In Indonesia, has tormented the police for a suspected bag thief in the interrogation with a snake. In the Internet of shocking footage from a police station in the troubled province of Papua, where the man tied up and barefoot on the floor sitting and because of the folded snake in a panic, screaming. The police launched an internal investigation.

According to human rights activists, the cruel interrogation method is not an isolated case. How many times have You stolen mobile phones?” wants to know a police officer from the frightened man. “Only two,” replies the Suspect. The official seems to want him then the snake in the mouth. In the Background, laughter is heard.

at Least 373 Dead

it was in Indonesia, no Tsunami warning

DPA Indonesia: investigations against police officers initiated

To the matter now being questioned, an official of investigators, said the spokesman of the police of Papua, Ahmad Mustofa Kamal, on Monday, the AFP news Agency. The name of the official he did not name. Also, he said, whether against other officers is determined. The competent chief of police of the district of Jayawijaya, Tonny Ananda Swadaya, had apologized on Sunday for the abuse. Of the snake-no real danger to be assumed, he explained. What kind of snake it was, he didn’t tell him.

The snake was tame and not poisonous or dangerous,” wrote Swadaya. The officials had acted without authority, to obtain “as soon as possible an admission of guilt”. “We will work in the future professional,” said the district police chief.

The Indonesian police are always accused of violence and violation of human rights against the ethnic minority of the Melanesen in Papua. Also, extra-judicial executions, it should have given. The human rights lawyer Veronica Koman said, the Video documents what may have been imprisoned activists in Papua already. “You have already known for a long time that snakes from the police and the military use”, pointed out Koman. Therefore, she was “not surprised” about the well surfaced undated Video.

In Papua, one of the poorest regions in Indonesia, there are always ethnically motivated violence. In December, were killed in an attack by rebels at least 16 workers of a state-owned company involved in Papua in the construction of new bridges.

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