The investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has been critical to the reporting of the American press about U.S. President Donald Trump and the Russia-investigation by the special investigator Robert Mueller.

He had been explaining to the media for two years, “that you are lost in the Russia thing,” said Hersh and the editors ‘ network Germany (RND). “No one wanted to hear it. The Newspapers are less open to Information.”

The investigation should clarify whether, and how far Russia interfered in the US election in 2016, and whether the Trump camp made common cause with Russia. For this, Mueller did not find sufficient evidence, as Minister of justice, William Barr was.

“I’ve said this for two years: I understand that you hate Trump,” the American said Hersh. “But collusion with the Russians? This means that you do step A, to reach B. To do this, he is not able to.”

with regard to the publication of E-Mails from the environment of Trumps against candidate Hillary Clinton Hersh said: “The Democrats have lost the election. Then the usual Suspects were blamed: the Russians.” He does not say that they were there. “But to hack the E-Mails, it took the Russian secret service. (…) The Whole thing is a debacle for the American press.”

Hersh advised to a other emphasis: “you should focus more on what is happening within the government: As everywhere good people are being replaced by bad. (…) Such stories, the media should rush instead of trump’s Tweets.”

Hersh was the longtime author of the “New York Times”. Today, the 81-Year-old had become known around the world, when he uncovered the American soldiers in the Vietnam war, committed in My Lai massacre.