone again, tens of thousands of Hong Kong against Beijing’s loyalty to the leadership of Hong Kong under the head of government Carrie Lam on the road. The rally was first rejected by the police says, but had to be ultimately approved. With the protest call, and Graffiti called on the protesters to a new city-wide mass protest on Monday. Also Sunday, two demonstrations were announced trains. Meanwhile, several thousand government demonstrated a pendant in a Hong Kong Park. They waved the Chinese Flaggene and shouting slogans to support the police.

In the past two weeks has increased the violence on the part of protesters and police. The last two months of ongoing protests in Hong Kong were triggered by a later-withdrawn extradition law that would have allowed the transfer of Suspects to the Chinese mainland. Later on, they expanded into a movement against the growing influence of Beijing in Hong Kong. The protesters are demanding the resignation of government head of Lam and democratic reforms. China had promised to London for the Handover of Hong Kong in the year 1997, in the former British colony of basic rights such as freedom of expression and freedom of the press for at least 50 years were maintained. Hong Kong’s resurgent opposition movement accuses the government of, the “One country, two systems” well-known scheme run increasingly to.

+++ 17.46 p.m.: Committee on human rights in China, it is undesirable +++

The people can not travel in the legal Committee of the German Federal tags, as planned, in September to China. This is the speaker for human rights of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag, Michael Brand, the German press Agency in Berlin announced on Saturday. “The trip can not take place, because China refuses to let the Committee enter.” The delegation of the Committee was planned for months and should lead to Beijing, Lhasa in the Tibet Autonomous Region and Urumqi in the Western province of Xinjiang. The focus of the human rights Committee in the year 2019, the “situation of religious minorities in China”.

Earlier it was reported that a tour of the Bundestag Committee on Digital Agenda, is due to the rejection of a Green party member of Parliament by Beijing out of the question. Human rights organizations and foreign governments estimate that in just the past three years in Xinjiang, more than a Million people in re-education camp were plugged in. In General, they belong to the Muslim minorities. The majority of the Detainees are Uighurs.

+++ 17.19 PM: EU Commission warns of terrorist drones +++

The EU Commission warns, in view of the rapid pace of technological development prior to a use of Drones for terrorist purposes. “Drones are getting more powerful and smarter, which makes them increasingly attractive for a legitimate use, but also for hostile acts,” said EU security Commissioner Julian King, the “Welt am Sonntag”. The EU Commission has the “threat, as it appears today and how the future looks, at a glance,” said the Commissioner from the United Kingdom.

it was concrete evidence of the dangers there were, for example, from Russia. To the football world Cup in the summer of 2018, according to Russian security authorities, terrorist attacks have been planned. The chief of the domestic secret service FSB said at the time that terrorists had planned to foreign Fans with a drone attack. Seven groups with corresponding intentions have been determined. For a long time will be warned in addition to risks of major airports. “Terrorist groups and individual perpetrators continue to show a high degree of determination, the civil aviation attack,” it said in a March from the Federal Ministry of the interior.

+++ 16.58 PM: start of construction of the first Christian Church of Turkey since 1923 +++

for the First time since the founding of the Turkish Republic in 1923, in the Land of a Christian Church to be built. The house of worship in Istanbul will be finished in two years, said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday at a ceremony to mark the start of construction. It is an asset for Turkey, he added, according to the state news Agency Anadolu. The Church of the Christian Syrian minority is to be built in the district Yesilköy. The approval was granted to the Islamic-conservative AKP government in 2015. The number of Syrian Orthodox faithful in Istanbul is estimated to be 17 000.

The population of Turkey is 99 percent Muslim. Since the founding of the Republic in 1923, the Christian minority was allowed to renovate their churches, although usually, a new building was so far, but not been approved yet.

+++ 16.15: police in Hong Kong used tear gas against protesters in front of +++

The Hong Kong police armed with tear gas and beat anti-government critical demonstrators. The protesters had gathered in front of a police station in the tourist district of Tsim Sha Tsui, as AFP reported Reporter. With Mace, the officers tried to put the protests to resolve. Despite sharper alerts’m from the country-China had gathered once again several thousand people to demonstrations against the Beijing and loyalty to the government. The rally had been prohibited by the police initially, but had to be ultimately approved.

