We could this story begin with the events of Holy Thursday, 18. In April 2019, as it say in Londonderry with the British – or Derry, as the Irish say – came to the riots in the district of Creggan and the young journalist Lyra McKee, was shot by an activist of the IRA .

We could as well start with what the British euphemistically referred to as “the Troubles” and the Irish “Struggle”, but what is one and the same means, namely, those civil war-like situation, the Splashes in the North of the island of Ireland for three decades, raged, and from there to England swept with bomb terror attacks, murders, and a minimum of 3500 dead. On paper, the agreement of 1998, the festzurrte a fragile peace, later refined with the Nobel prize ended with the good Friday.


“bloody Sunday”, 30. January 1972: During a Demonstration for civil rights and against a wave of arrests, mainly against Catholics in Londonderry, British soldiers shot 13 unarmed demonstrators. The Northern Ireland conflict escalates.

Picture Alliance Derry – front city for decades

We could start in the Here and Now in Londonderry/Derry, this front town for decades, divided into probritische loyalists and proirische Republicans, the todtraurige world became famous at 30. In January 1972, when 14 civilians by British paratroopers were shot, the “Bloody Sunday”, for which there was no real apology and hangs for almost 50 years as a beacon above the houses, whose facades paintings of these bloody days to tell.

You need to know: The past in Derry, the presence of the handle, and the bloody Sunday of 1972 and the bloody Maundy Thursday in April are somehow still connected to each other. This is a strange and unique place, to Belfast is the second largest city in Northern Ireland, with a colorful cultural scene and top-notch schools and shops and Bars on one hand. And poverty, drugs, despair, high unemployment, and low life expectancy on the other. 95 percent of young people say that they see no future in this town.

the North of Ireland in the centre of the Brexits – one of the ironies

Over in London will soon be named a new Prime Minister. It will be called either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt, but that takes care of the people of Derry, and many others in Northern Ireland are at best on the edge. London is hardly more than an hour’s flight, felt but light-years. Unionists and nationalists unite despite all the Differences, a feel of Westminster neglected and largely ignored. In this respect, it acts like a staircase wit, that, of all things, Northern Ireland is in the centre of the political debate because of the Brexits and the question of the intra-Irish border, and this scramble might on the future of the UK decides.


this is Why the Backstop of the nightmare of Brexit advocates

Thomas Krause

In Parliament, people talk about Northern Ireland, the shearing, otherwise a Shit about the six Counties on the other side of the Irish sea, and of Boris Johnson is a trusted, that he had on one of his rare visits shortly before the Referendum, the slightest idea of what the consequences of Brexit for the people here could have. Which in turn amazingly little talk from the Backstop, and from the Brexit and the possible return of a tough border controls and customs duties, and towers. Hard boundaries were always here, they go to Belfast and Derry, if you change only the side of the road and the Catholic areas in Protestant occurs.

“The ancient spirits were never gone”

Because that’s remained the Crux of the matter and the reality: The walls and boundaries in the mind, even if you were building in Derry, the “Peace Bridge” over the river Foyle-river – as a Symbol of rapprochement. It return – on the contrary – the rituals from the dark days, perpetrated by paramilitary militias, drug deals, and “anti social behavior” with beatings, gunshots and, in the worst case death sanction. The number of these so-called Punishment Crimes increased dramatically in recent years. This is the everyday life in Londonderry/Derry, while in London this Northern Ireland on the Backstop will be reduced, occasionally interrupted by messages that sound like an Echo from past forgotten times.

In January, a car bomb detonated in front of a courthouse in Derry, was injured by sheer luck no one; unlike in 2016, as an explosive device under the car of a prison officer in Belfast detonated and killed him. In March, bombs in London and Glasgow letter, but no one came to harm.

journalist on the verge of rioting in Northern Ireland


On Thursday shot and eventually died, the young journalist, was in a street battle next to a police vehicle when she was hit by a bullet that was not for you, but for the officials determined. In all cases, the IRA took on the responsibility. She apologized for the death of Lyra McKees, the was an accident, collateral damage in the armed struggle against the British occupiers. The police classifies the threat level of the IRA as “severe”, serious. The Northern Irish terror expert Ken Pennington expects “a spectacular bomb attack” in the near future. The old ghosts are back, apparently. Or in the words of the Derry-born Altaktivisten, author and co-founder of the peace movement, Eamonn McCann: “The old ghosts never left.”

