when is the US special investigator Robert Mueller, the result of his investigations to clarify, whether there was in the presidential campaign of 2016, the collusion between the camp of Donald Trump and representatives of Russia? For weeks, this question employs not only the American but also the global Public. Now there is a new note to the fact that it could quite possibly be very soon.

Very busy days for Mueller’s investigators

employees from Mueller’s Team have made on Tuesday at a court in Washington, an input that indicates that you are currently very busy with a big project that will be completed soon, as several US media reports. The background of your input request of the “Washington Post” to release the locked records from the lawsuit against trump’s former campaign Manager Paul Manafort free, and was sentenced to imprisonment and in prison. Mueller’s Team should be made by November 21. March to respond to the request of the newspaper.

the investigators, but according to their own information due to work overload is not possible. For the preparation of the response to competent employees are faced “with the pressure of other Work” and need additional time, wrote lawyer Michael R. Dreeben, and state’s attorney Adam C. Jed from Mueller’s Team, according to the Reports, to the competent judge Amy Berman Jackson. They asked Jackson, therefore, an extension of the deadline until 1. April.

the application allows the American media to hearken

Eleven days, at the latest, then the “pressure of other Work” so apparently subsided. The US media is aware of that, because there are no known important Deadlines for Robert Mueller. The “other Work” investigations in the Russia affair? And this will be in the next eleven days, therefore, completed?, observers of the special investigation questions.

“For months, rumours that the final report of Mueller and the termination of its work are imminent are circulating,” reports the US news site Vox. All the specific predictions about exactly when the report was finished, had so far proved wrong. “But everything must eventually come to an end,” writes “Vox,”Journalist Andrew Prokop. “It is certainly not clear, but it is to show an interesting Finger, while we wait for the results of the special adviser.”

sources: “Vox”, “The Hill,” CNN, “the Washington Post”