in the Midst of the tensions with Pakistan followed India in Kashmir, with various measures against separatists. The government said a prohibition against the influential Islamist organization Jamaat-e-Islami Kashmir for five years.

was due to the group’s activities, the public safety endangered. Jamaat-e-Islami maintains close Links to the separatists fighters. Decades ago, she also joined as a party in regional elections.

Since the attack in the Indian part of Kashmir from the 14. February, were killed with 40 dead Indian security forces, the Pakistani terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed claimed for himself, in addition to numerous fighters. Several hundred fighters and their relatives, separatist leaders, activists and sympathizers were arrested as a result. The speed of the mobile Internet has been throttled in the Region – a usual measure against riots in India.

At a press conference of the Indian armed forces on Thursday, an army spokesman spoke also of 35 “ceasefire violations” by Pakistan within two days along the so-called line of control – the De facto border between India and Pakistan controlled Parts of Kashmir.

The speaker was referring to a ceasefire agreement signed between the two countries in 2003, which is violated regularly by exchange of fire along the line of control. From the Indian government circles it was said that ceasefire violations by Pakistan were independent of the current crisis and would not necessarily considered a serious provocation.

Since the independence of the former British India and its separation in India and Pakistan in 1947, the two countries claim the Himalayan valley of Kashmir. Some of the separatists want the Indian part of the Region, which – in contrast to the Rest of the Hindu-majority country is predominantly Muslim, is part of Pakistan. Others are in favour of an independent Kashmir.

Since the end of the 1980s there are in the Indian part of Kashmir, a so-called uprising, it always comes back to violence between separatists and security forces. India accuses Pakistan of supporting Islamist militants in the Indian part of Kashmir. Islamabad denies this.