In the case of the murder of Walter Lübcke has asked the Chairman of the interior Committee in the Bundestag for an early special session of the Committee with the security authorities and the office of the attorney General in view. “Currently, I’m going to assume that we can make next week either Tuesday morning or Wednesday prior to the regular meeting of the Committee on internal Affairs, a special session,” said the CSU politician Andrea Lindholz of the “Rheinische Post”. On Wednesday, the assassination theme will be in the Hessian Parliament. Meanwhile, the investigating Federal checks to lawyers to the media information on the other perpetrators of the reports.

at a special session of the interior Committee, the interior Ministry, the Federal criminal police office, the protection of the Constitution and the Federal government are invited Lindholz, according to the German bar. Your expectation to the authorities: “should you bring us to the current state, to the extent that this is in the context of the ongoing investigation possible.” The parties in the Bundestag had requested a special session of the Committee on internal Affairs on the case of Lübcke. Need to decide the President of the Bundestag.

suspect in the case, Lübcke

knife attack, attempted attack, uproar: the Criminal records of Stephan E.


Kassel, President of the government was in the night of the 2. June with a gunshot wound to the head on the terrace of his residential house in the Hessian town of wolf Hagen-Istha been discovered and a little later died. On the weekend of the alleged right-wing extremist, Stephan E. was taken into custody. The investigating Federal scales to the advocacy of the murder as a political assassination with a right-wing extremist Background.

witnesses reported two cars in the Friday night

Not only for Lindholz is a Central question of whether the alleged perpetrator is also part of a right-wing terrorist network. And if this is the case, what consequences are derived from it.

The suspicion, that the offender has not acted alone, is nourished, according to information of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”, NDR and WDR by a witness. This wool is noted in the night of the Crime two cars, the “aggressive manner” by the place of residence Lübckes dangers were. 20 minutes before the witness heard a shot. One of the vehicles he had identified as the Volkswagen Caddy, the others can’t describe. Later, the investigations had then revealed that Stephan e. a VW Caddy drive, which was registered to his wife.

payday CDU politician

To the arrest in the case Lübcke: investigators search for the right network

The Federal Prosecutor’s office had declared on Monday that there have been no indications that a terrorist group put behind the murder. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) said on Tuesday if the suspect had acted alone or as part of a network, whether at the present time, is not clear.

Already in the arrest warrant against Stephan E. it should have according to the “süddeutsche Zeitung”, NDR and WDR said that there were “references to an accomplice or conspirator”. In the case of the search of his apartment, investigators have discovered a further car key, hidden in the CD compartment of a radio in the guest bathroom. These belong to the vehicle of Skoda brand, which was supposed to have taken, Stephan E., shortly before the night of the murder of a family member. Until now, this car had not been found.

Hesse is considering the investigation Committee in the case of Lübcke

The Left-internal expert in the Hessian state Parliament, Hermann Schaus, warns against a hasty classification of the Suspect as the individual perpetrators. “The North, Hesse’s neo-Nazi scene is extremely violent and is well connected with Dortmund, but also of the extreme Right in lower Saxony and Thuringia”, said the parliamentary Secretary of the Hessian Left party. Already at the Munich NSU process was very much the emphasis on the extreme-right scene to illuminate. With the investigations against Stephan E. a Chance to see concrete on neo-Nazi networks open now.

Schaus did not rule out that it could be the case, Lübcke a Committee of inquiry in the Hessian Parliament. “First of all, the investigation is in the foreground, we want to endanger in any case, but,” he said. Only after the completion of the investigation, the results should be assessed and the question of a Committee of inquiry answered. In the plenary debate of the Hessian state Parliament over the act to report on Wednesday, Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) to word.

are right-wing extremists well

Self-linked if Lübckes should have traded the suspected murderer alone, observed the political scientist Hajo Funke of concern, a nationwide network of right-wing extremists. “It is not primarily a question of whether a group has acted, or individual perpetrators, because there is a loose network, which is very deep and wide, as we – the Public – know,” said extremism expert at the German press Agency.

Social networks play an important role for violent extremists in the underground. This act of right – wing extremists, linked-in Dortmund, Halle, Chemnitz, Kassel, Germany, in the surroundings of Rostock, and also in the Region of Heilbronn were to prepare regional eng.

The German Association of cities is concerned after the assassination with other politicians in the cities and municipalities. “Unfortunately, local politics are just interior and local politicians exposed in the last few years, more threats and hostility,” said urban President, Burkhard Jung, the editors ‘ network Germany (RND/Wednesday). In political discussions allowed, and there must be a dispute in the case, says the mayor of Leipzig. “But human dignity, tolerance and non-violence for our democratic and social community elementary. Never hatred can poison our political debate.”

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