The last two months of ongoing protests in Hong Kong were triggered by a later-withdrawn law on Extradition, which would have allowed for the transfer of Suspects to the Chinese mainland. Later on, they expanded into a movement against the growing influence of Beijing in Hong Kong.

+++ 16.07 PM: After the deadly mass panic in Italy arrested seven Suspects +++

In connection with a mass panic, with six dead and dozens injured in December 2018, has been detained in Italy for seven people. The Suspects were suspected to have deliberately mass panics in Nightclubs and Bars can be triggered to steal valuables, said the competent Prosecutor Monica Garulli in the Central Italian city of Ancona. Six of the suspects, 19 – to 22-Year-old will be accused, to have as a part of an organized gang of irritant gases in a well-visited Nightclubs and Bars used, said Garulli. In the seventh arrested was an accomplice who had received the stolen goods.

In the case of a mass panic during a Rap concert in a nightclub with hundreds of visitors in the town of Corinaldo including the mother of a small daughter had died in December 2018 six people. About a hundred people were injured. Italy’s right-wing interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, thanked the police and the criminal investigators for the arrests. He hoped that the judicial imprisonment “without Penalty mitigation or extenuating circumstances” provided for the Suspect.

+++ 15.41 PM: German and Austrian die Canyoning in Italy +++

A German and an Austrian died in a Canyoning accident in the Italian Alps. The 48-Year-old and the 41-Year-old had gorge in a white water-in Valchiavenna near the Swiss border were killed, reported the mountain rescue service of Lombardy. You were with a group of seven German-speaking travelers on the road the presencen and not to be returned to your accommodation. As a result, the farmer had alarmed the rescue.

Five people had been made outside of the gorge track, said in the statement. A man you had dead in ropes entangled found under a waterfall, and the other had been discovered in the Morning, 300 meters further down the river.

+++ 15.08 PM: activists: Twelve Dead in explosions at Syrian military airport +++

In the case of explosions at a military airport in the centre of Syria came, according to activists at least twelve government supporters lost their lives. Among the Victims in Al-Schairat near the city of Homs, soldiers of the army and allied fighters, the Syrian Observatory for human rights reported. The state Agency Sana also reported Dead, but initially, not a number. The cause of the explosions had been a “technical Defect” in the Transport of ammunition.

The human rights activists also wanted to exclude a attack. The military airport Schairat of the last major Syrian rebel territory is located to the Southeast of the city of Idlib, where since Thursday evening a new truce applies.

+++ 14.55 PM: Russian justice is investigating Anti-corruption Foundation of Navalny +++

The Russian justice has launched a criminal investigation for money laundering against the Anti-corruption Foundation of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. Employees of Navalny’s Foundation would have received “a large sum of money from a third party” which was “illegally” come about, informed investigators. A sum in the amount of almost a billion rubles (13.8 million euros).

+++ 13.53 PM: Almost 200 arrests at Demonstration in Moscow +++

Accompanied by a large contingent of police have demonstrated in Moscow, several hundreds of people for free and fair elections. They gathered despite a ban by the authorities on a seven-kilometre-long walk. Liberal forces in the Opposition had called for. The security forces blocked the center of the Russian capital, with metal grilles over the place. Police officers controlled people. To the right of the citizen portal OWD-Info according to at least 194 people in police custody, six were injured. Meanwhile, the number had increased increased to 310. It could not accurately estimate how many were involved in the Protest. A few small posters were shown, on which the decision of the election Commission was criticized.

During the unsanctioned rally in the centre of the Russian capital, the Internet didn’t work temporarily. The security authorities had warned the population against participating in the protests. The Prosecutor’s office warned that police will take “all necessary measures” against protesters. The protesters want to achieve, that independent candidates and members of the opposition to the election of a new Moscow city Parliament approved in five weeks. At a rally a week ago in Moscow, about 1400 people were arrested.