A contact man brings us

It is not our first visit to Derry, a year ago, the star researched for a report in this city. And since that first visit, we tried to come in through various channels to those men, for the armed struggle for Irish unity continues; the peace agreement of 1998 as a betrayal of their cause and their former political home, the Sinn Féin party, to be regarded as a traitor. The drug dealers punish, threats, the re-shoot bombs and sharp again. Originally, a date was agreed immediately after Easter, but then Lyra McKee died, and the city is always a hot pavement was still hot. We have been told: later.


“Free Derry Corner” in a still divided city: Who says Londonderry, is pro-British and Protestant, who says Derry, outs himself as Irish and Republican and Catholic. The Northern Ireland conflict is pacified, the Brexit could ignite new.


In a Day in June, we are asked finally to Derry. We have to wait 14 hours in a Hotel and be late picked up in the evening from a contact man and dangers of a complex residential complex. A young man directed us to a vacant Apartment on the third floor. Three masked men going through us, not a tape device, only notes, first of all, no photos. In the living room four chairs, an old wall clock on the floor, washing-up liquid in the kitchenette, here was lived in until Recently. Two men, you want to be referred to as Volunteers, Voluntary, rise. They wear masks and blue rubber gloves and camouflage jackets. Short greeting, one takes place, then the following conversation unfolds, then immediately written down:

Who are you?
We are the IRA are . We fight for a hundred years for the independence of Ireland from the British invaders.

There is talk, however, is still from the New IRA?
We are not new, this is the Writing and vision of the British media. Our goal is the continuation of the armed struggle. And our goal is to make the world clear that the conflict is over.

Even old IRA veterans say the campaign is over, no one wants a return to the conditions of the time.
Our struggle continues, as long as the enemy of Ireland occupied. To us it’s not about popularity, it was never about that. It’s for a good cause. The thing is the Unity of Ireland. You will not be rich, if you’re in the IRA , you do out of Conviction. It is not in vain Struggle. So The Fight. The IRA was always a Struggle.

And, therefore, they also reject the good Friday agreement.
It’s the partition of Ireland sets. This is absolutely unacceptable.

colleagues or comrades that you declared a few weeks ago, their operations no would have a rather symbolic character …
you used the word Propaganda. Propaganda can mean a whole lot, it includes strategic operations explicitly. There are many ways for us.

After the murder of Lyra McKee they lost themselves among sympathizers of support.
It was an accident, a tragedy, and we have always said. We were referred to then as animals. But you can believe us, your death has our backing and support, nothing changed. We get apartments like this here, we get cars, we have weapons. And we have people.


a Fragile peace

20 years after the good Friday agreement – Northern Ireland is still not reconciled

The policy in Northern Ireland is divided and the country is divided into Protestants and Catholics, centrists and sectarians. The Brexit is almost the least of the problems.

Michael expanded New IRA? IRA? The fact is: you are as

follow a Manifest. Them is very important to be IRA called, although security experts assume that the group only formed in 2012, in this Form, and an Alliance of former members of the “Real – IRA ” and the “Republican Action Against Drugs” (RAAD). In the end it makes no difference whether the New IRA or IRA . The fact is: they are there. The men know exactly what they want to say and cannot, and what is not. Your replies are sometimes punched.

at some point it comes to Brexit and its consequences. The men say, the IRA benefit from Brexit, because everything, what a pity the British, to serve their cause. But they also say that a free Ireland should leave the EU, in order to reach “absolute national sovereignty”. What could be the response that you listened to in the same way as the British hard-liners, which you loathe, actually – and both need to laugh. Then it becomes serious again. You want to say anything about the personnel, assure but twice, “we have no trouble recruiting when you Recruit”. They also say nothing about possible attacks in Britain: “We will not comment on the Details of our strategies and operations.” After that it goes to Terror on the streets, the shots, the intimidation. And vigilante justice.

you are not only against the British war, but also against the own population. It is earlier in the kneecaps shot, it threatened people. The number of “Punishment Crimes” has increased dramatically. And do these crimes.
First of all, the term is not true. There are no crimes, but Community penalties.

people in the knees to shoot is a crime.
The people look different here. They come to us and not Vice versa. If you have problems with anti-social behaviour and drug-dealers, please contact us and ask for help.

