Jakarta (dpa) – After the Tsunami, which killed more than 430 people, have increased the Indonesian authorities on Thursday the warning level for the volcano Anak Krakatau.

In the case of an Eruption of the volcano in the Sundastraße a part of the crater was broken, the sliding of the Earth’s mass had caused then on Saturday a Tsunami.

in Addition, the prohibition zone has been extended around the volcano crater, five kilometers, informed the civil protection authority in Jakarta. According to spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho clouds of smoke and hot ash of the previous day reinforced. The ash cloud had been blown on Wednesday over the towns of Serang and Cilegon in the province of Banten on Java. The ash was harmless, but the people in the affected areas should wear protective masks and goggles. Due to the volcanic ash in the air were diverted, according to information from the air control authority all aircraft, their Route usually leads through the volcano.

The volcano-triggered Tsunami hit the people on the Indonesian Islands of Sumatra to the East and Java to the West of the Sundastraße completely unprepared. According to previous censuses, at least 430 people were killed. Still, inhabitants were considered to be missing. Thousands of people were by the tidal wave of homeless.

The President of the German Red cross, Gerda Hasselfeldt, called on Thursday to donate to the relief effort in Indonesia. The inhabitants of the Southeast Asian country had been taken this year already for the third Time, hard by a natural disaster. The people are in need of medical aid and shelters, as well as as Fundamental as “water, Blankets, sleeping mats and hygiene items,” said Hasselfeldt of the “Saarbrücker Zeitung” (Friday).

Any early-warning systems for Tsunamis, which were installed after the giant tidal wave in December 2004 in the Region, not the handles, because they only respond to earthquakes. In the case of Anak Krakatau, the landslide caused in the sea, a wall of water built up, which met after a few minutes on the coasts. A strong flood in the Wake of the full moon amplified the force of the water. On satellite images from 24. December was the huge demolition site on the southwest crater flank of Anak to recognize Krakatau.

Anak Krakatau is the Indonesian “child of Krakatau”, because the volcano was constructed on the site in the sea of the Krakatau in 1883 was destroyed by a huge eruption almost completely. Those Eruption is considered to be the most violent and one of the most serious in the world. Around 36 000 people died at that time by the associated Tsunami. In addition, the Krakatau from the remaining 18 million cubic kilometres of Rock and ash particle in the air is influenced, temporarily, the climate on the entire earth.

The sea between Sumatra and Java is as well as the Rest of the island state on the Pacific ring of fire, the geologically most active Zone of the earth, in which there are outbreaks constantly to volcanic and earthquake is coming. That is particularly explosive point in the Sundastraße a new mountain of Lava built up. The crater of the “child” emerged in 1927 from the surface of the water. The rapid growth of the volcano and its continued activity increase, according to experts, the risk of cracks on the crater and, thus, further Tsunamis. The Anak Krakatau erupted several times in recent years, since June of this year, he had shown increased activity.

Also in another Region along the ring of fire a volcano, put the residents on alert. On the North-East of Indonesia, Philippines spie of the most active fire of mount Mayon ash columns several hundred meters high in the sky.


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