+++ 12.50 PM: New round of Negotiations between the United States and the Taliban in Doha opened +++

The United States and the radical Islamic Taliban have started talks on a peace agreement for Afghanistan. The negotiations began in the Qatari capital of Doha, as Taliban spokesman Suhail Schaheen to the AFP news Agency said. It is now the eighth round of talks. US President, Donald Trump had previously praised the “progress” in the talks. “We talk,” said Trump in the White house. The US special envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, declared a peace Treaty to the goal of the negotiations. This would allow in a next step, the withdrawal of the crisis state of US troops.

The United States, were marched in front of nearly 18 years in Afghanistan, have been negotiating for a year with the Taliban about a peace agreement. In return, the Taliban should give guarantees that the country will never again becoming a haven for extremists, like this before the September 11 attacks. September 2001 the case was.

+++ 12.07 PM: the United States quest for a speedy deployment of new missiles in Asia +++

The United States seeks the rapid deployment of new conventional medium-range missiles in Asia. The US government wanted to “realize as quickly as possible,” if possible within months, said the new U.S. Secretary of defense Mark Esper on the plane on the way to Sydney. Washington was formally eliminated from the INF disarmament Treaty on nuclear medium-range systems. Where exactly is the USA want to transpose the new rocket station, left the Esper. He did not want to speculate, because “such things you speak first with the allies,” said Esper.

+++ 10.39 PM: thousands fight forest fires in Siberia +++

In the forest fire areas in Siberia, thousands of emergency workers continue to fight against the conflagration. Alone in the Irkutsk Region on Baikal 4500 Volunteers wanted to prevent with special fire extinguishers, the fires, attacks on settlements, informed the authorities of the Agency Interfax according to. In hard-to-reach areas, the delete work but is extremely difficult.

The forest service that the fire destroyed an area of around three million hectares, as large as North Rhine-Westphalia. The authorities were still 174 forest fires on an area of about 125 000 hectares. The people in the Region have been suffering for several days from the effects of fires and lawsuits due to the toxic smoke, about of headaches and shortness of breath.

the detained democracy activist sees increasing violence in Hong Kong

AFP +++ 10.37 PM: protests against government: Hong Kong’s return to the street +++

thousands of Hong Kong have begun a new Protest against the government of the Chinese special administrative zone. A large crowd of people broke out in the district of Mong Kok in the afternoon (local time) to a protest March. In the financial metropolis for almost two months marches and rallies with hundreds of thousands of participants. Shutter a controversial draft law to extradition of alleged Criminal in China. There have been repeated demonstrations by anti-heavy clashes between protesters and police.

Hong Kong’s chief Secretary Carrie Lam declared the law even for “dead”. Since then, it has developed the Protest to a broader movement against the government and the police, the accused a hard-line approach against the protesters. Many people in Hong Kong fear the growing influence of the Central government in Beijing and demanding democratic Reformen. Parallel to the protests of the government opponents gathered in another part of the city against protesters who stood behind the work of the Hong Kong police.

+++ 9.08 PM: two journalists shot in Mexico +++

In Mexico, two journalists have been killed. The Reporter Jorge Celestino Ruiz was shot and killed in the municipality of Actopan in Veracruz state, Eastern Mexico, such as the local mayor said. A few hours earlier, the editor-in-chief of the Online-platform “La Verdad de Zihuatanejo”, Édgar Alberto Nava, had been killed. He was shot, according to the Prosecutor’s office in the southern state of Guerrero. Reporters without borders ranks Mexico as one of the most dangerous countries for journalists after the war countries, Syria and Afghanistan. Since the year 2000, more than a hundred journalists were killed, ten in the past year. The perpetrators will be found, in most cases, never punished.

+++ 8.37 PM: a Protest at the coal power plant in Mannheim – on the conveyor belt +++

in Front of the coal-fired power plant in Mannheim and on the premises activists protesting since early Morning against the CO2 emissions of the plant. “The protesters block the main gate. In addition, a part of them is located on the site of the power plant,” said a police spokesman for the German press Agency. Some of the protesters were on the coal conveyor of the power plant, and others with banners and signs in front of the entrance. Organized the Protest from the coalition for action “terrain”, like this announced in the Morning. It is the language of around 100 participants of the climate activists.

not to be ruled out risk to the protesters, said the police spokesman. Forces of police, fire and rescue service are on site. Whether and to what extent the operation of the power plant is restricted, is unclear.