And then you take on the role of the police …
The police, no one dares here.

you derive the right to self-justice.
There is no self-justice. We protect the community, because the IRA has always protected the community. And this community has lost confidence in the state already for a long time, so please contact us.

And then?
we Examine the accusations and warnings. No one will be punished without first being at least once been warned, usually two or three times. You will not understand it perhaps, but the people are grateful to us. We will help you.

We met a year ago, a young man whose father was shot in front of his eyes the knee. Since he was still a child and since then has been traumatized, and suicidal. You call this help?
sorry about That. But the responsibility for what happened, was not with us but with the father. In addition, it comes only in the rarest of cases, to this Form of punishment.

conflict in Northern Ireland

The “New IRA” – Who is the group that is making Terror in the UK?

In the case of violent riots in Northern Ireland, is shot and killed a journalist. The militant group, the “New IRA” claimed the deadly shot. But who is behind the group, on whose account for more attacks go?

DPA Early in the military, fought, shot, killed, prison,

After 45 minutes, the night sets üabout the city, the call will be ended, and we are led out of the room. The apartment is regarded as contaminated, it is only used again the following day for the photo, this time the two are totally dressed in Black and armed. Questions are not permitted, one of them says at some point the photographer: “you have 15 seconds.”

Much of what the two have said, you can’t verify. But if you are staying in Derry for longer, get a feel for this city and how it ticks. We meet up with old fighters, the day-to-day into the centre of the “Ex Prisoners Outreach programme”, a combination of Shrine and Museum, and constantly of the earlier speeches, because the determined Earlier Today. They are called Davy Glennon or Eamonn Docherty or Don Browne, and their stories all sound similar: early militarized, fought, shot, killed, and jail. You have copied a cell from the infamous prison, Long Kesh in Belfast. Brown color imitates the shit, the prisoners smeared on the walls.

“You fucking bastards, my new jeans!”

A, Christy, Kyle, told, they would have understood as Kids the riot as a Sport, because there were no sports clubs due to riot risk. Mainly out of boredom, they had climbed to the houses and had pelted soldiers with stones. He says that they were politicized, however, and militant, because they were constantly stopped on the street by the troops on the way to school searches, and on the way back from school and again searched. So this was in the seventies and eighties, and eventually, they joined the IRA , or other groups such as the militants of the “Irish National Liberation Army” (INLA). There’s been plenty.

EU outlet UK

calls such As the Brexit old demons in Northern Ireland wax

Dieter Hoß

in the Evening, a few of the Old beer in the Derby Pub of the penalties, then tell, then, too, uttered and committed by the IRA , also at that time, often due to drugs. You tell prustend Laughter of a delinquent who appeared on time to his sentence, and the IRA -combatants asked to see his new Jeans roll up prior to the shooting through the knee, and the fact that the replied in the affirmative to the first, it thought out in a different way. And the man shouted: “You fucking Bastards, my new Jeans!”

What had the police looking in Creggan …?

another one you had ordered in a Pub and the landlord means that he should get him drunk right, what the fact, and when they came back, they had forgotten the penalty, and the host complained about the drunks on the second floor, and also the wife of the victim scolded, “damn, this should’ve already done everything in the Morning”, and what you think they should finally go shopping. The Old knock on the leg, Laughing, “do you remember”, and order a Pint.

These are the anecdotes of Derry, but if you ask the men then, what do you think of your followers and the murder of Lyra McKee, you will be quiet and call it a tragic accident. Ask also, what was the police late on Maundy Thursday evening in the Creggan, and then words as a provocation to fall, and no one should be surprised. You condemn the murder, but not the ideology behind it.

nothing. forget

on a hill Above the Catholic Bogside, the scene of the “Bloody Sunday”, sitting on the next day, John Donnelly and Thomas McCourt in her small office on the fourth floor of an old company Both are old resisters, both laid down their weapons a long time ago. John was a pretty big shot in the IRA , and was sitting in jail. Tommy was a pretty high Tier in the INLA, escaped the prison, because he fled to the Republic. John and Tommy are like Siamese twins, they are almost always in the double pack and use very often the word “fucking”. They work as mediators between Endangered and militias, a permanent ringing of their mobile phones.

