The global rise in temperature over the land areas already of 1.53 degrees. This is one of the on Thursday in Geneva, special report published by the IPCC.

taking into account the slower-warming Ocean surface, the global temperature plus relative to pre-industrial times close to 0.87 in grade. Compared to the periods 1850 to 1900 and 2006 to 2015. The IPCC had warned 2018 against the effects if the global temperature should rise above 1.5 degrees.

In the coming decades, the number, duration, and intensity of heat waves and droughts will increase at least around the Mediterranean sea, warn the 107 researchers from 53 countries. In many regions, in addition, more frequent extreme rainfall will occur.

The IPCC recommends in its report urgently to protect in the fight against a further warming of the earth, the forests and, not least, the Moore the better. At the same time, the IPCC sees threats to the food supply. “The stability of the food supply is expected to decrease, since the magnitude and frequency of extreme weather events that affect food production will rise.” It is also important to rethink the entire chain of production and consumption of food. A well-balanced diet, the set more on vegetables and cereals, can help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions significantly.

The agriculture and forestry sectors contributes, according to the IPCC, approximately 23 percent of human-caused greenhouse gases. “Here is a lot of potential,” said deutsche Co-author of the report, Almut Arneth Karlsruhe. In General, the report makes it clear that the resource of Land is limited. “We can’t continue with business as usual.” Very skeptical was that the report also addressed the subject of afforestation to Bionenergie plantations are a good way. According to the IPCC, approximately 500 million people in areas threatened by desertification live. These regions are the more vulnerable to weather extremes such as droughts, heat waves and dust storms.

“It is very important that the intergovernmental panel on climate change land the importance of land and forests is fully recognized,” said Greenpeace forest expert, Christoph Thies. “The agricultural sector must be included more in the national contributions to the fulfillment of the Paris climate agreement,” says Thies. He criticized the Report, however, that the massive afforestation will very uncritically. “We prefer the Alternative of restoration of Ecosystems such as forests and peatlands.” So also habitats for many animals and plant species would be in contrast to afforested monocultures.

The report is in the sign of the Paris climate agreement. Therein, in 2015, has been set the target of limiting global warming to well below two degrees, and if possible to 1.5 degrees, compared to pre-industrial time. The States would have to reduce the net emissions of its greenhouse gases significantly. To do that, want to make use of a few experts, large areas of land for forests, which can lead to the emission of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. In connection with the objective of food security for the entire population of the country, conflicts threaten, so in addition to the developments that triggered the climate change already now.

“The report confirms that human-induced Overheating of the atmosphere is greater now to more heat waves and droughts, heavy rain and Flooding leads”, the aid organisation Oxfam. Of particular concern is the warning of a deterioration in the global food supply is, if the earth is warming significantly.

The Federal government wants to at the 20. September, its climate strategy. 23. September to advise the States at a climate change summit at the United Nations about the consequences of temperature rise.

The researchers had initially acquired a great deal of scientific analysis, whose summary was discussed in Geneva since last Friday is intense. The political delegates agreed to the now published report is thus recognised by the IPCC member countries. The urgency of the issue highlighted earlier this week, not least the communication of the climate change service Copernicus, that the July 2019 globally, the hottest month since records began in 1880.

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