Almost half of all immigrants last year was a failure in the English test at the end of the integration courses.

From around 202,000 participants were not able to finish 93.500 the courses, despite the quality offensive, such as the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” from a response of the Federal government cited the interior Ministry to a request from the AfD group.

This corresponds to a Faller rate of 45 percent. 2017 good 116.000 and 40 percent were from 292.000 participants. The Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf) had sharp criticism of the lack of rates are liable to intensify the quality control in the last year, according to the Ministry of the interior “considerably”.

introduced in 2005, integration courses consist of a language course and an “orientation course” to the Law and order of society. The language course consists of 600 teaching units à 45 minutes. At the end the participants should have the level B1 of the common European framework of reference. You should be able to describe in simple sentences experiences and events and opinions, as well as personal letters.

The budget funding for integration courses increased the newspaper report States that of 610 million Euro in the year 2017, to 765 million euros in the past year, although the number of participants decreased in the same period, to 90 000. The Bamf checked the information, according to 2018, a total of 1495 the 1704 approved carrier (87.7%).

A report from the “world” were found to be below the first-time participants, especially Syrians (39.000), Afghans (of 15,000), Iraqis (13.000), Romania (12.000), Turks (9000), and Bulgaria (8000). Nearly 45,000 first-time participants were not literate, so they had special courses.