Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi has defended the controversial, but the recognition of the autonomy-control of the Indian Kashmir Region.

The new Status would help the Himalayan region to be a popular location for Bollywood Film shoots and a popular tourist region of said modes in a 40-minute speech on Thursday evening (local time). The new rules would bring more investment, economic development and peace.

India’s government had withdrawn from the Region of Jammu and Kashmir the beginning of the week its autonomy status without asking the population against, or to inform. Currently, tens of thousands of soldiers in control of the Himalayan region, also to prevent protests against the actions of the government in New Delhi. The military also restricts the freedom of movement of the people there. It is an output lock. Internet and phone are locked down since Sunday evening. Activists report hundreds of arrests of local politicians and separatist leaders and their helpers.

modes, said in his speech that Pakistan would have taken advantage of the current special status, to promote terrorism in the Region, which claimed it also. The sworn enemies are fighting for more than 70 years around the area. Both nuclear powers each rule part of Kashmir, and another part belongs to China. In the Indian part, it always comes back to violence between separatists who want to secede from India, and the security forces. India accuses Pakistan of supporting Islamist militants in the Indian part of Kashmir. Islamabad denies this.

Pakistan recently warned that India’s but know of the special status of new violence in the Region, and perhaps also to a collision of the two nuclear could lead to powers. On Thursday, Islamabad ruled out a military Option. “A military response, we do not consider it,” said foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. You will be tested, political, diplomatic and legal options.

UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, called on both sides to “absolute restraint”. Limited access to the Region from the Indian side could have a negative impact on the human rights situation there. The situation in Jammu and Kashmir should be resolved peacefully.

With the new regulation, seeks to Re-integrate the Delhi the majority of Muslims populated Region in the majority-Hindu India. The current autonomy scheme, assured the Indian Kashmir Region, among other things, its own Constitution and flag, as well as far-reaching competences, with the exception of Foreign and defence policy, as well as telecommunications. Also, it was forbidden Kaschmirern yet to permanently live in the Region, to buy Land or to work for the administration. Now Jammu and Kashmir should also be shared.

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