At this late in the morning, squats in your office, a young man of 20, we don’t call him Liam, but what is his real Name, who lives for more than ten years in fear, because he was involved in 2006 with the other boys from the Bogside into a dispute, at the end of a Teenager with bullets in the belly, lay dead in the dust. Tommy-mediated at the time, he visited some of the boys in a Safe house on the other side of the border, he spoke with the families, the police and the militias. After their return most of a sat, Liam, but the fear remained, and the other day, a Molotov cocktail against his house flew back, as a warning that nothing is forgotten.

questions and answers


Terror in Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom disintegrates the bad Brexit-without the need for a “Backstop”

time is running out, an unregulated Brexit increasingly likely. Sticking point is the so-called “Backstop” that the EU wants to negotiate in any case. Because without him, the Brexit could have far-reaching consequences.

Dieter Hoß The young don’t trust anyone, only the police

Liam lives on social assistance. He says that he thinks has no plans for life and just day-to-day. Tommy and John have to say, most guys have only the goal to reach the 50, everything else is addition. You have saved over the years, hundreds of life, but lead you to a Sisyphean struggle. You are the point of contact for Old, Sick, Threatened, and Desperate.

again and again, says John, young couple, and the guys ask if you could ensure that you Masked with rods or balls to smash the knee, so they could henceforth live by the welfare, and the girl second, this was a good idea and they would push their friends in wheelchairs. “Fucking hopeless,” says John, because: it is a vicious circle. The young take to drugs to escape the dreariness. And because you take drugs or selling drugs, you will be intimidated by the IRA , or INLA, and Tom sums up the feeling of life: “The young trust anyone here. You don’t trust your parents, you don’t trust the teachers, trust the social workers and the police.”

This is a perfect Humus for new, old extremism. And you understand now what the two masked IRA -said to men in order to have no problems in Recruiting young talent.

Brexit as a fire accelerant for Republican

At the end of our time in Derry, we enter the Office of Saoradh, means the exemption in Irish. Saoradh is understood officially as a strictly anti-capitalist and socialist party, and is unofficially the political wing of the New IRA . Which is why, after the death of Lyra McKee protesters in front of the Headquarters gathered, the hands of the red color appeared and fingerprints left behind; “your hands are stained in blood”. On the facade of the house Unfinished business” and also “Join the IRA is written in large letters “”. Prior to that, a lot of young men, some of whom are wearing T-Shirts that remind you of the hunger strike of IRA -Imprisoned in the early 80s lungern striking.

The spokesman Paddy Gallagher, an alerter 27 years old young man is. He has a degree in politics and Irish history and is one of the founding members of the party. He says: “Every Problem for the UK is always a possibility for Ireland. The Chaos that has triggered the Brexit, is good for us as Republicans.” The Brexit is regarded as a kind of accelerant for their interests. It comes to the establishment of a United socialist Republic of Ireland.


A new mural in Belfast showing at the 18. April of IRA bullets killed young journalist Lyra McKee. In addition, a quote from one of her texts: “It will not always be so. It will be better.”

©Paul Faith, AFP Never in the enjoyment of the harvest to come

The young Gallagher sounds almost the same as his masked and armed brothers in spirit, but would not make its support for the IRA in public, because that meant on British soil and under British law, punishment and possibly imprisonment. Gallagher knows exactly what he is allowed to say and what is not. The IRA ? “We acknowledge that the armed struggle against the British state seems to be more.” He also says that death has not changed by Lyra McKee a lot in Derry. Saoradh is growing, “next year we hope to open an office in our capital city”. With capital, he writes in Dublin, Ireland.

The red hand-prints on the wall are long since washed away, and in the street, where McKee died, wilting flowers. Otherwise, not much more reminiscent of this young, talented woman, the wonderful Essays wrote about your home. One begins thus: “We are the Generation of the good Friday agreement; we were destined to never experience the Horror of war and Terror and enjoy the harvest, this peace. But we never got the pleasure of this harvest.”

it reads, in retrospect, still prophetic, and almost as a Testament. Lyra McKee, a shot at the green Thursday 2019 in Derry, was 29 years old.

The report on the visit to Derry/Londonderry is no 29 of 11.7.2019 appeared in the star.

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