US President Donald Trump has given the policy-Website “The Hill”, an exclusive Interview. At the Meeting in the White house in Washington, the 73-Year-old spoke with the journalists Saagar Enjeti and Jordan Fabian about a possible military strike against Iran, its potential rivals Biden in the presidential elections of 2020, Joe, the recent rape allegations and the gay U.S. soccer player Megan Rapinoe.

We have selected the most remarkable statements of the US President for you:

Trump says he can also order without the approval of Congress for a military strike against Iran

On the question, whether he believe, that he did not have the authority for military action against Iran to initiate, to ask first the members of Congress, responded to Trump: “I do. […] “You have ideas, you are intelligent people, you will have some Considerations. […] I think it is like to date, but I’m not legally obliged to do it.”

The opposition Democrats see it differently: Trump had to participate in the Congress, before he proceed militarily against Iran, the Head of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi. And also from his own party objection comes: “the Constitution: False,” tweeted the Republican deputies and Trump-critic Justin Amash, the thought alone of the President, apparently, unconstitutional.

Trump dismisses rape allegation from the author: “she’s not my type”

The author, E. Jean Carroll claims that Trump she was raped 23 years ago, in the locker room of the New York luxury Department store Bergdorf Goodman. When asked, the President said: “I say this with great respect: number one: she’s not my type. Number two: It never happened. It never happened, okay?”

23 years

“Not my type”: Donald Trump dismisses rape allegation


Carroll had raised the allegation on Friday in the “New York Magazine” and later in more detail made. Trump had declared in a first reaction, to have the author never met, and accused of trying to sell her new book.

Trump refuses, the FBI chief be confidence

the Director of The FBI, Christopher Wray, believes that the Federal police have auspioniert in 2016, under its then-chief, James B. Comey, the campaign team of Donald Trump. The President sees it differently: “So, since I accept him and I don’t think a lot of people to vote. Maybe you don’t even agree with him because,” he said to the reporters. Trump did explain it to rejected, that he trust Wray writes “The Hill”.

Trump accused Joe Biden of lying

Joe Biden, promising candidates for the presidential nomination of the Democrats, and Vice President under Barack Obama, has not asked this according to his own testimony, to support his application to the public. Trump thinks it’s a lie: “There must be a reason why he supports him. He was the Vice-President. You seem to have well understood. […] Then he comes in and lies and said: “I have not asked the President to support me. So give me a fucking break.”


US presidential elections 2020

The enemy in his mind: Donald Trump has had a fear of Joe Biden

By Marc Drewello

in fact, Obama’s spokeswoman for Biden to be praised in the highest tones, after this was entered in April into the race the Democrats to the presidential candidacy. “President Obama has long said that the choice of Joe Biden as his competitor in 2008, one of the best decisions he has ever met,” said the spokesperson at that time. The two had forged in the last ten years, a special connection and are still connected closely.

Trump criticized gay U.S. soccer player Rapinoe

not singing along to The Co-captain of the U.S. national team, Megan Rapinoe at the soccer world Cup in France, previously the national anthem of your country. The gay 33-Year-old describes himself as a “walking Protest” and got down on one knee earlier in the playing of the anthem, in reference to the actions of the American Football professionals Colin Kaepernick against racism and police violence in the United States.

a silent Protest

How to soccer star Rapinoe, U.S. President Donald Trump with a Smile provoked

Of Jan Sägert

“I love to see women’s football,” gushed Trump. On the question of whether Rapinoes behavior was appropriate, said the 73-Year-old: “no. I don’t think so.” In the course of the debate to Kaepernicks protest actions of the US President had called on the NFL Clubs to not fire all the “sons of Bitches”, the aufstünden for the national anthem.

Trump says he’s firing the Power of the Central Bank chief to

Jerome Powell, since 2018, the head of the US Central Bank, has, in its own view, is entitled to a full four-year term. In trump’s eyes, the “incorrect”. On the question of whether he think that he had the Power to replace Powell, the President said: “If I wanted to. But I have no plans to do anything.” Experts have questioned this claim already.

Trump is a vocal critic of Powell. He accuses the Fed Chairman, to hinder the growth of the economy through interest rate increases and has broken with the long prevailing tradition that the US President to keep out of respect for the independence of the Central Bank with criticism of their decisions. The Fed has a non-partisan role, and is in their decisions autonomously.