The University of Farmington had no staff, no faculty, no curriculum, and no seminars. The only ones that have worked on the alleged Uni, were agents of the Homeland Security. They had set up a professional website with pretty pictures, a Facebook page, a fancy coat-of-arms and an address with telephone numbers.

the aim of the agent was an illegal immigrant track, to obtain as enrolled students with legal residence status. In the past few weeks, the investigators struck, and arrests across the country of 130 alleged students, 129 of them from India. The government of India has already protested against the arrests. In their opinion, the students had been lured into a trap. The accused should be found guilty, and threatening them with deportation. Eight of them are accused as a tractor.

agents with helped actively to procure students in illegal Visa

The US authorities are fighting back against accusations. “We are all aware that international students can be a valuable asset for our country, but as this case shows, you can need the well-intentioned international student visa, exploited and abused,” said the Prosecutor in the US state of Michigan. The students would have known that it was illegal, only Pro forma at a University to enroll to obtain a legal residence status in the United States.

the fact is that the agents exhibited the documents for the immigration authorities and the fake Study materials provided.

a telephone Hotline for people Affected by

critics also believe that the Innocent are among the detained. Allegedly, many students had been attracted by you’ve been promised loans. Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy in Washington has set up a telephone Hotline for worried relatives.

The agents had built the Fake Uni in 2015, so still under the presidency of Barack Obama. It is also the first attempt to tackle with this Trick the abuse with a student Visa. Already in 2016, the immigration authority was transferred to the 21 students from China and India.

sources: “USA Today”, “BBC News”