+++ 8.03 PM: at Least three Dead in collapse of a Cliff on the coast of California +++

In the U.S. state of California are a minimum of three people in the collapse of a coastal escarpment, were killed. A man was killed by the rubble on the beach of the city of Encinitas, North of San Diego, such as the local police representative Ted Greenawald said. According to the city of Encinitas also two of the three died a short time later to the hospital injured provided. Rescue workers continued the search for other possible Victims with dogs. The beach is cliffs below the collapsing sand stone. Already in the year 2000, a woman was killed in the collapse of part of the Escarpment. The city of Encinitas on called on hikers and below the cliffs to increased caution.

relations between London and Moscow remain tense

AFP +++ 6.52 PM: the United States terminate in the case Skripal new sanctions against Russia +++

The United States announced because of the poison attack on the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal in the United Kingdom that further sanctions against Russia. The U.S. government would oppose the extension of any loans and the financial and technical support for Russia by international financial institutions, the spokeswoman for the US state Department, Morgan Ortagus,. To a limited extent in Russia will have access to transactions with U.S. banks.

The US government has imposed in the past years, the repeated punitive measures against Russia. Thus, Washington has responded according to its own information on Russia’s role in the Ukraine conflict, the Russian intervention in the US presidential election in 2016, to Moscow’s alleged role in the poison gas attack on Skripal, as well as violations of the UN sanctions against North Korea.

+++ 4.47 PM: Several injured and a death toll in quake in Indonesia +++

The Indonesian authorities have drawn a first balance sheet of an earthquake, which yesterday had shaken the evening, the capital city of Jakarta on the island of Java. A Person have suffered during the earthquake a fatal heart attack, four other people were injured, informed the civil protection authorities. Over 100 buildings had been damaged by the earthquake of a magnitude of 6.9. The national Geophysics Institute had initially issued a Tsunami warning for the West of Java, as well as a part of the Northern neighbouring island of Sumatra, picked up the warning, but shortly afterwards again.

+++ 3.40 PM: Pedro Pierluisi and Governor of Puerto Rico, sworn +++

After the resignation of Puerto Rico’s Governor, Ricardo Rosselló and his successor, Pedro Pierluisi, as the new head of government of the U.S. territory have been sworn in. “The people of Puerto Rico can be assured that his government is in good hands,” said Pierluisi after the swearing-in. After massive protests, the Governor had announced Rosselló last-his resignation. Previously, journalists had published protocols from a private Chat group. Therein, Rosselló had written, his Deputy Luis Rivera and ten other Familiar items that were perceived as women – and gay men are hostile and disrespectful to the many Victims of the devastating hurricane Maria of 2017.

However, until recently it was unclear who should take over after Rossellós resignation yesterday afternoon (local time), the office on the Caribbean island. Although Pierluisi was at the last Moment by the chamber of deputies as a Deputy Governor, and thus as a successor of Rosselló at the head of government has been confirmed. According to the Senate, he needs the confirmation of the second chamber of the Parliament. A hearing is scheduled but not until next week.

+++ 3.39 PM: shots fired in Portland – at Least one fatality +++

In the case of a shootout in Portland in the U.S. state of Oregon is at least one person killed and another was life-threatening injured. According to media reports based on statements of family members, had fired a woman several shots and her brother killed and her aunt and grandmother to get hurt. Then the woman fled in her car. The mug remained, according to the police, for the time being inconclusive. The motive for the crime data were not available.

+++ 2.08 PM: AU mediator: the military and the protest movement in Sudan agree on a Constitution +++

The protest movement and the military Council in the Sudan have been in final negotiations on a Constitution agreed. Both sides had become a “constitutional Declaration” agreed, informed the mediator of the African Union (AU), Mohammed El-Hacen,. The middle of the month of the military Council and the civilian representatives had already concluded an agreement on a division of Power.