Austria’s Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, FPÖ, has been shown according to press reports, before the Parliament election in 2017, ready to forgive in exchange for support in the election campaign, public contracts. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and the magazine “der Spiegel reported” on the Friday in advance, with reference to both media played video recordings.

The recordings document accordingly, a Meeting Straches and his Familiar Johan Gudenus, the present group Chairman of the right-wing populist FPÖ, with the alleged niece of a Russian oligarch. The Meeting took place in July, 2017 on the island of Ibiza. The woman had indicated, to around a quarter of a billion Euro in Austria, invest, and hinted several times that it could be black money.

Nevertheless, Strache and Gudenus had been a good six hours at the Meeting to sit and have discussed investment opportunities in Austria. The Meeting was organized according to the “SZ” and “the mirror” obviously, as a trap for the FPÖ-politicians.

jobs in road construction, in return for FPÖ’s success

A scenario that I explored in the round, was at the time, allegedly planned the Takeover of the “Kronen Zeitung” by the woman. “If you bring the crowns newspaper three weeks before the election, and us to square one, then we can talk about everything”, have Strache, the woman said, according to the video recordings.

Specifically, the FPÖ-in-chief have made their public procurement in road construction, if you help the FPÖ to success: “Then you want a company like Strabag reasons. All the government orders, the get now, Strabag, will get you then.” He further said: “The First in a participation in Government, what I can guarantee today: The Haselsteiner gets no more orders!” What is meant is Hans Peter Haselsteiner, the longtime Chairman of the Board and co-owner of the construction company Strabag.

in addition, the disclosed Strache and Gudenus at the Meeting, according to the “SZ” and “mirror” a possibly illegal System of party funding that could have established the FPÖ. “There are a few very Wealthy people. The figures between 500,000 and one and a half to two million,” said Strache, according to the video recordings. The money flow but not to the FPÖ, but in a club.


money for state jobs

“So drunk no one can be”: How Austrian press commented on the Strache scandal

“The Association is a non-profit, which has nothing to do with the party. As a result, you have no messages to the court.” Strache and Gudenus mention in the Video, accordingly, a plurality of names of alleged large-scale donors, who have already paid or, at least, a promise given. This denied at the request of “SZ” and “mirror” to have, directly or indirectly, to the FPÖ donated.

The FPÖ in the counter-offensive

The two leaders, meeting in the Villa have conceded in Ibiza on request. It was a “private” Meeting in “a relaxed, informal and joyful holiday atmosphere,” said Strache. “The relevant statutory provisions and the need for compliance with the Austrian legal order it was pointed out to me in this conversation, all the topics several times.” This applies also to articles of incorporation for “any prospect of party donations and donations to non-profit associations within the meaning of the relevant Association”.

Strache added that he or his party had received “never any benefits” from these people or granted. “In fact, there was in addition to the fact that a lot of alcohol was served during the Evening, a high language barrier,” cited “SZ” and “mirror” the FPÖ-politicians.

The FPÖ is now on the Offensive. “Since the Video was quite obviously illegal, we are preparing an appropriate legal steps,” said FPÖ General Secretary of the Christian port Ecker

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) excludes, in the meantime, but have a further cooperation with Strache. A resignation or a dismissal of the 49-Year-old is the logical consequence.