Iphone 11 Vs Iphone Xs Max Camera Comparison

Iphone 11 Vs Iphone Xs Max Camera
Iphone 11 Vs Iphone Xs Max Camera

The newly launched Apple iphone 11 is identical in design to the older version iphone max but has come out with a better and upgraded camera. Let’s compare the difference between the 2 cameras.

Hardware perspective

If you take into consideration the hardware prospective the entire range of iphone 11 has better camera quality than the iphone max range. The central camera which has a wide angle has a bigger sensor that allows more light to flow inside and the addition of the ultra new angle camera take iphone 11 to another level.

Sharp and vivid coloring

The iphone 11 brings out pictures more clearly and vividly. The coloring of the pictures is exceptional and you would be able to catch every little detail of your moment with iphone 11.

Portrait Mode

The portrait mode of both the iPhones are similar and the edge detection isn’t anything special or different on iphone 11. If you have good lighting you won’t see much difference in the quality of pictures taken from both cameras.

Ultra Wide Camera iphone 11vs iphone xs max camera

The ultra wide camera of iphone 11 lets you capture pictures from a wide angle and the quality of the picture is not compromised. The camera in iphone xs max doesn’t take a good picture in a bad light while the iphone 11 can do that perfectly.

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The Night Mode

You can set the iphone 11 camera to night mode and get amazing pictures even in the dim light of night. iphone xs camera doesn’t take vivid pictures in the night time so this upgrading will attract a lot of people to buy iphone 11. Now you can capture shots in the darkest places in the middle of the night and still be able to get good pictures even though the light is bad.

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