Iran has uncovered a network of the US secret service CIA in the country. In this context, 17 agents had been arrested, said the head of the counterintelligence of the Iranian secret service on Monday.

All were Iranians. Some of them the death penalty. US President, Donald Trump dismissed the information. It was lies and Propaganda of a “religious regime”, I fail and have no idea what to do, wrote Trump on Twitter. “Their economy is dead and it will be much worse. Iran is a mess!”

The information from Tehran and, according to some European and Asian countries for the CIA to have operations against Iran worked. More Details of the case should be made public, said the Official in a press Briefing in the Ministry of education.

The CIA have deliberately chosen Iranians, because they did not speak the language of the country and also have access to different organisations, have, the Official. With fake documents, you should not be in the focus of Iranian security officials. The alleged agents had been promised in exchange for U.S. visas, green cards, American citizenship and lucrative Jobs in the States. This promise, however, has not been complied with, added the Iranians.

How many of the 17 the death penalty, arrested, threatening, was not told. It was unclear, moreover, whether the alleged agent to government employees. Last month an employee of the aerospace Department at the Iranian Ministry of defence was executed for allegedly spying for the CIA hung. His wife was sentenced to a 15-year prison sentence.

press-Briefings of the intelligence service to be held in Iran is very rare. This time, surprisingly, were even invited foreign media. The Official, however, neither his name nor the Briefing was allowed to be filmed or recorded. The media were given at the end of documents in different languages, as well as a Video-CD about the alleged CIA operations in Iran. The statements and the documents can, however, be independently verified.

The EU expressed initially to the information provided by the Iranian secret service. A spokesman pointed only to an opinion from the weekend. In this, the Iranian action against a British-flagged oil Tanker had been condemned. The set of the ship mountains, the risk of further escalation, and undermines current efforts to reduce the tensions, it said. The EU call for the immediate release of the ship and the crew, and call for restraint to avoid further tension. The current Situation prepare a great deal of Worry.

Iran is pursuing the withdrawal of the USA from the Vienna nuclear agreement in 2018, and particularly after the imposition of new sanctions a more aggressive policy towards the West. The part exit of Iran from the nuclear deal, the action against British oil Tankers in the Persian Gulf, and now the arrest of alleged CIA agents are part of this new policy.

Tehran rejects international criticism vehemently. Not Iran, is to blame for the tensions, but the United States ‘ withdrawal from the international nuclear deal in 2015. The Islamic Republic will continue this path consistently, until the United States return to the nuclear deal and the sanctions will cancel.

victims of the conflict are among the 23 crew members of the seized British oil Tanker “Stena Impero”. Them it’s according to Iranian information, but you are not allowed to leave until the end of the studies the ship. The Iranian revolutionary guards had stopped the British-flagged oil Tanker on Friday in the Strait of Hormuz, on the ground that he was driving after a collision with a fishing vessel just continue.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo made on Monday that he sees other countries have a duty to ensure the safety of their ships in the Persian Gulf. “The United States has a responsibility to do our part, but the world also needs to make a major contribution to the fact that these sea lanes remain open,” said Pompeo in an Interview with Fox News. What Iran is doing amounts to piracy.

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