As many scientists as never before, according to the world health organization (WHO) currently working on a universal flu vaccine. So far, vaccines must be annually matched to the circulating strains of the Virus.

This makes the production time-consuming, in addition, other strains are circulating, some of the experts expected the for the coming season prepared vaccine less effective than hoped.

“A universal flu vaccine is the Holy Grail,” said Martin Friede, WHO-coordinator for vaccines, on Monday in Geneva. When such a substance is available, is difficult to predict. “It was but lately a huge increase in research funds and international groups working on it,” said peace.

The WHO warns that the world is not prepared enough for the next flu pandemic. “The question is not if, but when a new flu pandemic,” said WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “Such a pandemic would affect the economy and society of each country,” warned the expert on flu readiness, Ann Moen.

The WHO released on Monday for a new flu strategy. The aim is, in all countries of the world a better Monitoring derive the right measures to create outbreaks and to help the countries to be able to in any case, you react faster. The seasonal flu outbreaks lead to cases each year to up to 650.000 deaths, such as Moen said.