messages in the Short Overview:

Sagittarius from El Paso killed his own sister (21.19 hrs)investigators, a levels, and the carnage of El Paso as domestic terrorism (18.21 hours)the railway tried to the Frankfurt main station ideas for more security (16: 46)police officers rescue a robber against Drowning (13: 53)Iran seized again foreign tankers (11.10 p.m.),”rocket man” crosses English channel (8.50 PM)

The News of the weekend:

+++ 21.37 PM: the EU Agency, Frontex, does not tolerate, according to the report excesses of violence and violation of human rights +++

The EU border Agency, Frontex, does not tolerate a media report alleging human rights violations at the EU’s external borders and breach in the case of the deportation flights, even against human rights. How “ reported, the Vrowürfe according to information from the ARD political magazine “report München” by hundreds of internal Frontex documents, has analyzed the political magazine, together with the British “Guardian” and the research centre “Correctiv”. Accordingly, Frontex turn a blind eye to excessive violence perpetrated on Europe’s borders by national border officials. The Frontex reports, the limits to be documented according to the “report of Munich”, among other things, the “abuse of refugees”, “hunts with hounds” and “attacks with pepper spray” to the European foreign. The allegations therefore relate, among other things, on border protection personnel in Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece.

+++ 21.19 at: Sagittarius Daytona killed, according to police, the sister +++

Among the dead in the attack in the US state of Ohio is to Protect according to police, the sister of the. She was at the age of 22 the youngest of the victims, said the senior police officer Matt Carper on Sunday at a press conference. The 24-year-old offender should have been shot and killed on Saturday night near a Bar in Dayton to nine people, and another injured. Police killed the attacker. His motive is still unclear. The victims were between 22 and 57 years old. Six of the dead were African-American.

+++ 21.07 PM: Brazilian drug dealer wants to escape as a woman from prison +++

rubber mask, bra, Skinny Jeans: As a woman, a drug dealer tried to disguise, in Brazil, break out of prison. After a visit to his daughter Clauvino da Silva wanted to be in women’s prison clothes prison Gericinó close to Rio de Janeiro leave, as the news portal G1 reported. He did, however, suspicious, and had been stopped by the guards. The detainee, his daughter and seven other persons were interrogated by the police. Among the Suspects was a pregnant woman who had smuggled the rubber mask may be in the detention center was. Pregnant women in prison not to visit search.

+++ 18.21 PM: investigators levels, and the carnage of El Paso as domestic terrorism, a +++

After the massacre in a Mall in Texas El Paso the investigators to classify the case as domestic terrorism. John Bash from the Prosecutor’s office said on Sunday at a press conference. A 21 Years old accused, on Saturday in the shopping center, 20 people were killed and 26 others injured. Most of the victims were taken to the police information in a Walmart of shots.

shots in El Paso and Dayton

Bloody weekend in the United States: dozens killed in two massacres

Two of the crime scenes and only a few hours between a bloodbath and the next: In the USA many people are like death to protect the victim. In one case, the police not only for the murder – there is evidence of a hate crime.

DPA +++ 18.15: child Tate crashes into the London Museum in the deep – a Teenager was arrested +++

The London Museum Tate Modern is after an incident on Sunday evacuated has been. A child had been plunged into the deep and injured, police said. A teenager has been arrested for the incident firmly. The injured child had been taken by rescue helicopter to a hospital. For more information on his health state, the police are not made. An employee of the Tate Modern, told the news Agency AFP, the Museum will be cleared. There were several witnesses to the incident. The Tate Gallery of Modern Art attracted to 2018, almost 5.9 million visitors and is the most popular tourist attraction in the UK.

+++ 18.01 PM: Khmer Rouge leader Nuon Chea has died +++

One of the leaders of the Communist Khmer Rouge, Nuon Chea, is dead. He died on Sunday at the age of 93 years in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, as a spokesman for the genocide Tribunal announced. Chea was sentenced in November last year, a United Nations-backed court for genocide of minorities. He received from the court in Phnom Penh, his second life sentence after he had already been in 2014 for crimes against humanity and sentenced.

The Communist Khmer Rouge under the dictator Pol Pot had led between 1975 and 1979, a bloody reign of terror in Cambodia. In these years, 1.7 million people died, nearly either as a result of torture, executions, forced labor, or starvation. Nuon Chea was Deputy Secretary of the Communist party. The Khmer Rouge wanted to implement a Maoist peasant society. They drove the urban population to the countryside, abolished money and schools and forcing all the people on the fields.