As some of you may be on Instagram active Influencers and celebrities briefly flinched. Unknown have released a database with contact information of several millions of Instagram Influencers, Celebrities and brands. Where the data is, as yet, unclear.

data from 49 million Instagram users in public

As the U.S. online portal Techcrunch and security expert Anurag Sen reports, has hosted the leaked database from Amazon Web Services and was for a short time, freely accessible for everyone. At the time of locating the database should be comprised of around 49 million entries.

The account-information included, therefore, among other things, the number of Followers, profile picture, biography, location, private contact information, such as your E-Mail address and phone number. A sample have been contacted some Concerned, to verify the authenticity of the records. It turned out that it was, in fact, the personal information of users. The leaked database has been removed from the network.

source: “Techcrunch”