It must have been a hard time: in 1999, Richard Anthony Jones from Kansas City in the United States was convicted of a robbery to 19 years in prison, solely on the basis of a witness statement. The whole time the father of a family, stressed his innocence. Until 2017, he has come after 17 years, finally free – because suddenly, his DoppelgangeR showed up in the jail. Now he was compensated with $ 1.1 million. But how to compensate the withdrawal of 17 years of false freedom?

This had happened: Jones was accused, together with others, a Walmart supermarket was robbed. Fingerprints and DNA traces, there were none. Jones even had an Alibi his family. The only indication of a witness’s statement was: A drug identified addict him to photos as the man who came from the house of a dealer and then to the scene of the crime was of danger. It was the only image of the shown six, which actually corresponded to the description of the Offender. The other five men were clearly dark-skinned. The jury, which filed a statement for a conviction.

Childhood in jail

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Suddenly, Ricky” the double

After years immersed “in the jail, the Incredible happened: again and again, Jones by fellow inmates heard that in the same prison, another went around that it was confusingly similar. The crazy coincidence: The DoppelgangeR had the same first name, he was called “Ricky”. Jones was dismissed in 2017, finally.

But until then, it was a long way. Three years ago, Jones first heard of the mirror image “Ricky”, he gave the information to a lawyer. And were able to convince after a long process finally, the judge. “We were shocked at how similar the two looked,” said Jones’ attorney, Alice Graig a year ago, the local “Kansas City Star”. She showed to the victim, two witnesses and the prosecutors in Jones’ case, the images of the two – no one could tell them apart. Graig, the relevant applications submitted to its release.

United States

poachers convicted in custody, he must regularly a Disney classic watch

DPA To 17 years: judge arranges the release of Jones

In June 2017, a judge acquitted him finally. If the other Richard had committed the fact, play no role. The man had said in the release process and the fact disputed. The judge submitted only the Resemblance, to come to the conclusion that no juror Jones can speak on the basis of the present evidence should have been guilty.

The Innocent one is experiencing “late justice”

Jones called in August of this year, compensation from the state for his 17 years of imprisonment in the amount of $ 1.1 million. He also called for an official acquittal, the state should acknowledge his innocence, officially, as “CNN” reported. And he got his very own personal “late justice”. Both the compensation in the millions, as well as a certificate, which sealed his innocence, has been granted.

sources: “The Kansas City Star” / CNN

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